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  1. Arunachalam Raja

    Valka Tamil super....

  2. Arunachalam Raja

    Thulasi Akka speaks super...

  3. thanga raj

    Don't end run serial pls sir😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Radha Sridharan

    Very good dialogue

  5. Shilpashree Yadav

    Degree padichutu ippo vayasana appa amma gitte kasu vangriye... unakku vekko mano ilaya vasu

  6. Arunachalam Raja

    Lavanya & Amma unga 2 perukkum ninga 2 perum pesurathu thaan niyayam thaana po di ningalum unga pechum...😡

  7. Arunachalam Raja

    Deepak Anne Shruthi Akka unga 2 peraium yanakku rompa and rompa Etc.......pidikkum....

  8. Arunachalam Raja

    Vikadan TV & kumaran sir Thenral part 2 edunga pls Deepak Anne Shruthi Akka jodiya vaithu edunga pls....

  9. video floder Mani

    Ennoda mother in law sargunam amma mathiriya nalla pathukurange i am very lucky

  10. vanobi N

    Selvam panunathu m throgam tha oru appavi ponna ematithu timira paru avanuku

  11. Arunachalam Raja

    Lavanya Tamil Anne thangachiya pidikkum.... Neethish super....

  12. vanobi N

    Salute director

  13. vanobi N

    Wife ku throgam panra ambailaikaluku ithu sariana punishment

  14. Shilpashree Yadav

    saroja ku ivlo nalla purushan ....

  15. Arunachalam Raja

    Deepa Appa is great....

  16. Arunachalam Raja

    Deepak Anne Shruthi Akka unga 2 peraium yanakku rompa and rompa Etc.......pidikkum.....

  17. Arunachalam Raja

    Vikadan TV & kumaran sir Thenral part 2 edunga pls Deepak Anne Shruthi Akka jodiya vaithu edunga pls....

  18. vanobi N

    Archana matiri ponunga bolda irukanum

  19. Shilpashree Yadav

    If they were so good complete family would hav gone to home and asked help.... shed ku vandu archana ku teriyama plan panrigla

  20. Shilpashree Yadav

    Nandini is saying it is her first earned salary... before she was working as trainer in computer centre

  21. Shilpashree Yadav

    akash super reveat to saroja

  22. Radha Sridharan

    All acts very well

  23. Shilpashree Yadav

    after marriage, rani shud be responsible.... she is so careless losing 2 lakh in auto.... she shud hav some common sense.... For marriage only selvam and archana suffered so much to arrange gold... she has seen everything... and she knows they are struggling in life.. now again with what guarantee she challenged bringing 3 lakhs back....... Revathi when vasu was in trouble of 1 lakh she never asked her dad or friends... being a rich family girl she went to Job and bought... This girl could hav sold her gold and gave money for them....

  24. Anu Radha


  25. Raja surya surya

    Super serial my favorite💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘

  26. khaled yosef


  27. Sri Varman

    What a careless director? Bhuvana is talking on the phone while driving and that too without wearing the seatbelt. No wonder many thousands of Indians are killed on the roads every year.

  28. Radha Sridharan

    I like panchali

  29. Sri Varman

    புவனாவுடைய பொட்டுக்கேடெல்லாம் வெளியில் வரணும். அப்பத்தான் அவ திமிர் அடங்கும்.

  30. Radha Sridharan

    Super serial

  31. Arunachalam Raja

    RUN seriyal pol super seriyal ethuvum illa 👌👍... Vikadan RUN seriyal epothume RUN aakanum....

  32. Muthu S

    Super super super

  33. Radha Sridharan

    Sundari waste ah paiyanukku soru podaral

  34. Madevi Madevi

    Serial end panathinga ippodha serial nall poyiruikku vera timela podunga

  35. sim son j

    Thendral part2 eppo varum


  37. Fathima Saneera

    Thiru super surya cut thiruvukku..

  38. Sri Varman

    ஸ்ருதியை கொண்டு வந்தப்பவே நினைச்சேன், சாரு பிரச்சினை முடிஞ்ச நேரத்தில், இன்னுமொரு பிரச்சினைக்கு அத்திவாரம் என்று.

  39. Ajay Krish

    Don't stop run serial ..if you need give some gap and continue!

  40. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Shamila!!! I like your hair. I hope you have long hair now.

  41. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Shamila!!! I like your hair. I hope you have long hair now.

  42. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Shamila!!! I like your hair. I hope you have long hair now.

  43. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Good jokes of Ananth.

  44. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Good jokes of Ananth.

  45. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Good jokes of Ananth.

  46. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    This man is like Nagesh

  47. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    This man is like Nagesh

  48. Saravanan Vel

    Intha naya antha naay ivalu rish eduthu sudura alavu enna irugu avan veeduge poi soliya easy ah mudisirugalm loosu mundam

  49. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Men!!!Men!!! Lern lern about women

  50. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Sorry, she wants the DEVIL MOTHER.

  51. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    When she gets her child she the DEVIL MOTHER to raise her child and that CHILD would be another DEVIL hahahaha

  52. Sriyanjani Muthulinham

    Well said Dad, it doesn't matter how much money you have, how popular you are, the bottom line is, you came with an empty pocket and go with an empty pocket, the only thing that you would take with you is, the good you have done.

  53. மருது வம்சம் சிவங்கை


  54. Tharik Os

    Y no end pls

  55. mohamed sulaiman

    Romba nandri ji

  56. V

    that stupid girl needs a big tight slap!

  57. Saravanan Vel

    Antha basker veetula summaa kedantha neram vidduthu ipa enna panna poran intha loosu upendra

  58. Saravanan Vel

    Intha basker ku ivalu background music thevalaiye ivan yaru kalilaium viluvan kasugaka entha kaalaium pudichu nakkura kedu kedda naay ithu

  59. pavi balu

    Please stop rasathi serial and continue run serial.

  60. pavi balu

    Pls don't stop run serial.

  61. தமிழ் movies

    This serial make my childhood howsame appo yanku 10 vaisu memories are lot

  62. Pilay Swamy


  63. Vaishnavi R

    Idu end agatum it's ok

  64. Janet Samansu

    That’s why women need education; see these ladies how they behave without education

  65. MUTHU Akash

    Sunthari Amma. Yeppo pesuvinga only reaction. No dailogue

  66. Nagendra Kumar.s Nagendra

    Time west is vidio

  67. sinsur 84

    Mokka Mokka super Mokka..

  68. Immanvel Subbaiah

    ஆனந்தி தோக்க மாட்டாங்க குள்ள கத்திரிக்காய். சற்கினத்தம்மாவுக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  69. Subasri Narasi

    Intha pair aachum atleast pirikama irunthurukalam. Ajay and deepa make a very good pair. And the transistions he shows in each scene is vera level from a psych villain to a lover boy. 😍

  70. Nizam Nizam

    Summa savaal vidathinga kali vardhan.....muthalla unga phone thiruppunga

  71. V

    all these females have nothing better to do with their lives?? get married and try to change their husbands to be good?? what their own mothers doing?? if your son is an asshole.... plz don't get him married!

  72. Lankan Lankan

    super thiru

  73. Aruna Suresh

    VT plc telecast vikramathiyan ,panchami & sindhupath serials in suntv


    Three Days More .... For End the Serial.....

    1. S.Mohamed Zubair. DCE

      SHIVA ONLY only 2 days bro monday tuesday only

  75. san sandra

    come soon in some other good serial ruth....we are waiting!😊

  76. Lankan Lankan

    anu un bayatha thuki kupalla pothu

  77. Anitha Nesa Kumari K

    Poor sathya

  78. sue Gsue

    Kalivardhan don't talk like you have built up your business with your own blood, sweat and tears. You are a murderer and and a thief. Why talk so much..just tell Mithran how you acquired your so called vast wealth and from whom..!! I sometimes wonder why Anandhi is such a dumb to keep her mouth shut but keeps rolling her eyes...for what?? You got a mouth and spill the beans. Don't have to cover up Kali's ass and keep him in your house. Trying to please your Thiru and Vasanthi amma? Making that fatso to sit on your dinning table.. that too head of the table to have his meals is a great sin you are doing to your late dad..!! You think his Atma will attain Shanti after how he was killed? Hope Anandhi's dad's spirit will haunt Kali in that house so that he will run out of the house on his own accord.

  79. Lankan Lankan

    ananthi kalivarthan mamanare illa kolakaran

  80. ns.Noori dilsath

    Serial la ippa than story ya start aagudu.ippa end na story eppadi close aagum

  81. Karthik Raj

    Pls retelecast for thendral coming week

  82. Manoj Pandian

    Pls dont end this serial vikatan and sun 🙏


      No I will stop on Wednesday

  83. Saravanan Vel

    Ellathugum seththiruvan endu miradura karpagam ethugu ean miraddala

  84. Radha Sridharan

    Somu look smart

  85. Alice Alice

    Archana selvam tamil tulasi prakash sathya

  86. Leka N

    Don't end pls. My fav serial

  87. uddin uddin

    nice bedio

  88. Kanmani Kannappan

    Noooo.. Vikatan serious ah never expect this frm u.. My one nd only fav❤❤nd good serial in sun nowadays.. Dont finish.. Plss🙏🙏🙏

    1. Muhammed Farook

      @Hemanath R thx bro ithe vida mokka serial trp iruku but run low

    2. Hemanath R

      @Muhammed Farook Very low trp in tht time slot..!

    3. Muhammed Farook

      Ean end panranga ?

  89. vetri saravana

    Director என்ன தான் இந்த storyla சொல்ல vararu firstla nalla character எல்லாம் climax la kettavangala katunaru kettavangala nallavangala akitaru

  90. Kabeer Ahamed

    Dai nethu ulla episode enga da

    1. Kanmani Kannappan

      Bro.. Sat serials illa bro. Oly mon-friday.