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  1. dolly drori

    this is so beautiful man ! you are talented as hell ~~~~!!!

  2. Deathmammal

    I really want Jaden to do a tiny desk concert

  3. Hi I’m short And sad

    I love this

  4. viewTeckromax

    What an amazing song

  5. Augusto Certo

    I dedicate this to my girlfriend

  6. lil Stinny

    Director : ok lets think of a unique music video that could capture the viewer's attention Jaden : ok lets do pink skies, denim jacket, country roads and 1 girl in slow motion

  7. app software pro

    I don't know what to say but 🔥 🔥 🔥

  8. GoldenBoyPG3D

    I was wondering what happened to you and I’m so glad I found this cool song 😁

  9. Isaac Camaligan

    The result of never saying never.

  10. Цезарь

    Jaden, ты просто лучший. Твои треки просто Огонь. Спасибо тебе за эту музыку :3

  11. Jellybean __

    God this hit way harder with the video😭😭😭

  12. Rufus Bojangles

    They’re so gender fluid.

  13. lyd is me

    lmaooo the tour dates in the description- man i wish...

  14. SB's gaming

    Pin this

  15. Alejandro Vaquera


  16. Zaichi Kurosaki

    I fell in love with this girl in 3rd grade we was together until she vanished in 5th grade

  17. Maks Vinogradov

    holy shit, it's crazy to think this is the same person that played karate kid


    No right getting face tats acting hard when you grew up on your daddies millions and are a childhood actor

  19. Cappa

    4:46... This is the peak of aesthetic and original music... Beautiful.

  20. The Real C3

    Anybody else feel like crying in certain parts of this song?

  21. ERYS

    Feels like a fairytale, a character who feels trapped in this story of confusion, that keeps replaying over and over again. He wakes up and its the same day as yesterday. He runs, he cries and weeps trying to escape and get away from this dream, all to find him waking up in the same spot again. This keeps happening until the sun shines its brightest and eventually burns him out I can relate to this, I see myself as if I'm the man in the dream.

  22. Dark Thoughts

    You can relate his music style wiTh X

  23. oof

    wtf this is CRAZY he's so underrrated!!!

  24. Gregozx FF

    Esse aí é o casaco?

  25. annabelle w

    If I marry this guy I’m talking to this will be our song

  26. Freela De Jesús Pimentel Jiménez

    😢😭 boy

  27. Josh Jackson

    A black man dies ever day in the city of Los Angeles ever day one black dude dies why

  28. Kimball Kimball

    Released on my birthday <3

  29. Diego roberto Pérez López

    Jaden tratando de ser xxxtentation

  30. Dark Cerberus

    Pero que le pasoooooooo

  31. Llama 1122

    This is a twisted love story But I wasn't enough Too many mistakes to sift though I'm sorry I started crying at your house She killed him we could have been never endless I know Sometimes love is about letting go Again? But he was happy And I hope you are too ~SYRE

  32. Thomas Achote

    si no fuera por tu papa estuvieras en la ruina

  33. Fabian Jimenez

    Sometimes I feel like a star sometimes I feel like I'm lonely

  34. jalessio98

    Don’t think I’ve related so much to a song personally. I love how the song starts all happy and upbeat then abruptly changes into a more emotional side out of nowhere. This is how I feel, I can start the day so happy then all of a sudden I want to be alone and sad. Gotta love how music can capture how you feel emotionally

  35. Designer Taivy

    Wow this is very nice! A very honest song. I could drive to this song in the sunset. I also love how the song speeds up and changes.

  36. Claudia Lazo


  37. Jaime Jimenez

    Eres de otro planeta 🎉 que impresionante 🎉♥️🎉 i dont hace words for this , awesome Jaden 🎉 congrats my bro🎉🙏♥️

  38. OKB Studio


  39. elbert sarat

    this is my favorite song :)))

  40. Noah Nederlands

    Nice ghostwriter jaden👀

  41. July Tristen

    The first part of the song sounds like the pleasure of being with someone. The second part feels like the fears of being alone. The third feels like the acceptance of it all. The realization that despite his status together or alone, he stays him.

  42. Owen Long

    how did jaiden get the n word pass

  43. milka amaya

    Por fin veo comentarios en español en videos ingleses :v

  44. Hussain Beats

    Jaden should make an album that feature will smith that will go crazy🔥

  45. Macario Uriarte

    Has algo para que tu papá que es tan famoso se sienta orgulloso pobre Willi Smit

  46. João Pedro Heluany Dias

    Olha o Brasil aki pai, tão procurando né??? Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  47. R_RandomPLAY G4M3S

    Soy Venezolano...

  48. Iam Mendes

    Foda d+🧞‍♂️

  49. Titzuki Yuitza

    Jaden i fucking love you

  50. Ramiro Encinas

    NFS heat trailer theme anyone?

  51. Ben Miele

    this song puts me at so much at peace. 😌 i have no idea why.

  52. Dezba Cayaditto

    Whaaat?!?! I never knew Nicky Jam and Jaden did a song!!!!

  53. Aryan Curry in a Hurry Gotur

    When I listened to this song I hoped it had a music video and now it finally does

  54. Fear Factory

    You are a terrible rapper just go back to Will and live off Daddy’s money

  55. Thabelo Mathikhithela

    wow you are full of surprises

  56. Alexito_0 :v

    Hola esta canvion es lo maximo 😁👍

  57. Denise Gamanga

    shit hard

  58. Mody Osman

    ياأخي الواحد بيتفرج عليك عشان الcolor gradient اللي معمول ف الفيديو مش اكتر والله

  59. Fagez OQC

    Ya sabemos que hay comentarios en español no jodan, en fin, el tema esta idooo🔥

  60. Lenore Smith

    Wow 😔😢😭

  61. Bubble Bass

    He look like cancer cell

  62. Ronantt Duarte

    Cheee, que descepción, esta enfermo ya.

  63. Drul Drul


  64. Jaffer Mambo

    RIP LIL peep

  65. ISANUN

    this hit home no lie

  66. TheJahGuy

    How am I only falling for this song a year later :")

  67. Jef Free

    I love her messy hair!

  68. Danilo Nascimento


  69. Oscar Loza

    i love

  70. łýřìç 444

    This was fucking beatiful

  71. pope qtlm

    cant help but like this shit its dope bro

  72. Dredd Slavic

    Great Song Jaden!!!

  73. Taye Bailey

    I'm honestly feeling this ..hard. and I'm 42 ... 💯💶

  74. goltland gu-gu


  75. Maricela Castro Alcala

    La vergüenza de Will Smith

  76. RapElite237 - Topic



    i love bro for real

  78. Molly Gardiner

    whoever named this song was a genius

  79. Molly Gardiner

    this doesn't look like netflix

  80. Klusek

    so were you not gay?

  81. Marshall Em

    Make another song(beat) like this my men 💪👑☺

  82. Win From Within

    Anyone know the chords?

  83. Melinao Luis Francisco


  84. Sultan Melih

    rap is good, his clothes and moves suck tho ^^

  85. Maricela Torres

    Chingona es la mejor musica

  86. ilish music

    This is such good artistry

  87. Eminentia Sua

    Здесь столько комментариев про Нетфликс, но так мало про ".n.,"



  89. XXX De La pete


  90. Zuka Baduashvili

    თუ ნახულობ და თან ხარ ქართველი ამ კომს ანლაიკ მიეცი


    Это гинеально....

  92. Pa Roa

    Why thre is not kriswu name?? Anyonee

  93. TTee White


  94. AndresMadeIt

    why is this song too good

  95. Jhon Pelaez

    Uyyy nea se dañó re feo, una persona que nació teniéndolo todo y que nunca le faltó algo desgraciadamente se daña, yo en el lugar de él hubiese tomado el camino que llevó su padre el cual fue ser actor

  96. Sneaks ツ


  97. Taylor Smith

    I love you sire

  98. land froster

    He now looks like he is on drugs and low steroids

  99. Lol Pop

    From karate kid to this hip hop boi

  100. Corpeño Ascunaga

    Puta baleberga sisos feo serote notedapena