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  1. Rahul Balu

    Bablu ka marne ka baad dil tut gya 😣😣😣😣😣

  2. Vardhman

    Tbh the audience was thoda sa dead beat

  3. Swetha B

    Waiting for next season

  4. rahul tiwari

    Netflix ke to lag Gaye

  5. Yusuf Mansuri

    who is here After Kota factory.. for jeetu bhai..

  6. Hitendra Jain


  7. Hitendra Jain


  8. Priyadarshini Singh



    I love Background Music of this video

  10. Mohammad Shahzad

    my most fav web series after kota factory

  11. Sumi Waran

    Excellent movie !!! Well taken...and off course not to mention Jo's acting !! It creat awareness of an innocent child rape...where justice is given... especially towards the ending ... controlling and teaching girls how , what , when where to behave and dress...but Boyz...?????

  12. dramas.for. life

    I want more shows like that I can watch with my parents.

  13. The RED Samurai

    His career is over now, stop giving him movies

  14. Ika Queen

    Favorite actor💖💖

  15. Ika Queen


  16. Rohan Singh

    Arre yeh sab aaega kab!

  17. savjai5

    Excellent web series which can be watched and enjoyed with the family unlike others

  18. Umer Habib

    The show featuring Abhishek is already a huge Flop

  19. aditya Ravichandran

    Jyothika moonji dha paka mudiyala other than tat itz a good movie

  20. Wahid Nabi

    Sir Jaideep Alhwat what an brilliant amazing actor you are salute to your acting. Sir very big fan of yours after watching this series I liked you also before but this time you erase all the industry with your acting BIG LOVE FROM AFGHANISTAN

  21. Baljinder Singh

    Kya Matlab beta chutiya hai.

  22. shaik jani basha

    Amazing series!!🔥

  23. M Kay

    This guy makes amazing movies. Unfortunately, he'd never get as much fame as SRK & Sallu Dabang hype since it doesn't have masala. Real admirers know that these are timeless and real art that he's creating. Love it

  24. arnold ashish

    Simran is ur lesbian partner after 8pm?


    Vikash vikash kya acting bro...just awesome.

  26. Rinesh Shinde

    Super series and heart teaching

  27. Abdul Shazif

    Kota factory, Pitchers and Panchayat. Man this guy is damn good. Without jeetu bhaiya tvf is nothing.

  28. Amrit Kaur

    And for what reasons he’s so underrated and unpopular

  29. Miss aarya Rai

    Maha bakwaas series hai please don’t watch wastage of ur data and time

  30. indrani bam

    This shows engineering students are multitalented. Proud of Jeetu bhaiya ❤️

  31. Sunshine

    Awesome movie...jo has grown so much we can see it throughout her career...i m proud that jo did this.its a movie most needed for the recent times... everyone must watch this movie...

  32. rups p

    Recently watched all episodes, simply amazing stories and all characters. Waiting for more panchayat!!

  33. Anshu B.


  34. Anshu B.


  35. Anshu B.


  36. Mohamed Sulthan

    வெகுநாட்களுக்கு பிற என் கண்கள் கண்ணீர் கண்டது இப்படத்தினால்.... ஜோதிகாவின் சிறந்த நடிப்பு. பாராட்ட வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை இரு கை கூப்பி வணங்கிறேன்.

  37. Amit Yadav

    Bsdk kitne chutiya dialogue likhe hai

  38. Proman Nazir

    Good movie

  39. Rishav Ray

    Amazon prime India content is much much greater than Netflix India

  40. Perky edits

    16th slap hit the hardest

  41. SidNaaz Flavour

    Amitabh sir ne ghzb Acting m to pehchan hi nhi payi sir u r outstanding performance 👌


    Shreya Ghoshal is awesome.....🔥🔥❣❣❤❤

  43. ok

    This is the best series I have watched..so relaxing

  44. Ghananand Chaturvedi

    Life Is More Important Than Any Religion.!!

  45. Ghananand Chaturvedi

    हथौड़ा त्यागी टाइप का कैरेक्टर नहीं दिखाना चाहिए क्योंकि इससे युवाओं पर बहुत बुरा प्रभाव पड़ता है.!!

  46. Shreyas G


  47. Praveen Kumar AV

    Jyotika with legends Bhahyaraj, Pratap Pothan, Thiyagaraj, Pandiraj, Parthiban etc..... but why?

  48. Nirmalya Prasad Sahoo

    Part 2 kab ayega yaar🤗

  49. Ghananand Chaturvedi

    मैने इस वेब सीरीज को क्यों देखा है क्योंकि Social Media मे इसको बैन करने की मांग उठी हैं.!! तो मुझे लगता है कि वेब सीरीज मे Community & Religion Base Controversial Topic जानबूझ कर डाला गया है ताकि इस वेब सीरीज का प्रचार हो सके.!!