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  1. Ashalata Soman

    Unacceptable,,.. strict action needed


    No Muslim no Media, they cannot survive without Muslims. No other news is gaining TRP. Media need to favour Muslims to have their channels running. This is the fact...

  3. Bhushan Raut

    While treating g this muslim patients spitting on doctors and nurses And they said that don't compared this to religion Then why pees full religion doing this

  4. Lakhi Daswani

    Those who are doing waqalut for these innocent illetrate jihadis are antinationals criminals opposition's parties should be kept under servillance and those who invited them sheltered them should be hanged,as their Pakistan China agenda is to declared war by sending SUCIDE missionary to harm the Nation. Must be definitely jailed And the main culprits to be hanged in front of the people. Declare Hindurashtra Zindabad. Pakistan became monster islamists China supporting Hafiz sayeed in UN? MAJEED MEMON IS THE AGENT.


    How the local Police don't know about this gathering, and why they did not disperse them, when they violated the COVID-19 issues. What was the underhand dealing with the police&this gathering. Imagine same police chasing common poor public on the road and gives fines for violation. Why they did not do the same... Corruption in Police department, or ignorance of State Govt to implement the Covid-19 lockdown.. If any Hindu organisation done this will the Media leave it or brand them as serious violators..


    meyy! nuv first choosi chadavakundaa own gaa speech tayaruchesuko meyy!

  7. Bharat Parikh

    Tehseen Poonawala KMKB

  8. suhas urubail

    These people including JNU are nothing short of terrorists

  9. m narayanan arun

    i would be happy that if the government kills the anti nationals

  10. Shradha Singh

    There is no treatment for this. Once u get it better to stay self isolation at home. Even if uk PM is at home. Only very critical cases can be admitted to hospital and they put patient in ventilator.

  11. Mohd Ghani

    Muslims sleeper cell funded 100 crs by Congress communist NDTV,The Wire Pakistan to kill Indians bcoz they hate Modi

  12. DMT

    NDTV India Today etc will come to defend these Mothor Fakeers

  13. Rajendra Prasad Joshi

    They're spreading Crona knowingly as a tool to damage India in the form of jihad

  14. Akash Akash

    BJP government is Anti Muslim government, they are not letting this people to die in mosque according to their belief.They are preventing them from entering to heaven. It is interfering in one's religious faith... This is secular India. This is democratic India. I support Mullahs in this case..

  15. sprtth

    If Kabba is closed why cant masjids and these guys close up. Allah allah allah do they understand anything else?

  16. allembrace2 allembrace2

    FANTASTIC story and news of hope, and a bright future for a strong, healthy INDIA .

  17. Raja Puduvath

    Let's all these pig fu.....ks and their family may blessed with Corona

  18. Purushotham Raju

    We have more then 1.3 billion people. When it comes to this type situation nation first rest next. So please don't be too kind hearted. We have paid you to become rich if possible help us back. This is not good at all.

  19. Bibekananda Deb

    Mist verma is alarjatic from pm. Instead of answering questions from Rahul he is taking about pm. Why you bring this people for debate.

  20. viswanath menon

    mr verma has his mouth full of shit

  21. Carmel School

    Maanav se 1metre doori Aur maulvi se 1 km ki doori banao. Janhit me jaari.

  22. Step Stone

    This was big Banker new world Order big Pharma with U.N. Agenda 21 by a real nazi Pharma who have no loyalty or boundaries to anyone

  23. Ratan Karamchandani

    Lobby against crackdown on violators because lobby is fathered by these and many such anti humanity and anti nationalist.Piglet will certainly follow its parents albeit mother is certainty father is a pig but which one is unknown

  24. Md irshad Aalam

    Wasim rizwi tum par allah ki lanat lanat lanat aamin aamin aamin aalah halak karde isko aameen

  25. P.R.velayudhan Mani

    If.Yogi.a.gooda..a.crimminal..his police.will.obey..ine sae.Unnoova

  26. Aditya Das

    Muslim hatao

  27. Darth Vader

    He is in Pakistan or Malaysia with Zakir Liar.

  28. Darth Vader

    Did anyone noticed. The most loudest loudspeakers Owaisi is completely silent. 🤣🤣🤣

  29. sandhya Hirlekar

    Together we will defeat them.

  30. Kannan R

    Promulgate ordinance to enter places of worship to prevent corona and arrest the fellow. Or arrest the relatives of the fellow and keep them in jail without bail under goondas act.

  31. skg901


  32. Wi se

    Isn't TikTok a Chinese app!!!! We are such hypocrites

  33. Bruce Cyr

    We live in a spiritual storm that is growing with intensity. We are in a battle. Pope John Paul II had visions of the future, while convalescing after an attempt on his life and was aware of a great storm on the horizon: "Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates on the horizon of all mankind enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls upon mankind." An awakening is coming!! Pope John Paul talked about the Lamb (Jesus Christ), who is the only one able to open up the seven seals: "That scroll contains the whole series of divine decrees that must be accomplished in human history to make perfect justice prevail. If the scroll remains sealed, these decrees can be neither known nor implemented, and wickedness will continue to spread and oppress believers. Hence, the need for authoritative intervention: it would be made by the slain and risen Lamb...to take the scroll and to open its seals." According to Catholic prophecies, this 5th Church age we live in is “coming to a close”, after 10 events unfold that Mary, Mother of Jesus has predicted at some major apparition sites throughout the world. This information also comes from canonized saint’s prophecies. A 6th Church age of peace will come, the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. There is a 7th Church age as well. A book and web site called, After The Warning To 2038, has prophecies from credible sources that are predicting these kinds of events and what is coming.

  34. Hindustani

    If it was a hostel facility why not confine them there for 3 months.they could have been given bombs to play

  35. Yasin Shaik

    ye tum kya bath karthey hai mere bhay. aullah ku dyan me rakho.app jis thara bath bolthey ho wo ham nahi bolthey. aullah muje maaf kare app jaise log se hi ham ko nuksaam ho raha hai.firoun ke aulad.

  36. Adams apple

    Being a indian muslim, i am telling " Gand pe maro chutiyo ku".. Jahil makelaude islam ka ilm nai hai bus chale chtiyapa karne.. Nizamuddin sahab must also be cursing from his Grave to these people for this act..

  37. mr Syed

    Chup re gandu sale pahle logon ke ilag karo hospitals me bed nahi hai ilag k waste aur kitne paise mila ya bolne k waste

  38. Mohd Ghani

    U all hindus support antinational crooks from NDTV The Wire Congress Arvind Kejriwal communist


    Weseem rizwi ek shia shai, aisi chaal ki wajah se diniya mein har shia ko laat marte hai. Ek suwar hai jo apni maa aur ko v nahi chhorta hai.

  40. peter marshall

    Please go to youtube Christian prince debate or Arabian Prophet, not a single Muslims In the world have the knowledge guts to debate CP, get all the Indian abdools to challenge CP

  41. Rajesh B

    These tabliqi people who spit at doctors should not be treated and should be isolated and left to die..

  42. Dhulipala Murthy

    Thank God, there is a govt which is capable of tackling the situation. If pseudo seculars were in power, probably India and Italy would have been at par.


    They think COVID 19 is a JOKE . Their illietracy and stupidity is the highest among all species. Even animals know how to stay away from danger .But these idiots . Filthy illiterate disgusting stupid idiots are incapable of understanding COVID 19 restrictions.

  44. Gopala Krishnan

    It is expected as Rajastan is under congress chief Minister

  45. Indian Abroad

    Why is Navika coughing? Last thing we need in this moment is a coughing TV anchor even if the coughing is not due to Covid-19. Please stay home and recover before coming on the screen.

  46. Subha Shyaam

    Since CAA has died down the jihadis are busy plotting and planning for another unrest in which they have staked their own lives and put the nation under risk..

  47. Mohd Ghani

    Muslims sleeper cell funded 100 crs by Congress communist NDTV,The Wire Pakistan to kill Indians bcoz they hate Modi

  48. anilkumar4017

    search Mani sankara iyers house

  49. Mukesh Miraculous

    Italy, France, and Spain are supporting from tabhlighi virus.

  50. Madhoo Mati

    Where is RG , SG ,PG plz speak up people stop believing them plz stop. it's Humble request to our nation citizens. Arvind kejrewal backstabbed entire nation .

  51. Bharat Bhatt

    Do you want to save them by apology? Why? They should be sent to jail under NSA

  52. jeevan mathew

    This is really good that you have taken a strong stand Rizwi! It is not about a community or a religion. By doing this you are ensuring that political parties do not take advantage of situation to target a community. Also prevent extremist groups from targeting the community to further drive their agenda.

  53. patel rakesh

    Arnab is facing case in court for child abuse. After this interview... Is that true??? 😜

  54. Sudagaran Jeyaraj

    Take the list,, mark them as antinationals, strip off citizenship.. Send the idiots to Pakistan

  55. ABC MAX

    Madam you should be tested for Corona

  56. Upendar Reddy

    Already they spread more then 8 states. Idiots

  57. Revelation 3

    Thank you India 🇷🇸❤️🇮🇳. Congress is a Satanic swamp. Stay safe everyone.👍

  58. sasi kumar

    You bloody guys made this secular country, a Hindu country, don't know how exactly to feel of this.

  59. এক ঝলক

    ভাল চান তো মানুন লকডাউন: মুখ্যমন্ত্রী

  60. peter marshall

    Islam spread thru oil money now thru virus

  61. peter marshall

    This shit hole mulanad,

  62. Dhanraj Vadane

    Marta Marta vachala Goswamya

  63. Elangovan Periasamy

    Only BJP ruled states are serious in controlling other opposition ruled states treat these Muslims like kings because of vote banks and this would risk the Majority Hindu community voted for the opposition parties and now they are big risk if eloped with the Muslims and buying from Muslim shops and helping their businesses is like committing suicide as these people only use Hindus as their tools just like inviting Muslims into their homes and you will lose your wives and daughters and end up in their harems and with hijab on their heads.

  64. Usman Mirza

    Corona Virus Khatam Hone k Bad Ye Virus Wasim Rizvi ko Bhi dawai Deni H ki kaam Se kaam suwar Ko baat Karne Ka tarika Ajaye Tera Baap Gaya Tha Kya Inke Pas Jo Tujhe Malum Huwa Hai ki Ye aatanki se Talluk Rakhte Hai Abe Tu Kya bend karwaye Jamat ko Hidustan Mein kutte Sab Ajaye kuch nahi Ukhad Sakte Hai

  65. Bharat Bhatt

    Strict action shall be taken and send them behind bars under NSA Such people should not be alllowed to enter in our country Such organization shall be bannned

  66. punit mahajan

    Ban This outfit or any other which is spreading jihad in india , any funding from saudi , turkey , middle easetrn countries need to be stopped No funding from goverment of India for mosque as no funding for temples now why this discremition agaist hindus , buddhists , sikhs

  67. B Raj

    Kick that Raghav Chadda out.he is smiling. Idiot

  68. jacques elliott martineau9

    the wise man said simply" human fear" greater danger than the virus itself - ISOLATE - a life is measured in decades - sacrifice a few months ?....

  69. Mukund Shamlal Shamlal

    The markars were all shaitaans. jail them.

  70. Tinku Baidya

    This is Corona fidayin attack on India, related to religion. Some secular idiots will defend this attack by politicizing the issue.

  71. srinivas vishwanath

    kill them all

  72. Ramesh Kumar

    simply ban these kind of groups and spreading danger to the people and the country

  73. acidali001

    This guy is hiding a lot. He just keeps saying change the system, bring youngsters in. Hes fooling everyone

  74. mazumdar narasimha rao

    close all mosques dargas n temples churches all religious gatherings for 15 days for country sake. when situation improves you can go as you like. understand the situation n act accordingly. authorities should educate these type of people.

  75. divyansh chakraborty

    40:15 BURN for Leftists & Congi Sympathisers, this is how ISLAMIC MALAYSIA deals with these JAMAT people. 👍

  76. Ramesha Krsiah

    Hindus aware how Islam spreading religeon throught world Hindus why we should remain secular bhskths

  77. mazumdar narasimha rao

    police should beat the violators in such a way so that others should feAr to repeat the mistake.

  78. Elangovan Periasamy

    This kind of news both AL Jazeera and BBC News Channels never reported in their bulletin news as these are not favored by their Pakistani elements and they only targeting news which would harm government image like parrots repeatedly squawking on conditions of poor migrant laborers dying of hunger and now they sending the feelers to report anyone dies of hunger and it will become top news both the bitches from AL Jazeera and BBC strolling around like prostitutes.


    Even when a ISLAM%C terrorist explodes a bomb or beheads a person they will say MODI should apologize and the terrorists are just innocent.

  80. Syed Ali

    If government want to pay fine. Landlords are tired of opportunities. We landlords have to pay mortgage and property tax is a burden on them and us. Stop charging property tax on every property for ever. We are property owner not rich.

  81. Om Namah Shivay Om

    Navika, pls wear a mask and take a break if possible... u r coughing... better not to risk these days....


    Kute tumhe pta

  83. Johny R H

    Shoyab jamai, why channels are calling him, he is not deserve to sit in this debate, vo iske zarya Apne roti sake Raha Hai. nishant Verma senseless

  84. Raja Kazhadaraman

    Has anyone seen Surya's interview with Kunal Kamra ?? His stupidity got exposed.

  85. PK

    Nishant Varma's disease is not selectivism, but Modi hatred. It is oozing out from all the pores in his skin and the side-effect of that is what is coming out of his mouth.

  86. Dinesh M

    Debates are another indirect methods of Media to creat hate in public to ooz out hate Anchor speaks their own political bias idiology from mouth of selected participants to respond to set questions to bring desire reponses and they swears by interruption *ENEMY MEDIAS ARE CAUSE OF ALL ILL HAPPENINGS*

  87. mohd arif

    ware dalle wah kya baat Kara hai

  88. B Raj

    Spitting on doctors who are saving lives, how low can these low in moral humans stoop.

  89. Chauhan Shubham

    Corona island....

  90. san fiat

    Gaddar kaum

  91. Saikhom Meetei

    Can anyone give me the link of attendees from Bengal in the Jamat

  92. Naser Shaikh

    Uski Sahi Jagah Nala hi hi

  93. S B

    Nishant verma y do you vomit every night u bas..

  94. Rayan Patrick

    Majid memom is great personality .... For power big chutiya Abbas

  95. savi pasu

    I fear that the impact of Tabili gathering will be seen in a fortnight.

  96. Chris C.

    We Indians and Hindus should be vocal and object to the mullah's breaking our secular country. When Christians defend their actions liberals call them apologists and get a free pass. In US there are over 10000 full time professionals on top of countless clergy working as apologists defending christianity. There are over 1000 US colleges with Religious studies programs. Still USA is called Secular and Democracy. Modi doing his job as the Prime Minister and he is called Hindutva etc. Fight these double standards and raise our voices.

  97. Vinay V

    Tahsin sahab, we love you 🇮🇳👍🙏👏

  98. P.R.velayudhan Mani

    Why.blame.others..when.Modi.Amith.not.able.to.do.anything..If.dirty.oeople.in Goverment wants.power.such.things.happen.Why.Modi.not.able.to.do.anything.don.t step.down.and.ask.all.politicians.be.under.house.arrest..Let.Militiary...India.the.worst fools..and.Modi.there.makes.it.worse

  99. Partha Roy

    Seal mosque permanently.

  100. Johny R H

    Islamic preachers and any Muslims trying to visit India their visa should be rejected