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  1. Ali Jaber

    Why is this important?

  2. JAL Maser

    His lips parted a sigh of breath , closed again then parted..... That was a lot of comment in those facial

  3. 1 subscriber

    Oh look, it’s BLM protestors

  4. Clark Kent

    I would have stabbed that cop in the truck in the throat. I hope somebody sued him.

  5. Show Me What I Need To Know

    Why did he stop??? He should have kept going.

  6. Vanessa The cow

    That police officer is a legand

  7. Ste ve

    Wtf. That speed into a crowd... If he didn't have intentions of hitting anyone then he should be locked up for dangerous driving at the VERY least

  8. Michael Chow

    Looks like he's a puppet of US government

  9. freudzwetdream

    This is a man who can't even remember how many times he wore blackface

  10. Isthis Necessary

    "We are only as blind as we want to be" -Maya Angelou

  11. 9Inchdds

    Damn she’s fat asf! Normal People in America make other country obese people look anorexic!

  12. Dill Carver

    I think there is a distinction between protesters and rioters/looters that the media purposely dont make. Trudeau is Zoolander

  13. Cold Heart Riddim

    He makes Mugabe look like angel.

  14. Olivers Army

    Not a single tear, she is clout chasing for a gofundme page

  15. Ali

    This guy should be sent back to his country. I don’t even know how he became the president of the USA. All white Americans return back to your countries. You don’t belong in America.

  16. Hames

    Officer should be tortured for his crime

  17. farida shahurain

    You get what u sowed. Serve you right. You imprison yourselveb in the white house 🤪🤪🤪

  18. andy jonnson

    Wonder how many more "baby momma" gonna crawl out b4 this done lol trash got his karma

  19. Tots Mini

    BRAVO!!!! Prime Minister Trudeau!!!!!

  20. Parasmunt

    The next election is going to be v cruel but entertaining.

  21. Danny Zurlo

    Whyyyyyyy do they stop?!?!?!?!

  22. ken s

    From the same pipeline, are the west discriminating asian countries? Are the asian countries treated fairly?

  23. Haji Shaik

    Make him next US president .. He is the real man and the true hero.

  24. Matthew Blum

    What is this country coming to?

  25. Hames

    This coward gives a textbook answer in front of the cameras

  26. truth dog

    What is a racialized Canadian? Is that like when a white girl gets knocked up by an african and pop's out a half breed???

  27. Jolnichek

    Mr. Blackface himself lol 😂 GTFOH

  28. Parasmunt

    If you are old and have an underlying medical condition like Joe my advice is to stay away from anyone who was in those protests and raiding parties on the streets over the last few weeks. Mr Floyd is gone, it was terrible but he is gone but more lives will be lost now due to the total ignoring of the medical guidelines on the streets.

  29. Cary Palmer

    CBS News needs to get a rid of her immediately. Disrespect for the president

  30. headr Conqurer

    Mandela Style/Ghandi Style / malCom X.& Castro of Spain/.Latinas

  31. Empire of Jehovah

    He means he prefers to remain friends with Trump. What an act.

  32. deekamikaze

    From one trucker to the next. Let's boycott Minneapolis. They can get their supplies elsewhere.

  33. aracely

    Thank you for your words! Yes we are all humans, and the most important is the content of our heart. We are all brothers and sisters.

  34. Anna Rogers

    They thought it was Ikea

  35. headr Conqurer

    Action/Action,actions needed/all Over !no march,no Demo just Actions/.

  36. n0g4rdd3r

    Silence speaks louder than words...

  37. headr Conqurer

    Splash /Splash every where.???Globally !

  38. hedy lamarr

    The actor inside him is now revealed.

  39. War Dog


  40. Josh Noye

    Why can't all cops be like him 😭

  41. Khalid Sharebain

    This coming from a Guy that Painted he’s face black. What a Hypocrite

  42. headr Conqurer

    Ghandi/mandela/malComX.???oh ye fiddle Castro.???

  43. Akwida

    Trudeau is a girlie-man...

  44. Hamse Sayid

    🖕🖕🖕 🇮🇳

  45. Ishmael Khalid

    May she find some love and comfort and her daughter from this horrible tragedy 😔❤️

  46. War Dog

    Stupid. What a joke.

  47. Paintball Mirabel FAN


  48. Gale Frost

    Very well done.

  49. Potato Joe

    H town!

  50. Fung Ku Fecker


  51. - Lynxx -

    These comments scare me

  52. Game Boy.

    If i was coloured and i had to choose to live in Canada or the USA - no contest Canada is way more liberal and evolved than its horrible southern cousin. Just my opinion.

  53. rburn99

    They did exactly what they needed to do. Only a fool would sit there until they were ripped out of their vehicles and killed. If they did anything wrong it was taking a little too long to get moving.

  54. Fatima Castellon

    This lady is a hate machine.

  55. Curtis Robinson

    Beep beep beep beep beep beep “illogical! Illogical! Norman coordinate!”

  56. headr Conqurer

    Get Mixed Get mixed !No racism/.

  57. Dave Carsley

    Should have put it to the floor

  58. MultiDimensional Universe

    And they are all wearing purple... who woulda guessed

  59. Rudolph McGregor Jr

    Yes we Canadian minorities do have our problems here also. Your apart of racism if you don't acknowledge it.

  60. R Bharathen

    chinese reporter should be banned

  61. headr Conqurer

    Must STOP/ right to live/.

  62. headr Conqurer

    Globally Descrimanation/racism.???must STOP

  63. Andrew Edward Bailey

    So he didn’t fancy “blacking-up” for this one.

    1. TheQuietOne75

      People can change, you know.

  64. a o

    yea see if their gonna beat you up for ALMOST killing people then you shouldnt of even stopped. It couldve of been worse but they still proceed to beat him to a pulp like a bunch of common thugs.

  65. headr Conqurer

    World must talk fact/& truth/.?

  66. G James

    A real man a true american, a true hero. Take note police and military before its to late!

  67. Think Again

    Silence = Violence, don’t you know that Mr. Trudeau?

  68. Al love buckets

    Are we all forgetting about coronavirus, rip George floyd

  69. Kenny Fenny

    The real prime minister Greta thunberg had a microphone problem and Trudeau couldn't hear what he had to parrot back to the media

  70. kristybeyond

    You know, Canada is just a dog of America, how can we bark at our owner, so, focus on our own dog house.

  71. Adam Ali


  72. sebsebsebseb

    4th COMMENT

  73. Ronald Beard

    Trump fixes America not Democrates.

  74. Bara Seye

    He's human. Respect and love for him. He know we're human race. Some are complex. If some body think is superior or inferior.this mean complex not a racist. No one better no one if we respect and love each other .love is our religion

  75. Coffee Roast

    Shouldn’t have stopped.

  76. Khalil Rahimi

    I like how Canada 🇨🇦 copy’s 10 Downing Street lol 😂

  77. oregon gold hunter


  78. Bubba Gump

    I'm guessing the only reason he would bend over like that to take a drink is to lessen the chances of water dripping down on his face and exposing his spray tan

  79. happy ride

    I wanna see Justin with a Pauly D hair blow out style lol and fist pumping to the song "satisfaction"

  80. s

    He robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint. Also it doesn't look like he paid to much attention to his daughter before hand, she got that look like "who's this George guy" 😂

    1. Uwu Uwu

      C C how disrespectful. I dare you.

    2. andy jonnson

      @C C YR one sick evil SOB lol

    3. C C

      @Robert King I hope it happens to him. Better yet, one of his family members.


      I didnt know "much" was a verb. You're so heartIess with your emoji at the end.

    5. Robert King

      May be the case but you saw the video right? What if you get mistaken for a drug dealer one day and the police decide its necessary to sit on your neck even though you're not resisting.

  81. Mirc Mircx

    He's not saying anything even when he talks wtf 🤣🤣

  82. Peach Tree

    When there is such a riot like this, politicians jump on the anti-racism wagon with emphatic speeches and do nothing aftermath (same as mass shootings). Even Obama, the first BLACK president with 8 years of presidency, had achieved little on this deep-rooted problem. It is more than four centuries of slavery and will not go away by itself since it is in the DNA of some Caucasians. Perhaps a right Caucasian president with right mind and strong political will may initiate a long over-due change.

  83. Domenico Espinosa

    So what's the deal with his eyes at 0:18 ? Creepy.

  84. Bas Scheijde

    Preaa any key to continue

  85. Squibles Tiddles

    Guys this is Crazy and all but.. HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE PANDEMIC WE ARE IN?! COVID-19?!

  86. ひこき

    I think Donald Trump right ! He calls China Virus instead of Corona virus because it was from China and he want the next generation won't and know the origin of the virus !

  87. Positive vibes only TV

    Please go watch Gypsy’s in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and Gypsy kids they have many episodes on it. They are treated so terrible by citizens. It’s wonderful to protest and speak up especially in this situation but why don’t they treat Gypsy people and travelers equal as well.. if you never seen it go find it and watch it. Thank you

  88. Ashley Kenon

    Wooooww 💞

  89. Chae T

    why 30 at funerals and 10 at weddings

  90. Chandan Sengupta

    Somehow I feel it's melodramatic. Look at her nails...she will get married by the end of this month

    1. safe

      @Jack Callister I mean if you're grieving like this why would you get your nails done lol

    2. C C

      Also perhaps if you did your research, you would've known that they were not together when he was alive. He was in a relationship with a white woman at the time of his death. Stupid imbecile.

    3. C C

      Hey, better than marrying one of her cousins🤷‍♂️

    4. Jack Callister

      Chandan Sengupta how insensitive you see her nails and say this. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  91. Stephanie Lockhart

    They will depopulate by any means necessary

  92. Matilda Matilda

    There is no discrimination in Canada ! Don’t lie! I am 17 years here. From fist day I feel equal here.

  93. Peace Luseluanzambi

    We all need to step up to racism We have to tell it "We wont stand you for any longer your the reason almost half of the black community were gone We arent gonna sit in the shadows while you cause major distruction everywhere" the fools who were responsible for this may gods anger and fury be upon you may you walk in disgrace may you be outcasted may you burn

  94. Youtube Köleleri


  95. Matilda Matilda

    He was trying find his brain . Difficult time

  96. NovorSec

    0:45 he is enjoying it way to much lol

  97. akai

    This man means the end. The world get complett out of order because of this mf

  98. Ken Ag

    Speak up. Time to show courage

  99. Huddy Dhuddus

    Imagine he’s actually alive and this was a whole set up 😳


      @jhill, He just didn't deserve to ☠ for that "reason".

    2. Uwu Uwu

      jhill let him rest in peace.


      jhill what does that have to do with anything.

    4. jhill

      Bag of drugs did fall out his pocket so that could’ve been a factor. He was a known drug user 🤷🏻‍♂️

    5. Uwu Uwu

      How disrespectful.

  100. Arme S

    Well, when Trump is your next-door neighbour, you don't want to make the guy angry.