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  1. Koral

    loved it

  2. Koral

    loved it

  3. Wasi Hasan

    Exact time

  4. Raj Raushan Mahato

    Where is looting I can't see it....

  5. Ad Dj

    Enough talking push the button! Its long overdue. We’re under attacked!

  6. Deeshant Dogra

    Happy monsoon 🌷

  7. jedanpapa t-rex

    2.3 In india average Muslim by a women is 5

  8. Top Khatri

    Nepal is just asking for its legitimate territory and a country like India should treat Nepal well given the historical ties and the sacrifice Gorkha soldiers have made to defend your country. let India not test the patience and resilience of the Nepalese people, who are solidly united for the national cause and it would do more harm than good for India. Let India realize this and settle the border dispute amicably in a friendly manner, else, it will alienate Nepal further and seek friendship with China, The choice is yours India.

  9. Lovely Fellings

    Boycott Chinese product slowly for ur better & secure future 🇮🇳

  10. Anita K

    Come back with Ipkknd 4

  11. Anita K

    My barun want to see you again and again

  12. Anita K

    Stupid don't show pics I want to see my barun talking not his pics

  13. Anita K

    Looking handsome

  14. Pramod Aryal

    Kalapani, Lipulek, Limpiyadhura belongs to Nepal, Jai Nepal

  15. YNW Molly

    He was confused in this otoriksha 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Annu Thakur

    Hi barun iss locked down me kaise ho aap our aapaki family hum fan's sanaya ke bahot Jada missed kar rahe hai jaldi se lekar aajao ippkkndd4 me please good day

  17. anand nick

    Great work.

  18. Gurdeep Singh

    Yarr dubar se CID show start karo na

  19. law abiding Canadian citizen free speech

    True president of the people unlike our Chinese puppet turdeau

  20. Mashkoor Ali

    Asli Insaniyat yahi hai.You are Tha great

  21. rAjEeV RuDrA

    0:35 captain corrom board.. 😂

  22. Malik Haroon

    Pakistan stand with Nepal ♥️

  23. Taniworld 1988


  24. ARSTZ Gaming

    Good job Jyoti

    1. ARSTZ Gaming

      you are good girl

  25. Rahul Rao

    bhai aap decide karonge ki woh innocent thee😡

  26. Sukhvinder singh

    Yeh hai asli desh bhakti....... India ko yeh media cancer kha gya.....

  27. Akash Dubey

    What about maharastra

  28. Carni D

    Man...big feast for coronavirus

  29. abhijit vibhas

    Thank you journalist. He was special, Patrick. The way Qadir was not run out in WC '87, Walsh given prize by Ziaul Haq caused some problems in team. WI board was behaving like bitch ill-treating Viv, Marshall, Greenidge, Logie and Patterson. This guy was breaking stumps in WC '87. But he seems to be at peace with himself. Lloyd destroyed WI board and team. Bishop and Patterson were terrible loss.

  30. noy business

    Where in LA was it?

  31. Zafar Satyavan

    Wrong context. Rajiv-ji was highlighting how citizens ended the tragic circumstances..

  32. A Traveler Being

    India is showing eyes to nipal and begging China and are scielent on china

    1. Krish Ojha

      Who told you India is begging from China,read if you know english,Chinese Foreign minister and Chinese convoy to India told that we sont won't war,its just that we will solve it by talk.

  33. Marco Assuncao

    China vírus extermination EUA

  34. Lyse Pierre


  35. Mike Blair

    Then the george floyd riots happened in US of A.

  36. Hana

    I was born in Delhi and now I am 18.. Can't believe went through shit for fucking 10 years or maybe more...Yup my whole school life was like eyye momo eyye chinki....I was thinking of suicide in my 6th grade....Glad I didn't. Now people calling me stuffs doesn't effect me because I talk back now and believe I create a scene every time it happened at least I had people backing me up... Btw I am Assamese and proud being Indian but not so proud of some fellow Indians...I really want to shove their ass in the sewer...And people saying that only uneducated people are racist ones you are wrong because their are many educated people too who are racist...

  37. Salmanul faris k What is locust, why, where, for what

  38. Sourab Mandal

    Tomra debe Manipur ke azadi? Kashmir ke azadi? Kothai theke? Oh otyachar theke? Khide theke? Naki Bharat theke? Ki chao tukro hok deser? Osobbho bhasa bola jeto kintu tomader uttor public e dei tai amar alada bhabe bolar kichu nei. Aar ekta jinis "sadhin chintar" arale ei nongrami gulo je korcho Maobad ke sikkha bole prosar korchho ta kotota sobha dei ami jani na. Bharater matite kichu kulangar ageo jonmeche aar bortoman jugeo public sob dekhche tomader, tobe chup kore. Uttor tao thik pabe. Nischup sasti khub e jontrona dayok hoi. Amar Bharater bhalo hok, tomader subuddhi hok probhur kripai. Jai Bharat. Vande Mataram. 🙏❤️🇮🇳

  39. THE 1996 SERIES


  40. Yugi

    I don't think they don't have such Brain.. It's all inside information.. Come one I know how this police system workers.. Understand cover ppl help's.. This guy's will take credit

  41. eman acirfa

    The world must condemned China and crust them down for their evil deeds that have done

  42. Alish 786

    I love it jasleen Royal voice 💃👍☺️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  43. raj kumar

    Are yaar ise marna chahiye tha ghsitke ghsitke saali chinal.

  44. Suhas Sheware

    Kashmir toh milega nahi inko...aur jitna diya hai ussi mein raho nahi toh woh bhi waapis le lenge

  45. Suhas Sheware

    Jhaant ke barabar hai pakistan...humare toh police hi kaafi hai inko udane ke ki jarurat nahi hai jai hind 🇮🇳

  46. #ShaheedRiazNaikoo #FreedomFighter

    Pakistan Army entering India occupied Kashmir #GayHind #WarToFreeKashmir

  47. Turururu

    Coronavirus for all those protesters 😀

  48. #ShaheedRiazNaikoo #FreedomFighter

    #IndiaNuked2020 #indiaNuked

  49. Itz AniMe_Gal

    He sounds like a barking dog all he does is talk over people. There are different ways to confront people. This is making us Indians look cheap.

  50. Meghna S

    I miss your sir ♥️ to the eternity

  51. Fat Freddy

    Death figures are distorted.

  52. Ben Buda


  53. Leotube Cabrera

    Thanks you very much mr very happy to you...

  54. 1Smoking Lizard

    ME: So how's that New Year's resolution going huh? Anonymous: Oh you know......COVID-19, Stock Market Crash, Toilet Paper, Riots, Biden 2020.

  55. manna car

    मी मराठी महाराष्ट्र ला अभिमान आहे

  56. 💃🎶Entertainment Media🎶💃

    Super Acting Ms.Jenni 💖 love you lots with huge respect 🥰😘 you are siply awesome 💞

  57. Amna Rehman

    Awesome series and as usual KSG nailed it...

  58. Ramakrishna Babu

    China mafia leaders bought all nepal political leaders using money...

    1. S

      Nepal claimed it's land cause we had enough of India's discriminative nature. Stop claiming that's cause of other countries without any proof. Stop spreading BS.

  59. Varuni Tripathi

    Legend Irrfan ❤❤

  60. madhava anchan

    Jai hind aapko welcome aapko hamara parivar me.

  61. Bishnu Talk B Talks

    Leave back Nepal 🇳🇵 land. Kalapani lipu lekh is our land.

  62. plabita konwar

    Hi Borun you are the best not as an actor but also as a good human being.

  63. KG Dee

    👍👍👍 Big agree on that. WHO is made in China a big trash

  64. Shazam Channel

    Venkatesananda 🎶

  65. anamika tiwari

    Wrong information In chattisgarh they now allowing any one to home quarentine...

  66. Abhijit Dhar

    Dekho Monika Apke Dad sirf apke dad nahi. He is our Indian Hero who make all Indians proud 💪💪💪. You are so lucky.

  67. ayush nayak

    so children hers a lesson "hawass k pujariyon ko kam mat samjho..."

  68. Abbas Jemani

    Best Rajeev sir

  69. Archit Kumar

    #shame on delhi police .

  70. Shyam Upadhyaya

    First, RSS/BJP propoganda about Nepal acting on behest of China must stop. As Yubaraj said so many external parties want to influence Nepal, but Nepali themselves are against any external interference. So any reference to China will further anger Nepali people. It is especially so because as you mentioned it was India who brought China to picture in 2015 amid Nepal's strong protest. Second, why in India diplomats follow Army Chief? You seem to be no different from Pakistan. Why the Army Chief commented the statement of Nepal's Foreign Ministry first. Where is your MEA? Why the road was inaugurated by the defense minister? It is so obvious Modi wants to show us military muscles. That's not friendly behavior. Army Chief must apologize immediately to create an environment for diplomats.

  71. ganesh das

    Welcome back to sanatan

  72. James D'SA

    Run hundreds of buses on the highway for one month and you'll see there won't be a single citizen walking on the road add migrant

  73. U Veerababu power

    Vaccine when will come.....??????

  74. Ammu Arun

    God bless everyone 🙏

  75. Life On 2-Wheels

    I really like the picturization in this video, especially the aptly put-in cinematic shots. Although, was lucky enough to find almost empty Delhi Roads a Sunday morning ride on my BMW G310GS during lockdown 4. The video is out already on my channel.

  76. Pedro González

    Los comunistas totalitarios tienen infectado América con dinero corruptos y Corona virus nos guieren destruir América gracias Pedro x desde Miami

  77. shamim ahamed

    All answers is Freedy


    It is the best speech to improve english.

  79. Basu Suman

    Sexual knowledge automatically comes by age and rest by need and internet۔ all this stupidity is responsible for rapes and sexist remarks in schools by educated۔

  80. Dhiraj Ji

    Jay. Bhim . 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. Jay. A. S. P. 🌀


    Fronite becomes Frontline "ye aaram ka maamal h"

  82. harry deal

    DNA 😁😁😁

  83. Harshita Kadel

    Shahrukh won.

  84. Fahrun Haider


  85. B C Patil

    They are not protester ,they are looters 👍

  86. Viola Darci

    We should all support president trump....a man who has the spunks to speak the truth

  87. Perspex Savant

    Come on... they did it on purpose

  88. Asha Thapliyal

    yess correct🙏

  89. faiz faizan

    Love salu and respect srk and sonam

  90. nenni samosir

    TRUMP is the NEXT PRESIDENT... the 👍👍👍👍💪💪💪❤❤💚🧡🧡🧡🧡💕💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖

  91. Ananya Upadhya

    LOL, be surprised if elected representatives knew these answers

  92. Mridul Boro

    Call the ladies police

  93. Jitendra Kumar

    Gobar Goswami

  94. Everything showing

    modi ji dekh rehe hain ki nehi

  95. Back Up

    100% right....u r very much clever,u pick the point..i wonder why nt to Beijing bt to rest of the world..go ahead man God is w u..u r saving mankind.

  96. Abd Arian

    Police balo ke maa chod dulunga

  97. Skull Point


  98. khadija malik

    Everything is perfect but only one thing is missing in her life and that is harshad chopra as her husband .she really deserve him as a life partner

  99. SS

    India made a mistake of removing Nepalese monarchy and each time Congress is culprit.

  100. Jitesh Sharma

    Pussistanis are upset bcoz India is looking at their master in the eye while they've only been spreading legs and selling their country to them.