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  1. 伝ML Andrei Gaming


  2. Jesse Teoh

    im dont mind my info was stolen, i only worry who stole my info.

  3. Yung Limp Dick

    **TLDR** “Is it worth it?” “Well yes, but actually no”

  4. Mud master 3

    That’s stupidly stupid

  5. Leah vapes86

    The way they afford it is they take the money and don't send the phone unless ur a tech reviewer its a scam

  6. The QuayeVlogs

    Chief of assassination: ha this is the best scam ever Pablo Escobar: just add cocaine *wink

  7. Coniell Kirpatrick

    Can I have that phone? It would be really cool to have one ☝️

  8. Allen Ychiro K. Makalintal

    Anyone see the cat looking thing at 10:15?

  9. B Bailey

    After seeing this review I went ahead and ordered the phone. That is the sickest phone I have ever seen. Can't wait!

  10. The QuayeVlogs

    @mrwhosetheboss please don't throw the phone away... I barely have a phone of my own so I'll love and appreciate if you could mail the Pablo 11pro to me lol

  11. namesnfaces su Giano Djamikoen

    How sad but still great to know that they are getting stronger in a way

  12. cree chavo

    Im gonna buy it... Im sorry. This is no different from Ferrari working with a phone company to have its logo and theme be installed on the phone for a premium. This on the other hand is not a premium. So i dont know how its so cheap. But im glad. Im definitely gonna buy it... Its closer to my country anyway.. I've been buying refurbished stuff all d time just for the cheaper price and they all last as long as an original. So im definitely gonna buy it.

  13. Ahmad Sarfraz


  14. DDTech Videos


  15. Jack F

    Next time when they try to send you another phone without saying anything but "We're shipping it to you're address within a few days." keep saying that "It hasn't arrived" and keep throwing them away.

  16. DDTech Videos

    Mark Rober

  17. S3T0II


  18. Thuna Toonerr

    Like and I will subscribe

  19. Faiz GT

    I love Sony candybar design but what killing Sony is the thermal cooling failure xperia Z5 has serious cooling problems

  20. ElectroShockerYT

    He never should is if it worked or if it didn’t!

  21. Miss kali Anna

    Does That mean we can see documents through people's briefcases? Or what's in your vault?

  22. Sujatha Srinivas

    Who are watching it on s9+

  23. Griffin Panda Gaming

    I'm here to grow together 💕💕💕 let's swap

  24. Liiga Laas

    This is my first video and i love the duck

  25. The QuayeVlogs

    Mrwhosetheboss... I'd love and appreciate a sub and a shoutout pleeasee

  26. The QuayeVlogs

    Mrwhosetheboss... I'd love and appreciate a sub and a shoutout pleeasee

  27. Sofia Rego

    Just a question? what do you do with the phones after you test and review them?

  28. Osama

    0:36 This trick failed because it showed your Wi-Fi password.

  29. Alex Boniske

    Giveaway... please.... I beg...

  30. Miss kali Anna

    Omg. Arun d u have any laptop reviews. Thanks for this review. Super helpful. If you're ever hiring you can hire me t do reviews then I could just buy a $50 phone n be Kool with it 😊

  31. Ryan F

    Can u send me a iPhone 7000 black with golden highlights? I’m very poor and can you throw in the AirPod mini 3’s thanks

  32. D-Luuxx

    The phone she tells you not to worry about

  33. Calum Foster

    I almost got the xioami mi 9 lite but, went with the OnePlus 6 because of the processer, (QSD-845) and the fact that xaiomi doesn't work well in the U.S carrier wise. Such a bummer because the phones in that particular market seem like amazing phones for the price.

  34. william towns

    So if you worked at Google you could murder your coworker and get half their page 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  35. Wayne Lee Ramsden

    so glad people are not having this exynos bulls-it anymore my note 9 has it and I won't buy another samsung unless it has the snapdragon or the exynos is better than the snapdragon version. I won't accept this ever again cos there is way better options out there nowadays.edit.its actually left me a bit bitter towards samsung cos i feel its a shady thing to do to its customers. i wouldnt mind so much if the exynos was say 100 quid cheaper and they gave us europeans the option of either buy the exynos version for like a say 100 quid cheaper or just pay full price for the snapdragon version but we don't get that option like i say very shady of samsung.

  36. Trace

    Your vid inspired me to buy 3 can’t wait for them to get here

  37. Philosopher Jerry

    I don't see any difference, but mg wallet does

  38. yeeterDude69

    My honor 10 has Google play store

  39. Dr KillaMilla

    Show me some support

  40. wolfstring the wolf

    You think Escobar watched the video?

  41. Roderick Gabatin

    Good day sir... I am from Philippines a fan of your amazing and informative videos from youtube. So, may i solicit from your good heart a laptop to use for my work here.. Hope that you can consider this,. Thank you sir and God bless you and ur love once...

  42. MAZEツ

    And who decided that?

  43. monica bhatia

    Watched your video for d first time today. M a fan of yours from now on. Haven’t seen such a precise and to the point video with no BS in a really long time. Loved it. Thanx. Keep doing what u r doing. Coz u r doing a agreat job sir.

  44. Don Cárlos

    Ten useful comments rest is copy paste 😏

  45. BigSteve 380

    Should call it Esca-Fraud...

  46. Raymond Hou

    They capeped iPhone!

  47. KParks

    That impact test 3 was way harder on the untreated than the treated one

  48. Alexz

    Let Louis Rossman find out if it was actually damaged

  49. StraightToThePoint

    Business model backfire

  50. Paul Murgatroyd

    If your phone makes phonecalls and works on the internet, then you've saved $91,000.

  51. mijuo roui

    8:34 when arun tries to become JerryRigEverything...

  52. Edvard Brooks

    I want a book voiced by him

  53. Connor Hudson

    Is there actually any reason to use "wireless" charging?

  54. Skedge

    i use OxygenOS

  55. SyncerGamer

    No they weren't looking at the phone 😂, they just didn't like them being recorded like normal humans my dude 😂👌

  56. Lsf GP

    Should I feel offended my last name is escobar XD

  57. Kayla Mitchell

    can you do another one with the fast chargers on the iPhones? it's kinda annoying not being able to see how fast their charging is

  58. RimuKora

    him: your smartphone is too thin me, who has a powerbank glued to the back of my phone: say *_who_*

  59. Wolf Crystal22

    My dad used to have a BlackBerry for 6 years. 6 YEARS. He got rid of it in 2019 and got a iPhone 7. If anyone should know how bad a BlackBerry is, it’s me. *IT HAD A LITERALLY KEYBOARD* definitely a thing of the past for me.

  60. grayisagirl c

    I bought my LG V50 ThinQ at 494 USD last Dec, consider it a fair deal for its price.

  61. Paul Fazakas


  62. 8meterwish

    I just want a phone that will last all day, and be relevant for 5 years. Average everything else.

  63. Paul Fazakas


  64. Christopher Giel

    Samsung is G O D

  65. Tech Bro

    Bro I love your quality videoes. But I would be really happy if you make a video comparing between UIs of different brands and which one is more worthy to buy as a mid range user.Like,which one would be more user friendly.

  66. benny blanco

    This video shouldn't exist, I mean what kind of moron would buy a phone from Escobar

  67. َ َ

    3:42 *thats what she said*

  68. kangaroo mattress

    it is to show the world the ccp own huawei ( that why they fighting for huawei ) or alibaba as well as all the big companies because communist they never let anyone own anythings they will take everything and not let any one better than them . please read this if you are care about the world 's next generation future this is no racist the black or yellow or white if you use fake money you are bad person any way but this time the devils ccp behind this so wake up every one go home do not spreading any more the ccp virus for others people we been lock down because the bloody ccp me and a lot lot lot of people lost few weeks of our life prison in our own home when we did not done nothing wrong **** this pig bump face xi jiping and his ccp are sure behind these riots so they can get away of their crime because the ccp wanted to kill as many peoples as possible / So do not stupid to made more trouble for your leaders i would love to see these riot mobs to go to wuhan ' s pig bump face xi country then xi will put them 1 by 1 in 1 of 48 burners to burn them alive USA or AUSTRALIA or other countries give their citizent too much freedom made their people listen to ccp and become stupid riots

  69. Tim

    Pixel 4 is $800.

  70. dani

    I've been holding my A5 2015 for 5 years now...

  71. Mita Skeledzija

    See you on the protective witnesses program 😂 jk ❤️

  72. Benzene

    How does the s20 exynos variant stack up to the iphone 11 tho?

  73. Mita Skeledzija

    Dumbass: maybe they wanna start a nre business Narcos veteran: they using the boxes to transport the coco 😂

  74. 1.5K Subs Before July

    In before Marques and MWTB gets assassinated by a drug dealing business

  75. Don Cárlos

    Into Don't buy it Outro Don't buy it

  76. shiv singh

    Apple+Samsung=Death of Escobar Inc. Apple isn't happy. FBI is on searching of SuperStar. Good luck

  77. Mita Skeledzija

    What a shitty way to rip off a name like that :/

  78. Gen Ius

    Why is he still not arrested? I'm surprised nobody sued him

  79. Prieto cantando buax con un controll

    When i first saw the video : who tf is escobar

  80. Chevrohn McBean

    Orrrrrrr buy gloves that can be used on smartphones

  81. Roy De Guzman

    How about a phone that will give help for every professionals. Like doctors, always getting the blood pressure of the patients, heart rate, and hope to have more advance phone like a phone with x-ray. For architect or engineers in just a shut of picture a phone that gives you the measurements of every corner of the room.

  82. Madoka Magika

    The feed series attacks again

  83. َ َ

    15:43 *_gay bruh moment_*

  84. Kamil Chudačík

    BlackBerry OS10 was actually very good system. Probably most stable and efficient with reliable NFC sharing. Still missing some features on iPhone.

  85. Christian Garcia

    Is anyone going to talk about the cat at 10:27?

  86. Jayden

    Arun: don't buy it Escobars hitman: we'll have him gone by tomorrow

  87. Montasser Kais

    0:23 - even the REALLY "queit" good. wut?

  88. Deadpool Games


  89. life_zero Wright

    Each time someone purchase the phone it's going into the hands of a girl dressed in bikini for their upcoming commercials, duhhh!

  90. aleynak 2014

    This is a rant about my hate for Sony phones. Honestly I've never really liked Sonys phones before. Some people around me had one, and as he said, they were all called something Xperia even tho, despite looking almost the same, they had slight differences ( and when I say I can't remember names well, particularly ones for phones, I mean it) . So first of all, the design. I don't want to curse but those fucking corners? The heaviness? The way it sits in your hand!? Honestly, it felt like I was calling someone with a brick and goddammit it was 2018 at the time . Then, there was the camera. Nada, no good focus. borderline OK quality when shooting videos but couldn't get a clear shot of anything I wanted to focus on (yk when you click on the screen it should usually focus , did that and it 'focused' but with the result of it going back to what it looked like before, blurry af). Let's say I don't care about the camera (which I DO). But then, there's the battery. There's one thing I'm scared of the most. Batteries. Battery life, charging them and using one as a hand warmer as well. When I tell you this phone could get as heated as a stove and probably fry an egg on it in a second, then I've probably experienced it. I'm not even trying to exaggerate, what I hate the most and what the Xperia did the best is getting VERY hot even if youre literally just listening to music. Basically doing nothing. Well, it could be because the phone that I had this experience with was old but NO all the other sonys I've played with are the same, even if their bodies are not made out of aluminium/metal/Glas. Honestly, their phones should just dissappear OR THEY SHOULD MAKE A NEW, GOOD ONE THAT'S NOT CALLED XPERIA FOR ONCE. Now don't get me wrong, Sony is, other than their phones, awesome, since again, they actually have cameras that are good plus our TV is like idk almost 10 years old but I feel like it still works more fluently and better than my sisters brand new Samsung TV that likes to bug and is very expensive. Other than that, I'm sorry for ranting but I juts had to let this out or I would go sue Sony one day.

  91. Jaytech19

    Samsung galaxy A71

  92. Dwight Schrute

    You look and sound like Ramsey from the Flash.

  93. Jacob Weiss

    Motorola is so much worse than Samsung when it comes to naming there America lineup has 7 G's phones 4E phones 3 1 series phones and some reason the calling the edge why

  94. Soap

    I literally would buy this just for the box

  95. Fishy got no IQ

    Bought the phone 2 hours before this video didnt even get a book got scammed :(

  96. Dilan

    Never thought I’d randomly be suggested a video and to my delight I finally found your channel after all these years haha. Love the content, and hope you’re doing well!


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  98. zak f22

    Your a boss


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  100. Jintei_Modding

    Escobar: **creates** Me, with my A10 *READY TO LAUNCH THE JET FIGHTER A10 IN THE BATTLE*