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    You are funny only on stage.

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    What to do in quarantine, Check my vlog

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    Damn hes really good. GOnna make it big one day..

  5. Harvester Of Eyes

    lmfao who is this guy? that was complete fucking rampage

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    He is great in speaking fluent.

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    A Perfect Class Of Standup.. 👌👌👌

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    Kisne like kiya honey singh k roast pr

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    I didn't expect cheap sound effects on your video💩

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    Plis turn the tap off when you are not using it, good jox ✌️

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    that "radni" was hilarious


    Masstttt tha 👍😂😂 aur bnao ..

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    waiting for next episode ...🔥🔥

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    Please someone explain !!1! Joke

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    Kisi aur jagah pe rakhi

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    Kafi dino baad hasa hu bhai thank you..

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    Ganja phunkne se motivation khatam hoti h?

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    sadly Badshah chacha is not gonna watch this 😁

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    Bhai tu baitha hua digest nhi hora khade reh k mic haath me leke apne expressions k saath dialogue delivery ki baat hi alag h.. tbh jokes achche the par tunhara wo ascent nahi aayaa

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    Go karun(esh)a

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    I loved his neon light setup at the back the jokes were also good good

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    mote paka mat

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    Professional anpad... Mad....

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    King dies But if he is high on weed than don't knows that.

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    chicha or badsha


    Din bna diya... Bawa boriyat mai Waiting for more episodes 🔥🔥😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️

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    Damn funny and cool😂😂😂😁😁😁😍😍😍😍keep it up👍👍

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    Bruhhhhh the accent

  34. Vijayata Singh

    Nice Video Karunesh, only one suggestion pls close the tap while not is use. Tap was on while you were washing the plate, it made me cringe. Let's not waste water.

  35. Debangana Ghosh

    Watched with captions on as per suggestion on a comment.. Died laughing... Now being a ghost my 1st kaam is writing the comment..

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    Were you watching kurtis conner?

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    Nice dog!

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    Aye gende... Tu hai bahut fani.. Itna ki sannate se v hasa de...

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    Love your style, content and the euphemisms in your videos. You are already killing it. Waiting for the next ones. Stay indoors stay safe. Ps : you are already better than kamra. I dont see a reason why bashing Modi is the new thing your recent videos.



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    Awesome video dude but close the tap while washing utensils #savewater :)

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    Take care bro!

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    His accent though

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    Citizen of Kurtistown

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      Wow bro!! I thought nobody else other than me noticed.


    You Nailed it bhai 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍💯💯❤️😍🙌😇😇🤝🤝

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    Can send us that show link or u just made one

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    This will probably get lost between other comments about the content of the video, but I'll consider it useful if even one person sees this. During chores please try not to keep your water tap running. Water is far more essential for us than we realise. Only use as much as is required.

  50. Shan J

    Scenario now change... Target politician and make fame ... #make_your_own

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    Tumko Tumhari Eyebrows Se utni hi nafrat hogi Jitni Tumko Modi ke Sath Hai😂

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    Keyboard to dekh le jaahil insaan🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣2:54

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    Vada pav!!1!" BC

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    Bhai 100-200 extra dila do main manage ..

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    Sale too hara jagah itna cool kyun hai :-D

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    Bhai to pasand hai Hama Love from Kashmir

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    Bro humein to barabar mil rha h ganja stock apne high h ....😂😂😂

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    Brilliant talent.

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    Tablighi jamaat 😂😂

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    How the fuck does a person saying that script keep a straight face? Like *What sorcery is this*

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    What excuse shall I come up with if they want to talk to me on a video call?🤔🤔

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    Nice jokes... Use water sensibly while washing utensils.... Turn off the tap while scrubbing them.....

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    Aqal , Shakal , Or awaz 😂🤣 Bhai video dalte raha kro Missed u From🇵🇰

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    He said "she " to cab driver and later on says " he kept quiet for a while " ...

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    Who's a true fan Karunesh Talwar Don't read my name

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    eagerly waiting for episode 2 loved the first episode Kya Radnappa chalu hai😂

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    nice one, thnxx for entertainment

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    M glad i liked be4 even watching it. Your uploads never go waste for me. Not only funny but educational so big thumbs up to that. Though i don't like to be a part of "Joke" but would love it if you mention or crack a joke on me # please crack a joke....more than 🤞 crossed 🤣😂🤣😂. Keep it up karunesh and thanks for spreading laugh not virus. We all need it in these desperate times. Bhai btana agar sutta pta chalay kahan milta hai. It's been more than 4 years😔😔

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    Drop was sick

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    Now You have Graduated to next level as Modi ji and Gaumutra is part of your jokes.

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