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  1. karthick adhav

    Very useful brother ✌️

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  3. Narenkumar Moorthy

    Good explanation, missed to tell about the transformer, transformer used in charger is pulse transformer. If you connect same charger to 110dc supply (especially in train) will works fine.

  4. hus auz

    காசு இல்ல பா😜😜😜end செம்ம... ப்ரோ உங்க வீடியோ எதுமே மிஸ் பண்ண மாட்டேன்..Scine,maths 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  5. Rajesh Mani

    You guys rocking...

  6. hus auz

    மக்கு கூதிக ஆட்சியில் இருந்தா.. இப்படி தான் நடக்கும் ...என்ன பண்ண கால கொடுமை😴😴😴😪😪😪😪

  7. hus auz

    இவோலோ ஐடியா இருந்தும் ..ஏன் அரசுக்கு பரிந்துரை செய்யல..ப்ரோ

  8. hus auz


  9. hus auz

    இந்த மாதிரி தெளிவா..யாரும் சொல்ல மாற்றாங்க...ப்ரோ..இந்த வீடியோ நிறைய அரசியல்வாதிகள் பார்க்க வேண்டும்

  10. Manikandan A G

    I have doubt on this video bro please reply me Why did the Syrup bottles are not in other colours like red orange yellow all were using similar brown colour is any reason behind this other colours ?? Please reply me

  11. karunakaran dhanu

    Stay home stay safe😷😷😥😢.

  12. sanos kanth

    Dei poi ethum vela irutha atha paru. Word health organisation pathi nammaku I know thampi.

  13. salavudeen anis

    Super thala

  14. Naveen Kumar

    Yes bro ceiling fan la intha mathiri theriyum

  15. A'e'M Review Tamil

    Sema brooo... I posted review on your channel... And it's support for your channel.... And ideas Salute and congratulations... And if any wrong appologize for that

  16. Srinivasan Selvam

    Why did some numbers show private number

  17. The power of ECE

    Please, Reply me!?

  18. The power of ECE

    How to use (a=4)? Why?

  19. guna guru

    Find one's location by this method, for easy understanding thalaiva,

  20. Yamini Vasudevan

    2:38 is not also safe .because eppidi ya irundalu 12000 per sagarangala ana coal la Vida idhu 0000000.01

  21. The power of ECE

    2020? LMES kids channel goes to Browser's! Where is LMES kids in PAsels channel?

  22. Muthuraman V

    Ithu mari enakku teaching panni irruntha scientist ayiruppa bro super 👌

  23. The power of ECE

    Capacitor quickly discharged.... Graphine are black colour matey, so how to transparent material called it?

  24. Abi Abilash

    Video poduka bro waiting ......😟😕😔😔

  25. Basheer Ahmed

    Next video is Why houseflies are attracted by foods or leaves

  26. Basheer Ahmed

    Next video is about dog I am right

  27. thulasi k

    Bro is there any chance for corona to stay in flowers? அத்தியாவசியம் மட்டும் சொன்னப் பின்னர் கூட பூ வியாபாரம் நடக்குது அதான் கேக்குறேன்

  28. Shadow Singer

    Hi brother....My name is vikash.......u guys LMES are doing a great job.....can u make one vidoe to clarify my are birds like eagle able to fly for long distances without flapping their wings.....but crows or pegions have to flap their wings often?? more thing......when are spending millions of rupees to successfully run a flight but how are migratory birds from other countries are able to cross thousands of miles without much efforts??

  29. Mohamed Abu Backer

    What is the function of capacitor in the ceiling fan?? Please explain it bro..

  30. J. Jolly Fero

    periodic tables pathi oru video podunga anna

  31. Senthamarai Manoharan

    Very clear explanations...simply super sir

  32. jawid khan

    Thalaivara super.....

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