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  1. Minhajjn Patel

    India may or log b hay onki b tritman karo

  2. deepak nagvekar

    Spread this to all nook and corner of india. Let this nuts realize that they are being used. First teach their leaders.

  3. Rayees Physics student

    Pagal log

  4. Narendra Kv

    Fared Zakaria's responses are flattering. He is living in a bubble. He must move beyond his NJ & NY addresses

  5. Tanvir Khan

    Sharam karo haramio

  6. NamJen

    😆 it's idiot tiktokers who needs to be blamed not the app. Who force them to use the app.What a lame news lol..

  7. Akash Sharma

    It's not as if we didn't know the impact of pollution on the environment. NOTHING is going to change after this virus goes away, we won't learn anything. If we didn't stop pollution to save the environment before then why will we do it after this pandemic is over

  8. Maz Ric

    This is a fabricated video.. don't believe this It's another new trick of BJP IT Cell to create riots in India between Hindu and Muslim Social media these days is full of discrimination and racism and hatred This is purely to target the Markaz Stay safe and stay United

  9. Chandrachur Niyogi

    your talking about the LCH & your showing images of AH-64 Apache Longbow helo gunships!!! you picked the wrong pictures from your image library!!!

  10. Ibrahim khaleel

    Modi ji please ask police stay silent when we are out to purchase Diyaa... Hopefully these diya's may bring jobs and food to the people walking on the roads.

  11. Jahed Ali


  12. medeng global

    you idiotic fool Tharoor, this is a crisis, there is nothing like democracy or hipocracy or any kind of cracy during this time. I think you are either a fool who doesnt have knowledge in controlling the pandemic crisis or wanted to create panic environment during this crisis. We have seen the past records what congress has done during the earlier outbreaks/epidemic/pandemic situations. do you want to revisit them, i can give you the entire failures during those periods.

  13. Sukhdev Sohal

    The USA has wonderful health facilities but only for insured and wealthy. Deprived are suffering who are in majority. American health model is on test!

  14. baba beats

    It was hard for him but at last he accepted it. Maulana with some sense. I respect this.

  15. ajay

    Ban tik tok

  16. Shalini Jain

    Shashi tharoor is acually ganda and neech.aadmi 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  17. Jyothig nandakumar

    Instead of doval ji police could hav tuk aktar to vacate markaj to vacte the place

  18. Kris Ea

    Why not speaking in English. Most of the southern states people do not know Hindi.

  19. Bhagatreang Reang

    Whre poor are starving of food

  20. Sandeep Bhatnagar

    Kaha jata he....🤣🤣

  21. Bhagatreang Reang

    Foolish pm

  22. thasli sk

    Shashi tharoor 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  23. Sharon Dewan

    BJP talking about diversity of the country is the biggest joke 🙊🤣🤣. God is watching 🙏

  24. Turup badboy

    Don't defend them expose them ... It's choice not mistake

  25. Asma Talat

    Long live China 🇨🇳

  26. thasli sk

    What is telling pm... ppl need needful thing ..(food &medical item ) pm telling make sound lighting what nonsense telling ...

    1. Gaurav

      Speak in hindi. Your grammar is pathetic.

  27. Ansar Ansar

    Pinarayi tha best cm Kerala 😍🚩

  28. Bob Meenk

    How can you compare countries when there's no standard to go by. I feel China is lieing and Russia isn't even counting.

  29. kasturi Yogender


  30. Shivam Maurya

    Please Bann TicTok. 💯🙏

  31. Mohamed Khalfan

    You fool north Indians concentrate more on education of children once the Corona pandemic is over... Only education can save this country specially in time such as this and in elections... A South Indian Muslim...

  32. logos go

    US warship has been to the sea for 7month. and soldiers get coronavirus. it means that COVID19 is from America

  33. infinity0066

    Well, this clearly proves tht some (if not all) muslims can be easily manipulated even by the chinese, (shame on u). thts y there r targeted as a weapon to bring down india. Time to reflect on ur mental health and ur boss whos hiding his ass, molana saad (sad)

  34. Google User

    In bhosdiwalo ki maa chod dena chahiye

  35. Gurinder Singh

    Imran Khan has announced tax cuts for industry to Kickstart economy so that poor can find work and job but ND has given nothing except ask people to switch off home light and flash torches outside, crazy huh?

    1. Atharvan Dhavala

      sir ..r u serious ...u r comparing a dick head like imran khan and a failed nation like pakistan to modiji and india. and i am sure you have no idea what our pm is doing and trying to do. im not a bhakt or a bjp guy but i understand your love to pakistan.....

  36. mahendra gopalkrishna

    it is jumping from 10 storey building and saying God will save us it is very foolishness all are waiting for India to.suffer we Indians should not allow this to happen

  37. Mohammed Zafrulla

    One day History will ask to the Indian people what kind of aashole prime minster they selected who have no idea what he claim and argue people to do in this situation...we could have selected educated prime minister Insted of chai wala

  38. Dr Anton Joyce

    Tasmila is right

  39. Yousef Mohammed


  40. PALANI Swamy G

    Kindly Talk about the Medicine available for Corona Virus (Covit 19) in Homoeo, Sidha, Ayurvedha. Today Prince Charles in England cured through these Medicines. But no one talking about the medicines. Kindly ask govt to issue this medicines to all our Indian immediately. or atleast give the same medicines to the affected people to recover them.

  41. arpit sharma

    video ek taraf h, lekin khudka dimaag to lagaao

  42. Prashant Malik

    I am not surprised becoz they are MUSLIMS

  43. Nemo Nunu

    May God bless us all...

  44. Navin Tailor


  45. Mohammed Zafrulla


  46. Umesh Nongmaithem

    such activities and apps which can harm integrity of a country should be banned permanently.

  47. Rakesh patel singam

    How can they believe those vedios and follow...please there nice vedios why there aren't following them

  48. Simakh Simakh .k

    Virus has no consideration based on religion Just a human body

  49. Rafael Velardi

    Victom never they know how it happend and And covering it up 2 me is crimemal

  50. AugmentedGravity


  51. nasdoc1

    If anyone is breaking the law for covid 19, just put them inside a jail asap. These are serious times. There is no time for fooling around.

  52. Rakesh patel singam

    Please stop ur support towards ..them please ...aren't they educated enough...please...

  53. yogesh waran

    I couldn't find the subtitle for this

  54. Maharaj Krishan Raina

    They came on visitor visa and played truancy and were focused at Nizam-ud-din. All politicise one way or the other though they use the word not to politicise.MOST OF THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN EXPLOITED TO STONE THE DOCTORS AT INDORE.SAD AND UNFORTUNATE.

  55. MokaiSottai

    This tik tok is such a bakwas and brain drain app..

  56. Tim

    amazing content keep it up

  57. Tim

    amazing content

  58. Diganto Ultimate

    Is the majority of the Indian Muslims madrasachhap?

  59. mohamed thoufeek

    India today got a lesson

  60. Mohammed Ansar

    Andh baktho ....sudarjavo

  61. tcmuneeb English

    Your channel is too creeping communal every day

  62. Soumya Banerjee

    Good reason to ban tiktok all together.

  63. nasdoc1

    Just put them back inside the nizam mosque they were in earlier. Let them die there only. Or put them inside a jail and let them die there. What's the problem in that? If they have broken the law they should be in jail.

  64. Blaise Vegas

    Videos of every little thing concerning Muslims is immediately displayed. This seems to be a serious matter . Where is the video, ( proof ).

  65. Abhishek Kumar

    Seriously, ban tiktok! Unlike whatsapp, it's not useful at all

  66. Qasim Ali

    Beda garak kar diya Desh ka anpad jahil prime minister ne

  67. Shalini R

    Enough to of motivational video's. Who will take care of employees of Private companies who will not be paid April month salaries till lockdown is lifted. Who will take care of their families, rent,....? What's the need for reducing small savings interest now?

  68. Thanga Rani

    If they dont want treatment fine but they should confine themselves without putting innocents including there own old age parents and kids life at risk..... Doctors and nurses r trying to do the duty the almighty God has given them what are our health workers going to gain nothing more than risking their life...

  69. Sarita Kataria

    People should be punished

  70. Pranav

    Expexted behaviour - correction

  71. Babar Baig

    India me 10000 ceases tak jae ga

  72. Moidur Rehman

    Ban tiktok Virus mutated from China.

  73. Nzan Ovung

    Even in Assam they are doing the same..what is wrong with this people..were they told to do so?? Plz watch northeast live and try to relate...same incident


    security will distribute aid

  75. Anonymous

    after this candle march, BJP RSS bhakts will say NASA satellite have detected reduced in coronavirus disease through bio sensor camera. mark my words.

  76. S M

    Do you a proof of this shocking behavior in anti Muslim BJP governance?

  77. Exclusive Boutique

    Whoever violates the rule should be punished badly.🔥

  78. Appu Jamuna

    Can v give this tea for 4 year baby

  79. Ranjith Nambiar

    Sashi is utter failure, why don’t you go and marry your gf from Pakistan and fight to bring India to Pakistan

  80. Uday Jagtap

    Paid biased media.

  81. akash pandey

    Actually this is the poison they got during the CAA maulanas and politician feel proud on them cause they getting 110% from there followers ....

  82. Jaskaran Singh

    Bombay se Mumbai kyun rakha nam

  83. Zubair Khan

    Pakad k pelo saalon ko

  84. rividizd

    Okay. Okay.

  85. Aamir Khan

    Good luck rahul kanwal

  86. Rafael Khar

    Betrayers pretended to be honestly.

  87. Anoop Kumar

    In Kerala, our chief minister gives us an update live everyday evening with a detailed report on daily stats all concerns on Covid19 time. He and the team look in detail with each and every issue comes up daily and gives proper instruction to sought it out. He and the team release various measures like below: * Food and money for poor people, * Taking care of our guest workers from other states including their free accommodation and their Food. * Beggers are being taken to free homestays and given food. * Community Kitchen is set up with government and sponsored fund over more than 4000 places across * The list is more and more and You won't believe even street dogs' food too is taken cared A PM of the nation the ultimate power man can do more than that listed above and would better show some humanity (especially for the people at the lower level of our community) and act accordingly, rather than just trying to become a showman. lakhs of India's daily waged people starving and fighting for life during this critical situation?? What are the measures taken, why can't he talk about the measures being taken on it?

  88. Vishal Dombale

    Take a strict action against those who do not follow lockdown

  89. Sarath Chandra

    lawda ka saarkar hai

  90. Honest Review

    His voice is like a shy teenager girl 🤨🤨

  91. Arnab Kumar Ghosh

    Still the presenter is sugar coating ... Oh god...

  92. online gamer

    Those INDIAN Muslims who are justifying/defending such gross acts a increasing communal chasm by 1inch

  93. Ajinkya Gadgil