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    Then no need to ask PM fund... Ask candles; diya; torch..... Cheapest way to fight with corona. Aur ghar ki light band karna na bhoole plz


    Aap ki prakarta ko sir Salaam

  3. I'll freak you

    Modi has smartly chosen 5th April 9 PM because on this day and time for 9 minutes, the saturn be in Swati nakshatra & the moon will be in the Rohini nakshatra. Lighting natural lights will allow the cosmic waves to enter our bodies and create the antibodies for corona. These cosmic waves wake up the sleeping neutrons in our bodies which are neutral. This helps our body to create neutral antibodies which can neutralise the negatively charged corona virus and make our thoughts and actions positive.

  4. zahirh. chowdhurynihal

    Well whole India could be a hell soon and disasters

  5. reesat yasaran1234567

    Ab in slum ko kese sortout kregi ye nikkami govt or godi media jaha lakho me log hai.

  6. Mohamed Nijam

    You media people calling them madhya pradesh local attacked health workers imagine if the attackers were Muslims, how all of the indian media would've reacted 😳 😳

  7. same ansari

    dr. pe haath uthana jahilana harqat h

  8. Ash King

    Are PM kisne banaya issko???...yaad rkhe 5 Apr 2020 KO raat KO 9 baje sabhi deshwasi haath me joote leke iske sarpe bajana.

  9. Shoaib Online

    Bakwas. As he mad. Pagalpanti speech

  10. Bhaskar Tare

    बरखा रंडी...जरा सो कर देखौ तेरा पिछवाडा मार रहे है सब मुल्लो

  11. I'll freak you

    MUST READ As per epidemeological mathemetical and astrological analysis the following steps should be taken -18 months to three year lockdown -no flight train bus or car should be permitted to go atleast for an year -non vegetarian food should be completley abolished -it people only should be permitted to use internet other internet should be banned -pwer should be off for 18 hours to save power usage during this time -All doctors should do teleconsultstion for free at home no doctors should charge anyone anymore even after lockdown -amazon flipkart snapdeal should be permanently shut down bcoz delivery boys spread virus -zomato swiggy and other fast food non veg hotels should be shut down permanently Follow this till january 2022 atleast India will be saved

  12. Gulfam Teranaam

    Gyan dine ki lai bhut baba hi Prabhu aap kuch kam ki bat kari . Prabhu Garhakar pur mi huaa dubara na ho thali or tali bajane se kuch nahi hoga safety 1st fir medical staf ko kuch 🎁 with ppe. N95 and N99 masks KN95 🎭 morning Surgical maks Protection Gowns Protection Goggles Disposable Shoe cover Disposable Face Shields Protective Clothing Hand Sanitizers ​

  13. Venkateswarlu Chaluvadi

    Stop savings,borrow,enjoy and demand for loan waiver.Government will certainly waive before next elections to get votes. Everybody feel happy.Even no need to work also.Government will feed everyone under social welfare schemes.

  14. Dr Bagwan's Health Tips

    Fodi g garibo ko khana nahi plzzzzz kuch karo fodi g...... Pm is chaya wala so please 8th pass fodi g.... Kuch karo aama janta Kai Lee fodi g

  15. Domingos Mendes

    Beware of robbers/thieves, they might take advantage of this dark moment in that night. Please be vigilant and Alert.

  16. Prakriti Maheshwari

    Delhi mein 14 April ke baad government offices ,PSU office open hona chaiye Hain

  17. gezel colibao

    O my god it’s just school it’s not even the most hard thing in the universe compare this at Stephen hawking and Albert Einstein did even she discovered explosives 🧨 no did she even know did the world will end and we shall go to mars and live there forever no

  18. Nick

    Sir We need PPE Kit and N-95 Mask for US and other helth Workers which are At FrontLine..

  19. saad khan

    ask Wing commander ABHI NANDAN...... How is Pakistan.......... and How is Pakistani TEA......... he always reply " FANTASTIC!!!"

  20. priya kaushik

    dil kr ra teeno ke mu pe ek ek chppl chhap du😂😂😂

  21. Abhishek Baidya

    It's called rubish

  22. new reach

    Bastrds of parliament have no plans to test coronavirus telling people to hide while dead bodies fall.

  23. sraf shaik

    Please do more test tesr test. Thars only way we stop

  24. Proud to be an indian.

    Current government kya pichli koi bhi government ke pass nahi hai kuch bhi equipments kisi bhi State ya district me. Doctor aur nurses jaan pe khel ke bacha rahe hai patients ko aur ye sale kuch log unpe hi spit kar rahe hai ched rahe hai nurses ko. Aur ye na whatsapp University nahi ba kayda PTI ne confirm kiya photo aur videos ke sath. Aur ye bade deshbhakt bante hai. Humanity ki bate karte hai aur bolte hai Indians hai aur Hindu Bhai bahan logo ki respect karte hai. Ye aise kar rahe hai respect aur aisa response hai inka. Mana ki government se hoga fight usase koi disappointment par police, doctor aur nurses ne kya bigada hai wo to sabke ache ke liye hi advise kar rahe hai na. Yahi issi ne bata diya ki kyun NRC aur CAA mandatory hai.

  25. sardar i am ready

    The Prime Minister surrounded Karonavirus politics. Playing the cloak, if you can not deal with the candle, then we do not need medicines. The Congress said that the Supreme Chowdhury of Congress. He said, when the hospital, medicines need, then the Prime Minister is playing political without any message about it.

  26. pranab daimary

    Also godi media....same....spreading hate

  27. pranab daimary

    Tiktok faltu ka APp hai.....band it

  28. gezel colibao

    Ok how about Stephen hawking and Albert Einstein vs this girl like if the girl is much smarter and that means the smarter 2 guys that walked in the world are stupid if you like and comment if the two guy that walked in the world are much smarter than this girl

  29. Akram

    Thank you Ravish ji Esai kehte hain NEWS Ek vo Bikaau Chatukar Bhadwa media hai. Jo har waqt Talave hi chaat ta hai Bhookh se log jiyada mar rahai hai uska koi ilaaj nahi. Unke liye Mila DAAN bhi kharch nahi.

  30. Ayush Apoorva

    Best interview ever **

  31. Ashu

    I watch NDTV only for ravish sit..😍😍🙏🏻

  32. priya kaushik

    ravish kumar ke asli baap aaye h aaj to😂😂😂😂

  33. rohit ksah

    Prakash raj like a joker not leader

  34. Ruemann

    Cow matas....

  35. Adnan Hashmi

    Kya jahil pm mila hai yar

  36. Utsoftie

    She asked for it? What. What is wrong with you???

  37. Singhal Louis

    Another disturbing news is going to come by December, along with a baby boom.. so basically those who can't get it up, they instead get their hand up to beat their partner.. hmm

  38. Aijaz Sheena

    Thali bajana taali bajana ,light band karna aur kam hi kya bacha hai vele to hum baithevhi hai

  39. Proud to be an indian.

    Ye such hai ki current government bus sapne dikha rahi hai thali aur tali pitva rahi hai aur ab diya bhi jala lo. Par par Ramayana chalu kiya isme kisi ko kuch objections to nahi hona chaiye aur jo kare sabse bada gadha hai. Khud wahi Ramayana dekh ke bade hue honge par ek community ko khush karne ke liye uske bhi against ho gaye aap award winner ravish ji.

  40. Jamal Hassan

    Isse accha kisi madari ya joker ko PM bana deta bc

  41. sun shines coaching,Gitaldaha Gitaldaha bazaar

    Just like a ....Prime Minister ,no word for Doctor safety treatment.

  42. Sultan Ahmad

    Bhai ab yah internet bhi band Karva kar Rahe ga

  43. Abhishek Tivari


  44. Mohammad Taufique

    Why media has not given any communal colour to it... Why so late... They should start giving a communal colour to it... media should start asking theirs names and religion...


      Oh in Saudi Arabia they are going to construct Balaji Temple.

  45. being human

    Isiliye yashodaben ney modi ko pahley hi chhod diya tha, aur ab desh bhugat Raha hai...... Sala sasti nasha karta hain

  46. Vallavarayan Vanthiathevan

    As long as tests are not done on real time with all the suspected persons who show symptoms and all who were in asdociation with such person - but asymptomatic should be tested! Until then whatever figure published in media abd by govt are false figures only!

  47. Dwarka Kadam444

    What voice am biggest fan of your spirit and inspirational speech


    Khana khane ke paise Nahi aur candle Kaha se laayege

  49. ysufalistock DUBAI

    Who will address the financial needs of poor,farmers,daily wage people..😁.We lost hope in PM...What we will get when we light on 9pm...Is it modi REALLY know the meaning of the word PM.. Please take some serious action and measures to energise the indian economy instead of cheap vote banking tricks..😏

  50. Yo sharma

    Yr pm ji aapko aur koi kam nhi hai.. corona is such serious issue.. last time bhi aapne dekha aapkev5 pm 5 min wala natak kitna mehnga pada.. log sadko pe aa gye raily krte

  51. Gulshan sana

    We can't expect any better plans from him🙄 He just knows to fool people like this 😡😡😡

  52. Desh Premi

    Police. Doctar nurse practitioner Aasha worker inko pathar marna wala thukana wala ladies nurse ka samna ghatiya harkat karna walo per direct fansy ka Adesh hona chahiye ,yeh manavata ka Liya khatra ha

  53. Facts Not Fiction

    People going haywire in time of severe crisis, drunkards are hitting women 🤢 people must understand the severe situation country going, become a man enough to respect women..

  54. Proud to be an indian.

    Kal vapas Bengaluru me asha worker pe same community ne janbujh ke spit kiya. Ye CAA aur NRC ke oppose me ye log itne gir gaye hai ki had se jayda. Unko bus khud ka religion dikhta hai desh nahi. Bhale hi wo Indonesia ka ho Myanmar ka ho ya Pakistan ka ye uske liye lad lenge par jaha baat aayegi desh ki to ye bus khud ke religion ka dekhenge aur ekdum radically usko follow karenge blindly. Par ye news sirf godi media dikha sakta hai ye award winner sachai ke statue ravish me itna dum nahi. Jab Delhi ke riot honge ya kisi tabrej ko chori ke liye mara jayega tab ye bindass ek religion ya uss religion se organization ka naam leke gala fadenge sath Hyderabad ke janab ko bitha ke bus aapas me baith ke antakshari khelenge. Par jab aise cases tab nahi mu kholenge tab bolenge ki terrorism ki koi jaat nahi hoti. Par Malegaon bomb blast me ye judge ban jayenge aur Bata denge ki bomb blast kisne kiya bus ek side ki community ko khush karne ke liye.

  55. Farhan Qureshi

    Abhi to or aye ga carona

  56. Nirvana mr

    Liar. No essential products are being sold by Amazon nor by any other ecom retailer. I did not even get a mask which I had ordered long back. Prioritising existing orders - cut your bullshit Mr VP. You have cancelled my own pre-existing orders all being sold by your own retailers abruptly. And oh, all were essential products.

  57. Sam Paris

    An entire country watched him so early at 9am with hopes to hear things like: 1. Protective gear for Doctors 2. Conducting more tests 3. Medical solution for COVID 4. Support for small businesses 5. Better food supplies to poor 6. Improved supply & distribution chain 7. Economic revival When the entire country is going through such a grim situation, people are dying, businesses affected, economy backtracked by 10-12yrs, you want us to light Candles & Diyas for 9mins? How will this help any of the above? It will NOT. Thanks but I’m not supporting this stupid gimmick at all. Instead I will make food for 9 needy & poor people and provide them with dinner on 5th April at 9pm. I urge you to do the same. For humanity. Choice is yours.

  58. Gulshan sana

    Doesn't he look weak health wise in this video? Is he Corona positive??🤔🤔🤔

  59. Anwar Hossain

    Yea Allah hifazat farma AJ China se Corona virus sari duniya ko khatam Kar raha hai

  60. Smruti Ranjan

    Sare kaand karke ab bhut galat he bolega tu. Tum sirf blame karskte ho khud kuch kaam nhi karskte ho. Sirf hawahawai karr kejurudin...

  61. Anv konstantin

    They A sealed A 300 A families A in A the A india’s A largest A slum A area A

  62. tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»

    I am so glad I am not an authority. I'd have locked them all in and let them die. ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  63. Md Khaja

    Hospital's medical facility Ke bath Kar pihaile masks senator soap dai gharib bhuk si Marra

  64. Preeti Singh

    What a nice human being honest... Kind.. Helpful... God bless your soul

  65. Samir Nevgi

    Modi media congratulations from one Hindu person for successfully spoiling name of Muslims. From January till today 15 lakh people came from international flights but only 1500 Muslims deed community spreading. Before 24th March there were no community spreading. Modi media you need to be given medals from Pakistan because what Pakistan not able to do u deed with India.

  66. Souptik Ferdinand Gupta

    Although, I am a very logical and scientific minded person but still I wouldn't mind lighting a candle for 9 minutes in my balcony. Reminder set in my phone for April 5th 9pm.

  67. R H

    Who will you trace? The doctors came in contact with people when ? Who did those people come in contact with? And then who did those people come in contact with?This chain is unending. It's been how long since infection to symptoms? How many more are at risk?

  68. Proud to be an indian.

    Again removed my comments....😂 I know such sunke mirchi lagti hai. Par sache news channel aur sachai bhare award winner ravish ji ko bhi lagti hai nahi janta tha. Dusro ko criticise karna is easy. But jab khud ki criticism ho to dekho kaisa lagta hai. Bade sache bane firte hai.

  69. Sameer Ansari

    Very nice

  70. Saif Hussain

    Mark my words, when Modi ji says *Light Candles* people will come out on streets with Firecrackers.

  71. priya kaushik

    jitne bhi badwe deshdrohi h is channel ko hi dekhte h

  72. Prasmit Kumar Pradhan

    Ndtv is home to largest jihadist no wonder In comment section they will defend these people but, abb india mai minority doctors ko bhi nahi maar sakte kya ?

  73. Mala Zote

    So foolish,what on earth can be happen like this.this area should be restricted by army man.

  74. Sandeep Gupta

    Following measures to be adopted with immediate effect: 1. Whosoever says no to doctor with regards testing and other protocol needs to be detained immediately 2. Two Separate relief funds to be organised, one for human beings other for Islamists. You will be amazed how the latter fund collects $5 trillion within a week! 3. Whosoever misbehaves with doctor needs to be immediately taken to detention center and executed maintaining social distance.

  75. Raj mukherjee

    Pro-pak news media NDTV spreading Feminist propaganda..

  76. Maphchen Frgr

    You will not have Corona virus if you say Jai Jai Jai Wuhan Jai China

  77. Shubnam Gill

    25 year old man?

  78. M Niranjan

    wow so we indians have to prove that we are united.. genius idea..

  79. Tim

    awesome video I really liked it

  80. Tim

    amazing content bro

  81. sam jenner

    Muslims r like Jo hota h Allah k hatho hta h

  82. Muhammad Ali

    Pakistan ko hum nay peechay chod diya!!!! Hum fir jeetay pakistan say## Shayad pagal dallal media is headlines ko b chala day

  83. Ramila Patel

    Annuntkoti bhramndme behadke behadki param param param mha shanti ho rhi hai sab good ho jayega god hamare sathhai hamara viswas dhradhona chhhiye hamara country kbhi kisika bhuranhi karti param shanti 👏👏👏👏👏

  84. Titus Thangaraj

    Feel disgusting. We have a PM who behaves like a KG teacher... clap your hands... light a candle... Sir, do something to take care of those affected by the lockdown

  85. atikuz zaman

    धयान से सुनियेगा मूर्खता क़ा दूसरा टेस्ट 5अप्रेल को रात 9बजे !😄

  86. sam jenner

    NDTV ka Dil kitna Roya hoga Corona jihad k liye

  87. Samir Nevgi

    Modiji too late to lock down and too late to stop international flights. Community spreading started before 24th March. When community spreading happening Indian health ministry on mid March said " no panic no national emergency on corona.


    Our PM will order its media to blame muslims, India will always remain a poor and infectious country.,,,,,because of its dirty politics. Very shameful ..

  89. Mohammad Mahdi

    Shame on mens. They only find time and start injustice on women

    1. Memcha Laishram

      Very true. They are jealous of the wives working and Making more money ,

    2. Aju Sebastian Francis

      Its both ways Women have to work more when entire family is at home So obviously 2-3 days is fine 21 days the frustration will come out They might get angry for irrelevant things Now men should adjust But thats not possible if wife yells husband will yell or vice-versa Thats where domestic violence re-start again

  90. Amar Jeet

    just look at the face of anchor he is dying while talking becuse ita proof of stike what they want and they re dying pok lover new agency

  91. Rishi

    This crisis exposed the very fundamentals the country is build upon.

  92. Gail Jackson-Chapman

    Ppl are being frustrated from being home. You got working parents both home with their children in which the parents having to due homework with the kids. Ppl who drink 🍺 socially is now drinking more cause not used to being home and not working. Ppl children are frustrated as well. There's a lot of things to make ppl tick. Umm, arguing is not the answer, neither is drinking more. Just be happy 😊 that the virus didn't affect or kill you. I know it has to be boring due to lockdown but, this shall pass.

  93. Ankur Sharma

    Modiji ne shayad parchoon ki dukaan kholi hain jaha se thaali, ghanti aur candles khareed sakte hain. Shayad apna advertisement kar rahe hain. 70 saal mein desh candle chodkar electricity pe aaya, ab yeh vaapis lekar jayenge shayad.

  94. Abdul97 Rehman

    Real face of India chutiapa jinko daru ni mill RHA aunko gao mata ka motar do

  95. abdul tarbez

    Great speach by our pm well it was expected not the least but be prepared now for making rasgulla and other event management scheme

  96. Scientific Indian

    atleast some of the pigs are dead.its a solace to some extent.

  97. Rroll s

    Jinko daaru nhi mil rha wahi ye ker rhe honge 🤔🤔🤔

  98. kikki singh

    Are modi bro agar lights band kr di to ventilators kaise chalenge .

  99. anhar miah

    Communal forces 🚩will even link domestic violence against women to Muslims... only country in the world where religion gets in the way fighting the virus 🦠

    1. steel !

      @pankaj kya bakchodi hai .... Muslim Doctors bhi lad rahe hai corona ke against... Sale gawar log

    2. pankaj

      Aur bhai corona failaane ka kaam kaisa chal raha hai? Aur kitne doctor ko peeta tumne aaj.

  100. gadnahalli bernard Joseph

    Now the main concern corona management. Don't give unnecessary news. Survival is important and not fancy. I respect women but most women need to respect men

    1. Rajan Pradsad

      @supta guin hmmmmmm yes .

    2. KingSpammerNerd

      This is unnecessary then? You don't know what is going on there. Don't assume things because they disagree with your views. If you don't like it, watch some other channel.

    3. supta guin

      @Rajan Pradsad How are you so sure that women don't respect men?? You seem to be a victim of patriarchal mindset.

    4. Rajan Pradsad

      @Mohammad Mahdi never

    5. Mohammad Mahdi

      Women always respect men.