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  1. Mansi Suryavanshi

    GUYSS.. It's just one of the part from The Special... When u watch the full StandUp Special with the full before & after References then You will get that Main FUN!!!

  2. Shubhra Anand

    Earphones recommended

  3. Ashish gupta

    Now i am waiting for season 2


    Now that i have seen this next time i wear chappals they will sure speak in my head... !😆

  5. Nireeksha Anantram

    Kedi is an actual word

  6. Somya

    I want to see Kenny's special but I don't have Netflix. Why you do this Netflix?

  7. Aakash Karanjavkar

    Chappal deserves a whole one hour standup.. It's only thing in India whose significance has never depreciated and never appreciated as well. It's just there.

  8. Leo Learning

    Specially for this Show I am paying for NetFlix.

  9. Praneeth B

    I don't know why people in the comments section are saying that Kenny was not at his best. I watched the entire show and it was thoroughly entertaining and up to Kenny's standards.

  10. oisorjo chakraborty

    worst narrator ever bitch

  11. Bhargav Shingre

    Where's the comedy part..?

  12. Suman Oraon

    Nice video Vsd Anna ❤️❤️

  13. Ramesh A

    How many of them feel that kenny looks like steve Harrington from stranger things??

    1. Simargun Kaur

      I always thought he looked somewhat like Joe Keery (Steve Harrington)... u read my mind

  14. Hrithik TJ

    please add 4k format and if possible with 60fps too

  15. Aryakalpa Bhattacharya


  16. Shavalzz Vlogs

    Was really amazing waiting for another season

  17. amal zuhair

    Dude definitely has a foot fetish.

  18. S vaibhav Kant

    Such a idiot

  19. APF Films

    Phir Rakesh bhai ek baar gaye the akele shamshaan ghaat pe unko to khuch nhi hua

  20. Vidi Nair

    Kenny Sebastian is so not funny!!!Why are the people in the audience even laughing at this lameness...they should rather throw chappals at him!! atleast then it would have been funny 🙄

    1. Shreya Tasnim

      If throwing chappal at someone is funny then you need to get a life

    2. Shreya Tasnim

      If you don’t like it it’s cool watch other comedian..At least don’t spread hate on someone who has worked hard.

    3. Singh Manisha -

      If you don't like his content don't watch it. Watch videos that are make you laugh.

  21. SocialBounty Money Making App

    hello there friend! bEiK

  22. APF Films

    Exploring India ke saath bhi ek baar chaleja

  23. APF Films

    Abe yha par bhi aagya

  24. Grishma Valiyaparambil

    Watching dis video wearing a chappal 😂😂

  25. Apoorva

    "ladies finger is good for your brains" every indian thing ever!!!!!

  26. Prajeet Samant

    pushkar dekhra??

  27. patsonization

    I honestly clicked on this video hoping he’d talk about Arsenal/what club he ACTUALLY supports. It is painful to watch Dhruv support Liverpool on screen. Glad he regrets it!😂❤️

  28. Spagetical Guy

    What episode are you on? Me:oh I’m just on 27 seconds

  29. Shubham Agrawal

    Love Chappals 😘 👡👡

  30. Vdgurunath

    I really 😂ed.

  31. Blaide

    loved it

  32. Adithya

    "Chappal is the family whore"😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Kraken

  34. s m

    Shooo in Gujrati means "what?"

  35. krishnan srinivasan

    Indians are known to name the object or props with sound that it makes 😂 Susu etc etc...

    1. Pranjali Yadav

      Deep research 😂 that's what makes us INDIANS 🔥

  36. Phantom Beast

    First time when i didn't laugh as much as i do in Kenny's other standups.........😔😔😔

    1. Rohit Bali

      Yeah definitely not that interesting

    2. ashwini dixit

      Agree..he was trying hard but topic was not at all interesting

    3. Vikram Singh

      Yeah.. Same here

    4. sunanda koppada

      No offense but.... When u watched his stand-ups u maybe were down....... and now ur fine maybe that's why u didn't get that experience...

  37. Dat Cheshire Hooman

    But even the shoes can’t replace the power of the flying chappal :/

  38. Pier

    loved it

  39. Kiara Chantelle

    Oh my God guys could you pleaseee do Thappad.

  40. Afrin

    Honestly though , it's just not the best . Pretty weak in terms of writing , it was more of a good concert than a great stand up.

  41. Haneena Ruckiya

    Never thought there was racistm between chappal and shoes before watching this...

  42. Marisha Ghosh

    Not at his best :/


    Like yes fans kajol the sharukan

  44. Divya Bindu

    Looks like *Annoying Orange*

  45. Dishant Gamer

    Is it worth watching or not

    1. Marisha Ghosh

      Not the usual funny Kenny

  46. Vinamra S Murthy

    Midnight adventure 😂🤣🤣

  47. Alexa Ashryver Granger

    Honestly, used to love Kenny's stand-ups, especially that chai-time, but now, eh.

    1. Seshank K

      ifkr... I watched this with a straight face. Chappal = lame and shoes = VSCO girl... I mean where's the joke?


      He must have prepared the special while only performing for fans. This is the reason why most comics go stale.

  48. Deepika Goru

    I love you Kenny, you're so hilarious!!

  49. S10Football

    the thing about kenny's stand up's is that no matter how many times you've already watched his specials, but if you see a part of it again on youtube, you just have to click it!

  50. Shubham Hansda

    Not too solid. :\

  51. Nina Cruz

    Personally I thought it was pretty good love the fact we actually got a back story on the zombies although I think they could have put more quality into their designs but over all pretty good ill be waiting for season 2

  52. Souvagya Samanta

    I am watching it 6 mins after it was posted. Sab velle baithe hai.😂

    1. Ganesh Keroli

      Lock down khul gaya hai ab start working 🙂

  53. Smile Live Repeat

    Kenny brings inaminate objects to life..Just like the Comdian Raju Srivastva used to do 👍👍 Akanksha here, a budding You Tuber 🙂🙏

  54. Radha Sharma

    I just realised we, shitty humans have exploited fundamental rights of Chappals

  55. Mukesh Parmar

    Third class

  56. Bhavyea Kapil

    Chappal is not only Chappal its the favourite weapon of brown parents!

    1. AaxeVenture LLP

      and latino parents too . they call it chanclas

  57. anuj

    I love the fact how tanmay was trying so hard to be funny

  58. Kareena Nagpal

    However Chappals are the best weapons to fight insects

    1. AaxeVenture LLP

      @jagdeep dhillon my father too 😔😢😭

    2. Sushree Dash

      It's because you don't want to get your shoes dirty by hitting an insect 😂

    3. Vdgurunath


    4. Kareena Nagpal

      @jagdeep dhillon 😂😂

    5. jagdeep dhillon

      So my mom thinks I am an insect🤨🤨

  59. sukdev nimbalkar

    Really a worth wait.💟💯 to the nxt level✌

  60. Age Restriction

    Already watched 😂😂 you are so so good in music bro


    Nice looking

  62. parvin swift

    I have never been this early in life

  63. kanak dey

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍hiiiii ! 😮🙏🙏

  64. Google Video

    Super duper


    Kenney fans like here



  67. Sairajyalakshmi Vadavalli

    And there come my telugu people PILLA CHAO For Reference: (ITS NOT COPIED ITS INSPIRED)

  68. Dreams India

    What is the chapal

    1. Suresh Kumar


  69. deepika parthasarathy

    Always said that sanskrit line to my sanskrit Prof when the class started.


    Must wach malayalam... shobana mam is best

  71. Utopian Sigma


  72. Swãrõõp Trîpãthy

    Director is Look like Mohammed Nabi (Afghanistan)

  73. YO buddy!!

    Don't watch it bro it's just popular without any quality content.🤦 India me kuch bhi trend hota hai ..illogical series only good thing in this series is Bella ciao vo bhi Inka khudka nhi hai


    Dude. That's all wife. Who does it when they are not allowed to go for shopping.

  75. suchi Chiya

    Why is no one criticising sweet sambhar!!

  76. arsHad muhAmmEd

    Atleast i can grow a mustache Damn devi 🤪

  77. Raju Kumar

    Super video 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🙏🙏👌

  78. shady 911

    Yo Netflix, please pay betaal team extra and ask them not to return back for another season of pure disaster. Thanks!

  79. Jaivishal Gohel

    Funny zombie ever

  80. Sugandh

    Why is this show not on Netflix?

  81. agnelo daniel

    Wow jhatu giri has started again......

  82. Jay Blue

    Must watch AOT

  83. :Unknownン

    Please dub this... #Indiawantsanime

  84. all about

    But Hindi ma nahi hai I am already use Netflix 😠😠😠

  85. learn unlearn

    And in astrology people are scared of moon

  86. Kakali Sarkar

    ma pura movie deki hu