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  1. Anita Juneja

    Please do living like a VIP for 24 hours part 2

  2. Munira m

    Doesn't they feel bad when they see these videos :((

  3. Saliha Hanif


  4. GaMer Mhz

    you make so nice videos you will get more then 10 million subscribers

  5. Mukta Madhwani

    Please koi prank wala ab kariye

  6. risha goyal

    We want revenge for sanjay

  7. Jyotsana Srivastava

    You should do a makeup challenge in which ri and Sanjay have do diksha's makeup

  8. Tahir Durani

    Bro 7 second challenge for 24 hours

  9. mumbiker nikhil

    Let's take a moment to appreciate mamu

  10. Usman Cheema

    Do part 3

  11. Ahsan Bilal

    Have you subscribe your Chanel from your mom or dad phone

  12. Ar. Vikas Arya

    very nice editing

  13. Khushbu Agrawal

    DJ Maja aaya tab Sandeep bhaiya ka reaction dekhne last mein Mila

  14. Aanya Chopra

    Tindi ko tandi was the best 😂😂😂

  15. Vhawana Lama

    Heading assessment part 2

  16. Netar Dahiya


  17. Hansika Rani

    Rishi and diksha

  18. Fiza Sarfraz

    So sweet 😊

  19. monich garg

    Tmkoc character living for 84 hours 😂😂

  20. Meenakshi Dhiman

    Happy birthday diksha

  21. Talha Sultan

    Diksha,s egg idea best

  22. Mashrur Salam

    Enjoyed this video more than any other videos

  23. Prakash Nahata

    No revenge with RI and Disha

  24. Meenakshi Dhiman

    Risi winner


    This was really funny!! The fact that surprises me is that you guys actually make these videos funny in your own natural way...my only wish is to get a ❤️ from rimorav...love you guys...too funny😄😄 Although I do have to learn not to drink water while watching your videos... Hope you reach 10 million soon!!~

  26. Chandan Datta

    Bakwas koi landing nahi hua april fool banaya

  27. Aanchal Sharda


  28. Prakash Nahata

    No revenge

  29. sharon Walter

    I love that Hindi class and Rahul or pooja wala part you guys are best

  30. Zenab Taiba

    Diksha and ri are going to be personal assistant for 24 hours. I am so excited. 197k likes ho chookay hai.

  31. Bewafa gamer

    We nedd part 2

  32. Rashid Masood1976

    Take revenge

  33. Umme Adil


  34. Kuldeep Koyate

    I comment on every video....just keeping the hope that one day my comment will be also displayed in the video 🙄🙄

  35. reena bazaz

    I laughed so much 😂😂😆😂😂

  36. Sharda Pandey

    Yaar no one literally no one can make videos like u people.Awesome.FANTASTIC. gr8.

  37. Arya's Creation

    P.T class Sanjay's entry was 😁😁😂😹😅

  38. madhu sharma


  39. ananya dewanji


  40. Saliha Hanif

    I guess Sanjay

    1. Saliha Hanif


    2. Saliha Hanif

      I found diksha to

  41. Satya Gupta

    Ri is looking like a real mathematics teacher.........who agrees hit like 👍

  42. Manisha Rathore

    Wow omg

  43. versha agarwal

    Nahi part 2 nahi hoga

  44. Leather Cottage

    Guys u r best youtubers

  45. Aditi Sharma

    Yay 😁 197 k likes it’s your turn


    Chiku k parata or tomato soup bst hota red colour k food k liya

  47. Amita Solanki

    I love my brother and my sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘super ri volgs

  48. ish Kalra

    i love song

  49. Harmeet Kaur

    Please do part 2


    Kamla Chatham 1

  51. Vandana Haitian55f

    guys this is for diksha


    Ri is win

  53. tina10 ghosh

    Ri is the winner

  54. King TRK

    Sanjay hide same place again

  55. Vandana Haitian55f

    please do saying yes to my sister For 24 hours

  56. Mohammed Afnan

    Kon yahan 2020 me aaya hai

  57. Gurwinder singh

    Now u have to do part two of this video coz likes are 197 and u need only 193 k likes

  58. Bishnu Sharma

    part :2😆😆😆😆😆

  59. Yakshi Verma

    Pls do living like our parents for 24hrs

  60. franklin gaming

    The song Is awesome I say it everyday

  61. Manmeet kaur Oberoi

    hi bro i am ur big fan can u pls tell me in which area u live in jalandhar because i am also from jalandhar pls tell me

    1. Manmeet kaur Oberoi

      pls ri bro reply

  62. Tejaswini Khot

    In 19 hours they have 197K like you guys are awesome ✌✌

  63. King TRK

    pink cloth is Ri

  64. Aadil Pathan

    I was very very scared 😰😰😱😨😵😖

  65. savi nagaraj

    Please do living like tmkoc characters for 24 hrs

  66. Hussan Khan


  67. Pawan Gupta

    Living like vip for 24 hours

  68. Khagen Nath

    Ap tino bhai bhehen haikya

  69. Leather Cottage

    Guys pls make part 2 and make rishi their assistant.......

  70. Nitu Jha

    Love your vlogs😊😊😊😊😊

  71. Dance Tunes

    Diksha , sanjay , ri are winners

  72. Anil Motani

    I will vote for rishi

  73. bharat purohit

    2 part please

  74. Niranjan Choudhary

    Oe sanjay aram se kisi ka Account delete nahi hona cahiye

  75. Kartik Yadav

    I like the RI shoes creativity. It was simple and just good 👌

  76. Sanjeev Rana

    We want part 2


    Now u have completed 197k likes now make part 2 for revenge

  78. Tamanna Samanta

    I was like omg omg omg when her phn was just about to fall😨😨


    Plz release part 2

  80. PROツGAMER 347

    3 kuch kuch hota hai

  81. Amanpreet Singh

    That was tooooo funny video that my sister was having water in her mouth and she made a awesome shower 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  82. shakeel tehmeena

    Sanjay is winner

  83. PROツGAMER 347

    2 ye jawani hai diwani

  84. anushka telmore

    Ri sir akfter kapil shrama sir. u r the only one make laugh my famliy is big fan of u ri sir u r the best

  85. Vimla Sr

    Who want part 2 hit like

  86. Geeta Srivastava

    We want part 3... Love you😘

  87. PROツGAMER 347

    1 kabhi khushi kabhi gam

  88. Kanishak Kumar Raj

    Welldone ri

  89. Sunil Patel

    Ri s photo is best 👍👍👍👍

  90. SAUD ali

    Plz do pizza challenge in blindfold

  91. Pastor Frank Bhatti Bhatti


  92. Suman Nandi

    Ri is correct

  93. Kool Yt GAMING

    Delete diksha account

  94. Salman Khan

    Aapko pata hai ki mohana ko corona positive hai

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    React on my old picture challenge karo. I like your all videos 😍😍😍 ❤❤❤

  96. doll manchanda


  97. soham mhatre

    Drinking only water for 24hrs

  98. Ramandeep kaur

    Legends say 9:22 the water came on to vamily

  99. Walter Ekka

    Carry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Rishi and Sanjay pls do dare in public 😊😊pls pls request