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  1. Naya Zamana

    Ye asli aatankwadi hai ledi atankwadi....... RSS ke aatankwadi,deshdrohi, gaddar andhbhakt .....


    Ban tiktok

  3. Sahera Begam

    C c tv lo kanipistundhi kadha pattukokunda yem chestunnara mari

  4. Chris Collins


  5. Shabraj Khan

    She has earned MP ticket from BJP

  6. Brucelee Max

    If these soldiers are from Nepal they must return back to their own land and fight for their own nation ....

  7. Ravi Baria

    Gujarat ka Dahod ka he

  8. baloch bhai


  9. crazy yt

    They are Nepali

  10. Anish sahu

    Sahe to bol h kaha ka galat h yh sach ka samnaa karo yhe h sachai

  11. Anne* 411

    Doing way too much. Just stop being greedy and dont sell middle seat

  12. Melany

    loved it

  13. Megha Nikam

    Muje chahiye

  14. Hussanbir Singh

    Butcher of Punjab

  15. Indra Yari


  16. Tushar Kashyap

    And some peta groupz calls them assaulters

  17. With Harsh Parekh

    Person in thumbnail is now wearing hand gloves and wearing ppe kit, 🙄

  18. Nithyam Ramesh

    Ban PuBG too. Wastes much of our national resources if time is considered as a resource.

  19. Melany

    loved it

  20. Ram sinha


  21. Renu RATHOR

    They are smile, am crying 😭🙌🇮🇳no word ❤️🙏God bless you👏👏👏


    Respect to army .... either it's of India or Pakistan.

  23. Tapatap69 Gamer

    Hero's 🇮🇳🇮🇳😍😍😍😍😍

  24. praveen yadav

    Asli punya to yehi hai piyaso ko jal pilana

  25. praveen yadav

    Kya baat hai

  26. pak afzaal

    Salo ke naseb mein khana bhi nahin bechare fukre

  27. Prachi Gurjar

    Why did he recorded a private conversation

    1. kapoor doriya

      So that they can show her real personality .

  28. niki

    Modi ko vote do acche din aayege our a/c me 2024 me 24 lacs rs aayega

    1. Deviant Samaritan

      corrupt CONgress ko vote dey kar kya ghata mila in 60 years may. modi did not spread this wuhan virus . communist created and spread this wuhan virus

    2. Sanjit Jana

      Unka dos thori hi hai!!!

  29. Lokanath Reddy

    She is a Telugu girl. Proud of your talent srivani Garu..

  30. Максим Николаевич


  31. Chiru Trivedi

    Awesome ad specially due to Rk 💥


    Aur yaha humko bharat ke andar aazadi chahiye...Sala ab jo koi ajadi magenga usko swarg wasi banadoo

  33. Daisy J

    Humans trees birds whom should i cry for?

  34. gaurav yogeshwar

    Salute to Indian Army.

  35. Unique Awesome

    She is also corrupt of medical funds. Bloody fool 💀💀

  36. Unique Awesome

    Too much worst lady, terrorist principal of medical college kanpur.

  37. Muhammad Ashfaque

    she is R

  38. Sayad Ahasan

    इस आवारा को जेल में डाला जाए यह जाहिल है

  39. Melik Cihaner

    I meannnnnnn just heat it up

  40. Praveen Kumar

    Nice to see 4 tigers in one frame

  41. Goutam kr Mukherjee

    We love our indian army.jai Hind

  42. Shubham Verma

    Katrina Ranbir Mahira Ranbir Alia Ranbir Dipika Ranbir Ye sab Ranbir ke pichhe pagal h Kis kis ko dhoka dega Ranbir Kapoor

  43. sAnJ sHoW TiMe

    U r great Bro we love our Indian Army 💪 50 crore young Indian in reserves my friend...

  44. Kamal Shaikh

    Arti violet Indian law,she must in jail til death.

  45. Suman Rana

    No body influence no-one. Don't give that nonsense.

  46. Abhishek


  47. Srikrushna Mishra

    😂😂😂😂😂 ... I imagine how my father served in The S.C.glacier 😂😂😂😂😂 he always laughed while explaining these kind of stuffs.

  48. mehtab ali

    I think she is suffering from a new virus

  49. rajnish wadhwa

    Good going 😊

  50. MarkhEditz


  51. dilpreet singh

    Salute to all of you


    Jay hind 💪💪💓💓

  53. Master Tankeswar


  54. Saleem Latif

    China ke Border Indian Army ko Nanga kar ke Ulta Latkaya howa ha ,Jake Apni ankho se dekh lo 100 % ☺

  55. Ankush Nagpure

    I hated that jasmine character.... I miss old sarabhai chemistry...

  56. Ocean Apps

    2020 is worst year in world

  57. sagar gajre

    High end salon not everyone afford.

  58. Abhijeet Rangari

    Tukaram munde sir is a great person

  59. john Paul Hit

    i came here because i heard the news ans its coming omg

  60. Business 2excel

    Big salute to their work...Fear severe Cold have to cook their food in such conditions..Jai Hind..🌹👍🏽💪🥇

  61. Jayprakash Das

    Hello my love how are you feeling this morning baby I love

  62. BLI SANA

    Thanks God

  63. SK BABAR ALI Supervisor COB

    She should be punished for her racist comment.

  64. Himesh Kumar

    They are from gorkha regiment

  65. RJ Koch

    Does ToI understand the difference between footage and stills?

  66. Sreeman sree

    If it's a tiger the scene would have a different ending 😂

  67. Melany

    liked it

  68. Shyam Narayan chaudhary

    Abe Athawale teri maa ki China ka agent ban ke baitha hai sala

  69. 3 1

    Prombaku pasagala arthu kidasanum

  70. Jasveer Kooner Jassi

    Contact me dera nb send

  71. Camping Diaries

    she should be behind bars, it's deliberate attempt

  72. Melany

    loved it

  73. Funny Things

    no view 41 min 1view 42 min its me

  74. Antônio Rogério de Paula e Silva Ro

    Q situação q esses governos submetem o povo. (Isso é um vírus, não uma radiação. )

  75. ronki23

    Snakes are cool. I would never harm them

  76. ALE XON


  77. GammaRay

    To all those commenting she acts like a teacher, She was indeed a Principle at a govt college so yeah she got the traits from there

  78. Zain Khan

    Salute to u ,u guys deserve all benefits other than any front line worker☹️

  79. Kami Khan

    Tobah yar kabi to Sach bolw gandwo ye Indian army ha Jani.

  80. Jane Alam

    Her certificate should be cancelled..... But for her, govt will not do..... Bcoz her name donot belong to minority community 😡😡

  81. Jafar Shathiq

    Ya Allah....🤲

  82. Jason Sadler

    Genius lol

  83. Vivek palmia

    Jai hind

  84. Kakku Singh

    Koi baat nhi bhen esa guilty feel nhi karte aap bhut aage badho waheguru always bless u❤️

  85. Nazmul Hasan

    Yes ye new 2020 india ka cehra

  86. Hu am i Hu i am

    This is good corona ka waje se or gunda gire kera hahe is ki hesap to melna he pare ga

  87. ഗഫൂർ കാ ദോസ്ത്

    വളരെ ഡെയിഞ്ചർ ആണ് ഒരു നിമിഷം കണ്ണു തെറ്റിയാൽ മതി ഇത് കടിച്ചാൽ മെഡിസിൻ പോലുമില്ല

  88. You are in my Channel

    Yeh it's very good in dry fry

  89. Slim Skander


  90. Salman Khan

    North ke 1/2 dimag rehtha hindi baat krthe inke gaand mein laude saali raandi

  91. Bull Terror

    Why didn't they warn him about Murdoch?

  92. Ark Bhattacharya

    First of all the background music was not necessary n secondly The Indian Army would have done it much better

  93. avi

    Sad to see such hard life of our defence

  94. Shubham Pal

    What is the need of stick?????? I can’t understand just take give them AK47 like Alkaida or other terrorist group.

  95. Samir hun

    baas yahi chutiyagiri karte raho

  96. Sarthak Sharma


  97. Gurbakshish Cheema

    You are lucky to have those locusts on your terrace you can feed them and do some good karma

  98. aditya nawani

    Cow is the best animal!😊😊😊

  99. Mujmmil Sheikh

    जिस तरह कुछ खास स्थानों में बैठ कर कुछ धर्म के लोग किसी एक धर्म के खिलाफ प्लानिंग बनाते थे और छुप छुप कर नफरत भरते थे वह आज बाहर सामने नज़र आ रही है सुक्र है हमे कभी हमारे धर्म ने ऐसा सिखाया नही । सिखाया होता तो 75 के 25 होते यह उन लोगो की खुशकिस्मती है और इसी वजह से दूनीया में हमारा धर्म बोहत तेज़ी से फैल रहा है और सच्चा भी है अच्छा ही हुआ में झूठे धर्म मे पैदा नही हुआ एहसान है मेरे ऊपर ऊपर वाले का

    1. Muhammad Ashfaque

      Assalaam alaikum bhai bahot bhari likhe

  100. gram gramy

    Co oni uczynili z tą krainą 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️