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  1. viviana angela

    They don’t filter the virus

  2. Ultra Baba

    Our end times have come , A top religious leader and an icon for the majority of humans, praying straight towards an idol created by humans while knowing that it is just an idol and would do nothing. God created us to be intelligent and smart not to do useless things like this. 🙏Peace!

  3. Ankitha Pandey

    These gave me goosebumps Proud of you all A huge respect to all the doctors and medical staff

  4. Yatish Shelke

    Pope nahi Popat hai yeh

  5. Don #JusticeForAisha

    Instead of converting by paying money use them to help your people in italy.

  6. Jurg Schupbach


  7. Rafiqur Rahman

    There is no way out except ALLAH

  8. Pranad Pdh

    Stop wasting your money for this old man he is just another body highly vulnerable to disease and stop granting him any importance and please use that money for meeting medical protective clothings and other needs

  9. nagaraj mothukuri

    Kissing covid19

  10. ram charan

    Indian Muslims want to spoil india😩😩❤️🇮🇳

  11. Amrat Chohan

    Waheguru ji please protect your people 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Rafiqur Rahman

    Accept ISLAM ,here has hope and peace

  13. Monish S

    Great singing

  14. Chandan Mahajan

    Rather than telling plan. Focus on people for isolation

  15. Sachin Sachin

    i lick this

  16. the the

    Maderchod Brahman yaha bhokk ne lage😆😆

  17. Muhammad Ehsan

    Gunda raj

  18. Santosh Patil

    Jay hind

  19. Prachi Sharma

    Their lives are at highest risks now.. still they took out time from their busy schedule to motivate others.. Hats off !

  20. James elangovan James elangovan

    Please stop your fool job.

  21. Mohamed Sohel

    Acha.. Toh.. Thike.. Hain..sir..aapke..paas...paisa..hain...jinke....paas..nahi..woh..abhi.........chalke...jaa..rahe.. Hain... 1200km face karke... Unke.. Liye.. Kuch.. Karo.. Bhai.. Ese... Ghar.. Mein.. Baithke.... Bakne... Se.. Kuch.. Nahi.. Hotha.. Hain.. Yaar...... Garibo... Ko..socho...bhai...aap..thoda....100km..chal..kar..jaao...samajme..aajayega

  22. Brijesh Mandavi

    Apne bete ko bhi risk mein daal diya .... bevkoof insaan

  23. Daniele Di Lorenzo

    The beginning of the sixth mass carnage is in practice initiated here at the opening of the sixth seal by Tesla many still have not taken awareness of what is revealed and what is the purpose of the opening of the sixth Seal... and related Evolutionary consequences.... The revelation To my estimates according to the sensitivity and light that I am allowed... Human beings are truly an infinitesimal part to this go added the intention of non-human beings that I place at 98% to dehumanize even that measly 2% the dangers to dehumanization Come both from nature natural hazards and from all worlds and artificial beings this therefore entails a loss of form or human substance as far as I am concerned I renounce formality in a context that gestures in non-human ways where humanity is made Prey where even feelings are deceived I have to take note that they are in a minefield and full of traps a cosmic galactic refuge peccatorum of which I know nothing made of malicious relationships where the death your life mea is the dogma unchanged and immutable... without making So many rounds of words... we are already all dead and the journey called the journey of the Bard is the only one who psychically we walk... The news is that currently you can make many trips of the Bard even within a day using the Earth's temporal pattern We spend much more time in the death passages rebirth than in life... psychopaths and psychophics that you see are due to the delirium postmortem... this is proof that with death we do not solve anything and that cell death originates from the perfidy in delirium Fanatical hysterical female in the uterine passage called gestazione...la saffic lesbian cleavage of the original femaeus by the Reptilians has produced crosses and anomalies that are not able to know Consequences There are absurd consequential things... hybridizing or changing humanity... is not given.... You can act on a body this is... making it resonant with something not human and this happens regularly at every gestation.... so do not be in pain already we are all Genetically installed to the gestational passage... the other absurd thing is that if even one for 10 seconds has awareness of human innate certainly does not do research or experiments of any kind... so I find myself realizing that non-human beings explain to humans What it is or what a human being has to match... to be recognized human and classifficate human.. Synthesizing is as if you explain/interpret my ideas without making me understand? I just appreciate what I offer you for free and now... day after day and you'd better appreciate it... before the time makes you regret what you had as an opportunity..... then return to your reputation as a street party.... but not now ................... pasels.info/video/vidio/apqJaayBe5h0m7Q.html

    1. Daniele Di Lorenzo

      To acquire electromagnetic energy we needed nothing more than the ionosphere and some Tesla patents engineered already from the years 1850/1900.... The so-called Tunguska incident was a Tesla-coordinated experiment between the British Russians and the Vatican to discourage the free energetically-conceived world of Tesla... with that expedient they concealed and used in an elitist way the revelations and Tesla patents... creating a highly destructive and dangerous technological scientific ghettization for the organic life of the planet with nuclear oil gas hydroelectric (concessions of large masses of planet water to multinationals Completely deceptive energy) and... Lately also with this havoc of photovoltaics... which interferes in the energy-energetic cycle between center of the Sun and center of the earth creating abnormal responses from the sun and energy ghettizations in the ley lines There are some things to consider... first of all we urgently need to stop the nuclear and the fossil... are the two main causes of melting ice... After these two technologies and science unfortunate.... we have to stop The hydroelectric by reactivating the spontaneous cycle of water... At this point use all the photovoltaic panels on permafrost and in the ghaicciai that have abnormal ice dismissals... do not use the solar panels elsewhere because they interfere In the Loop Eco Sun Earth.... TESLA was a naïve man who handed over to the system of individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs... A tremendous power... And that's your responsibility... Sure is that the responsibility of a sea of assholes... First his fellow scientists (GENERAL ELECTRIC)... They have quite another responsibility and they certainly have no sin of Naita '... As I see it, the decisions made at that moment have directed the destiny of the earth and of what it contains in a sea of immense shit... In which only the biggest assholes and a scientific technological disaster that have led us to a step away from the cosmic disaster are floating.... Jesuit British and Russian Zionist cahoots General Electric is the most minx multinational currently IN Circulation pasels.info/video/vidio/jHx6qrathaygabQ.html

  24. The Common Man

    Those who disrespect other religions... BE READY CORONA IS COMING FOR U

  25. Guddu singh

    1:19 😠

  26. gugu C

    CCP playing such a dirty game

  27. Valentine Hogg

    this is the perfect time the Pope can talk to God to show his power, if the Pope cannot bring god down to earth. No need for God. Many dead... many suffering. God is blind? I don't need a God that bad.

  28. surojeet chatterjee

    This is our nation in emergency & crisis. 👏👏👏 If rape is confirmed shoot at sight. Or use him as testing of virus vaccine.

  29. MalluStyle MultiMedia

    Option A: Inject the corona virus into their bodies.. lock them up in dark room..leave little food and water for 2 weeks .. corona will take care of the rest Option B: leave them in a dark room with 50 snakes.

  30. Simple observer

    Indian culture is great as always

  31. Richard Decipulo

    Hypocrite, and this man is a false prophet....

  32. Sush b

    Pope please save your self from Chinese Virus or people lost belief from Christ ( Fake as per Athist of there own country ) Jay Mahakal


    WTF question is he asking obviously NONE death is ACCEPTABLE

  34. Aliyan Shah


  35. B M.

    Magarmach ka asu Rona band karke kuch Kar vadra... Nehi to Italy nikal ja

  36. Phenomenal School

    This man is sick, If there were Obama, he would have turned the whole US down. May God save innocent people.

  37. MJ aka Meenakshi

    very good, Aha, Hum hindustani"

  38. Prathamesh More

    *Manmade virus CORONA (covid-19) IS MADE BY CHINA🇨🇳*

  39. Himanshu singh

    The Sikh community all around the world is make me keep faith in humanity.

  40. farah khader

    God bless these people with more and more....! ...one of the bestest examples of humanity and kindness

  41. c.daniel Premkumar

    Great job by TRUMP. The wicked, anti people democrats (nancy, schumer, schiff, nadler) should be treated and charged as TERRORISTS for holding the US citizenry as hostage and for delaying this stimulus package. TRUMP for 2020.

  42. Vicky 4you

    Sara desh iss samay corona se lar raha hai or inn madharchodon k lund mein bukhar hua hai inko maaro nahi inka corona k vaccine k trial k liye istemaal karo

  43. The theory of Everything

    When i firstly saw this it has more dislikes than likes i guess they ordered their pr agents to make it opposite. But this would remain a cringefest no doubt

  44. Mustakim Rahman

    As a president its tough , plus china is upto biohazard war, they have taken measures already, china opend gates for tourism again , how the fuck a country can do that until and unless they have a solution 74k were recoverd during stage 3. Clearly china is the real motherfucker here

  45. Fariza Khanam

    Well done everyone..🙏

  46. vaibhav

    their families must be waiting for them in their home country. I hope their family members are also safe in italy. kudos to our doctors and staff !!

  47. Dark Eagle

    शत शत नमन 🙏🙏🙏😥😥

  48. Education 4Human

    Allah(God) protect all creatures and show straight path to us. Give us potential to read and understand Holy Qur'an.

    1. Sush b

      Then why Makkah is close and people came from Makkah brought Corona with them, Why Iran is having worst corona deaths, Pakistan lost his grip on death

  49. Tapas Behura

    Respect 💗

  50. Dennis Vas

    India and Indians are more disciplined than every other nation on the planet. Some people just can't get over their inferiority complex and slavery mentality. That's not India's problem.

  51. Bishal Das

    Jai Hind.

  52. Its Mee

    Do people not see this is a BIO terrorist attack on america thats clearly also gone global. Soo many dead and more coming. Soo much financial damage to every economy. EXCEPT the chinese economy. Trump taught a lesson. When u F..k. the chinese with a bullshit trade deal... they retaliate Sooo much destruction and not a bullet fired.

  53. Sharad Patil


  54. Crazy Made

    Bring one COVID 19 affected person Infect these people. Put them into isolation . No treatment. Use them as samples.. After curing burry them inside lively like pigs .

  55. I.k Limited

    Germany are strongly better than America for real don't play politics thank

  56. Jay Goodz

    It was definitely the u.s. watch the proof come out in the next few months and y’all still gonna deny it. Trump wants the pandemic

  57. Asif Puttur

    We are living in dream land, “they” are planning in another way, in next 5 to 10 years NWO is starting to play, Israel will take the place of US, note this comment.

  58. Don #JusticeForAisha


  59. Dilawer Khan

    Bc tum logo ny hi kia hay ye!

  60. Vodafone Corporate

    Jai hind @@@

  61. suhasito mon

    Biblical prophecies have been mentioned on the end of the world . So be careful

  62. Sahil roxx

    Tum jese Nannlo ki vjh se hi aaj Girbo ko dando se suta ja rha h Sala panick na ho abe hatttttt

  63. н¡ണคภɢรнน รнคгണค

    Use this bunch of Chutiyas as test subjects for ChineseVirus Research/Vaccine/Cure..... They're a Burden, Setback for our Country anyways....

  64. Samir Rout

    Jai Hind

  65. Sourath Chatterjee

    I am wating for The Print and Wire to write an Article on How Fascist is this act...

  66. i am curious

    Bible said virus comes from god, god killing people,god killing own christians 😏

    1. Sanjay Tudu

      Verse ???

  67. Danny Boy

    Idolatry.......straight praying to a idol.

  68. Ravishankar Sharma

    Yes, it came from China. Deal with it.

  69. emptyearth

    Now on whom Nirbhaya hanging effect work??? 🤦

  70. Sarthak Adgaonkar

    I will not abandon my work. I am still working and I will get this bastard virus out of my country. Indian doctors.

  71. Joyceline O

    Trump is the most logical and vocal president I have seen in my lifetime , henspeaks the mind of everyone, not politically correct at all .....

  72. rajendra sharma

    गाना गाने से कुछ नहीं होगा एक्शन लो, प्रिकॉशन लो, कम्युनिटी में फैलने से रोको, डरने की जगह हैल्थ सिस्टम को पूरी तरीके से बदलो

  73. rrpatil2006

    congress is in 4 - 5 states punjab, maharastra, chattisgarh, delhi (AAP+congress), first she should look into those states before speaking on the nation

  74. Anaparthi Deevana

    Virus should kill such people around world

  75. f. gm

    Trump released the virus in china, to slow down their economie. The trump economic recesion was here, so he has to cover with something. When he started the commercial war with others countries, this is what he wanted, he deserved this economic crisis covered by the virus. Thanks trump, you made america the grate dissaster

  76. Minah Biyah

    little effort of my kids pls do watch @xXK8


    POK ko india ka part mano officially declare kro UN jakar aur le lo help !!


    "praying for humanity" says the most inhumane organization in the world.

  79. R H

    Slap those reporters

  80. ravi naik

    Go & support outside, what are you doing inside, you are belong to opposition party right, so you are also having responsibility right , what do you say!

  81. Vikky gaikwad

    Inhi log chor or balatkaari hote hai sabse jaada.. Inki niyaat itni kharab hai ki inko khud apni bahu betiyo or bhen ko bhi parde me rakhna padta hai..

  82. Crazy Made

    Those rapists must be hanged to death immediately....no more 8 years please

  83. Himmat Sherpa

    Fight aapka hi nahin Hamare bhi hai Hamen thoda time to de dete

  84. R H

    Thumbs up👍

  85. S P

    Praise the Lord. Pls save the world...

  86. sooria pragass

    Crocodile tears 😭 Doesn't understand what is a lockdown.

  87. Epic physics

    Respect #shariqepic

  88. ali Sony

    Mohan bhagwat kanha hai sab hindu hai batane wale aaj rss ke chaddidhari aaj insaniyat ke naam pai nahi ayenge ya zahar gholne ke liye thai sirf..

    1. Arvind yadav

      bhosadi ke dekh kitne ko khana khila rahe hai tera allah to 72 hooro ki dalali kar mathechod

  89. Renu Rathod

    apney hi logo ko kyu marvaegausa?

  90. sapna madaan

    You are the luckiest one👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  91. Vinodh kumar Burugu

    Y local politicians does this for there locality

  92. kim alonzo

    This is a useless video. I thought that he was going to talk about the symptoms that he suffered or the treatment plan that he underwent. What waste of time. I could have gotten this from Cuomo or any number of politicians who never contracted Coronavirus at all. Totally useless.

  93. Gringo's Phone

    There is no God but Allah. Virus is a punishment for those who don't seek the right path.

    1. Krishan sharma

      Oh god safe earth from these foolish doctranization people

  94. Mohit Agarwal

    Why don't u help them...u ppl are like migratory birds...only seen at election time...why not asking Wadra to donate some scam money for them

  95. Katterapaka Santhosh

    Encounter them like in our hyderabad..instant karma

  96. yumnam sunita

    Send your car stop doing politics right now

  97. shadique nawaj

    We want masks.. skyrocketed price...no allowed to test ..simply saying quarantine yourself.. very disappointed... please help us

  98. Gringo's Phone

    There is no God but Allah. Virus is a punishment for those who don't seek the right path.

    1. Moises Suarez Quintana

      Yes Allah and the pedophile Muhammad

    2. ankit kumar

      Are BC maut kyu ni ajate mujhe ye dekhne se phle 😂😂😂

    3. Don #JusticeForAisha

      Allah fake story by a rapist muhammad.

    4. i am curious

      Why u praying at dargah,why people dying in Iran. It's all because of allah? Such rude god we don't need. He not even saving his own people.

    5. jai Shrivastava

      Chutiye lund

  99. Nikhil Singh

    Ye dislike karne wale sab kateli bully wale h

  100. Saaghar Patel

    Wow! Roho safi kabisa.. well done! Unfortunately everyone else just has dollar signs in their eyes