Truecaller is transforming today’s phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful. Available for Android and iPhone.

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  1. العنود الجاحده

    Is it true the program violates privacy and is not safe ?? Please respond⚘

    1. العنود الجاحده

      @Truecaller There are videos .. that say that the program saves pictures and numbers, as well .. !!! Mercy ar reply ⚘⚘

    2. Truecaller

      Truecaller is a perfectly safe app to use 💙

  2. Mohd Amaan


  3. Song

    Lovely vid. This Was insightful. Let's be Friends :D

  4. Emeline

    loved it

  5. Basavaraj S S

    I heard Truecaller responds to comments. 😍

    1. Truecaller

      Yes we do!

  6. Mohd Amaan

    ```How to get verification badge```

  7. Babu

    Pls make sms app seperatly

  8. shruti riya

    It doesn't work.. What to do else😒😒😒😒😒

  9. Watson Shija

    I really love this app. But please can u add find the location from people who are calling

    1. Watson Shija

      Thank u

    2. Truecaller

      Hello! We are not a GPS location app, so we are unable to identify a person's live location.

  10. Ravi Arora

    Dear Truecaller Team (India) I”m Facing A Big Issue With My Premium Account Unable To Restore My MemberShip From 2/3 Month ToTally Money Getting Waste Today I Bought Again New MembershiP Of Rs 549/- On Same NO BUT Again Same Issue Also Deleted My Account 2/3 Time Also BUT Issue Is At Same Point Pls HelP

    1. Truecaller

      Hey Ravi! Please contact our support and they can look into this for you:

  11. Fozil Azum

    This version is better than old ,but it doesn't function over quick decline messages and call recording.

  12. Akansha Gaurav

    Dear Truecaller, This setting on use in my phone please tell me how solve the this problem issue solve.

  13. Akshay Binawade

    True caller id activate nhi hot

  14. IncrediblE NaturE

    Here is not showing full screen mode totally false

  15. هاتف السلامي

    ممكن تتكلم عربي

    1. Abdul Latheef S

      😝😝😝هلا، كيف الحال

  16. Abdul waheed Uddin

    Thanks so much

  17. Stanislav Nikandrov

    I would buy subscription if there was an option to record calls

  18. Shubh Lata


  19. Rashi Sharma

    Nice . Brilliant feature

  20. rd yadav

    True caller Chinese app h??

    1. rd yadav

      @Truecaller धन्यवाद ..

    2. Truecaller

      rd yadav No, we are Swedish 🇸🇪

  21. Sai Karan

    New caller ID full screen is not working...what the reason?Why?

  22. Ashok Kumar

    Video call not sported true caller

  23. Sarita Singh

    I my phone there is no full screen caller ID option . Please help me

  24. Sandip Saha


  25. Mohin Khan

    It's good but no call recording option 😭. Please give call recording option urgent.

  26. Reeza Ahamed

    Will it cost me

  27. Devi Hemangona Das

    Its black. Not purple

  28. Rahul Khirwar

    After enable full screen option still doesn't work.😏

  29. Prasnendu Prakash Ray

    It's stop my call recording and not any option for calling in both sim.its only call automatically not asking for sim1 or sim2.

  30. Prit Sam

    In full screen caller ID mode my phone ringtone is not ringing

  31. Ankit Kumar

    You shd have thought twice before selling our data on dark Web.. You mann you've lost our trust as I'm not going to enable any upi option with you and will not recommend any one else

  32. Pritam Panchal

    no call recording optn...

  33. Maruti Nandan Singh

    Magnificent speechless

    1. Jatin Anand


  34. Vaibhav Lohar

    I think make it more attractive.... Like it is a great thing to be use ... Then I'll use it

  35. Sarita Singh

    Superb.... Thanks for new purple

  36. Kavya S Pawar

    I want call recording option which is not available in this truecaller. So it's not useful for me.

  37. Kunal Modi

    It does not support the call recorder function which is a glitch for us

  38. Srikanth Smily

    It's good but no call recording option.. 😞

    1. Srikanth Smily

      @Harpreet Kaur how..?

    2. Sumit Jha

      No call recorder system option

    3. Harpreet Kaur

      It has go to settings

  39. Jojo Lyngz

    But what about recording?? 😟

  40. Rajey Raj

    There is a glitch when we move to full screen mode selection of sim calling doesn't come as an option to dial Check it n update

    1. Truecaller

      Thanks for the feedback, we will take a look!

  41. Sreejith AJ

    Why did you guys remove the feature to call or message someone by sliding right or left? It was so much easier than clicking on a button. Please bring that feature back or at least have the option, so that we can switch to it if we want to.

  42. Saugat Bhattarai

    I found cracked truecaller app in inernet at free of cost with full premium gold feature and lifetime of 100 years. What do you say about it? Why dont you take action against it? Isnt it a breach at your database, your system donot recognize the crack version

    1. Saugat Bhattarai

      I was surprised when i saw a regular update to it by truecaller itself. It didnt recognize at all. Then what is the purpose to pay 100$ for that premium gold service?

  43. Vijay Kumar

    Setting Nahin dikh raha hai update karne ke bad bhi

  44. Febin Mathew

    I don't have the option as "full screen" under Caller ID tab 🙁 What do I do?

    1. Swadha Srivastava

      In my phn too it is not supporting

    2. Truecaller

      Strange! It might not be supported by your phone. Therefore, you'd just continue to use the classic pop up like normal.

  45. Sameer

    Stop hiding my comment j**k

  46. Sameer

    Hey truecaller I m sameer from that video The all new truecaller which was uploaded one week ago (the trending one) there I was writing about data leak now one more article has popped up why should I believe truecaller is safe!!!!

  47. Madhu Bln

    I have Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow phone. I can't find this full caller id option in caller ID settings.

  48. Amit Sharma

    Hey @Truecaller can you answer about your data leaking app😏 that's why I don't think to trust you just check and reply if possible 😏😏 guys be aware 47.5 million Indian Truecaller data posted on darkweb for only $1000 so don't need to download and use it first check the quint article and then think about it. Thanks #CITIZENOFINDIA

  49. Arsh D.

    @Truecaller quick question, it keeps showing that I have the "all new Truecaller" even when I tried downgrading using an older APK (10.5.7) because of the right swipe to call and left to text feature. Is there any way to rollback without the auto-update?

    1. Arsh D.

      Even that was still fine, the segregation between messages and calls is gone too. It becomes pretty tedious to look carefully through the list, searching for that one small line of text. It keeps auto-updating on its own even though the feature is off in the playstore ;-;


    1.75 crore indians data leaked what r ur statements on it

    1. Sameer

      @Truecaller to my comments of this video

    2. Sameer

      @Truecaller then show it reply to my comments

    3. Truecaller

      @Sameer Hey Sameer, we haven't deleted comments, as you can see we are replying to them when asked this question. Maybe it didn't go through? Thanks.

    4. Sameer

      Hey gamer, truecaller is deleting my comment I had asked him about data leak earlier but he doesn't want people to know about it


      @Truecaller ok thx

  51. Sameer

    Hey truecaller I m sameer from that video The all new truecaller which was uploaded one week ago (the trending one) there I was writing about data leak now one more article has popped up why should I believe truecaller is safe!!!!

    1. Sameer

      Again ###Dataleak Straight available at dark web for $1000

    2. Sameer

      I know u wouldn't reply and u were showing articles from unknown sources 😌😌

  52. Ramavtar Gupta

    U guys leaked our data really?

  53. jee2020 paperphodnahai

    Why there news is trending that True caller sold the user data? To others

    1. Sameer

      @Truecaller it's all fake say my comment bro

    2. Truecaller

      Hey! We assure you that there has been no breach, and Truecaller is safe to use. All user information is secure. We take user privacy and the integrity of our services extremely seriously. This is a misuse of our brand name to sell data and we will take action against them.

  54. Md.murtuza Ahmad

    When I call In full screen caller id Screen show blank and no display on Utill other side person not disconnect the call.

    1. Truecaller

      That seems strange! Please contact our support:

  55. Divy Brat

    Are you drunk

  56. umer nayim

    Not working in Lenovo k4 note

    1. Truecaller

      Your device might not support this new Caller ID. If it does not appear, please continue to use the Classic Pop-up

  57. Future

    Can't do video calls and call recording after applying full screen caller ID kindly fix it 🙂

  58. Suneel Tukare

    I have vivo android handset and I saw your demo video about how to enable full screen caller ID. according you said I am setting all in imanager.although it does not work. So please solve my problem immediately.

    1. Truecaller

      Please contact our support and they can help!

  59. salman sheikh

    Great idea 👍

    1. Truecaller

      Hope it was helpful!




    It's not ringing when switch to full screen.


      @Truecaller It's INFOCUS VISION3 handset.

    2. Truecaller

      Can we get your device details? What type of phone are you using?

  62. Divy Brat

    If you are a bot i am robot

    1. Truecaller

      Run for the hills!

  63. Rakesh Tarkhala

    Call recording opation not show

    1. Truecaller

      Hello! Please use the 'Classic Pop-up' instead in the Caller ID settings

  64. Sabir Ali

    Samsung galaxy j7 did not work

    1. Sabir Ali

      Why not take full screen caller ID support on samsung galaxy j7 device?

    2. Truecaller

      Can you explain what is not working?

  65. Reda Abul-maaty

    Hi truecaller When I requist full screen , it asks fot truecaller to be the default dialer I accept but still not agree to be full screen

    1. ahmed samir

      And me

    2. Truecaller

      That's strange, what type of phone are you using?

  66. Rohan Fernandes

    Also accessing text messages is a mess to be honest

    1. Truecaller

      Hey Rohan, we're looking into the feedback, thanks!

  67. Rohan Fernandes

    Hi trucaller. It does not let me access the native video call features on my phone

    1. Truecaller

      Hey Rohan! Try switching to the 'Classic Pop-up' in the Caller ID settings

  68. Minhajul Ahsan

    Call recordings not working on full screen

    1. Truecaller

      Hello! Please switch to the 'Classic Pop-up' in the settings

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    nice video

    1. Truecaller


  70. Ritika Kaura

    Superb 😍❤️.. Thanks for the new features 🤗

  71. Rajesh waran

    For iphone?

    1. Truecaller

      Hey Rajesh! Due to iPhone's restrictions for their iOS, many of these features can't be technically developed on that phone, unfortunately. We hope this changes in the future!

  72. Emeline

    loved it

  73. Gaurav Singh

    Helo true caller

    1. ELHAM Nebras

      ماكو ترجمه

    2. Truecaller


  74. Gaurav Singh

    I like it

  75. Anshika

  76. deepu deepu

    Help to open on phone number

  77. Harry Potter

    How can we get old version of truecaller ?

  78. magnus 786

    Everyone is a gangsta until Truecaller comes in trending🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Camo James97

    Trash doesn’t work


    इस वीडियो जा कर जरूर देखें link

  81. Manju Y

    it's such a nice app except for the premium thing. Thank you for the new developments and services

    1. Truecaller

      The 'Premium thing' is what keeps the app in development! Thanks for your support!

  82. Ritika Kaura

    Superb 😍❤️...

  83. Anshul Yadav

    Where is call recording feature? please reply

    1. Truecaller

      Hello! We are looking into that for the full screen, however you can use the Classic Caller ID popup instead. Please check it out in your settings.

  84. Mainak Dutta

    After full screen its a good idea but call recording not working after full screen.. please fix .

    1. Truecaller

      @Anshul Yadav Call recording is not available for Android 9 and above. So you might have to use the Classic Pop-up (switch it in the settings)

    2. Truecaller

      @Anshul Yadav Call recording is not supported, so you'll have to use the 'Classic Pop-up' in your app settings.

    3. Anshul Yadav

      Please make it available for android 10 users

    4. Anshul Yadav

      Call recording feature is not available on my android 10

    5. Mainak Dutta

      @Truecaller hello full screen call recording feature not working. But without full screen call recording feature working. Please fix for full screen

  85. I'm looking for WOODY!. Bigby

    Call recording not working.

    1. I'm looking for WOODY!. Bigby

      @Truecaller Thanks true

    2. Truecaller

      We are looking into that for the full screen, however you can use the Classic Caller ID popup instead. Please check it out in your settings.

  86. Bhaskar Nilakar


  87. santo tikader

    First comments

    1. Truecaller


    2. Biplab Roy


  88. Royal deepak boy

    My GYM 💪 channel 🙌


    Can we go to the previous version without home tab?? Coz I don't like this new home tab concept.

  90. Bahubali bahubali

    If you are really (true) 😂😂 Then reply me 🤣

  91. Pandajd Popo

    Yo guys I was wondering if u could allow us to customize the background wallpaper of the full screen caller ID ?

    1. Truecaller

      That's an idea we have, but not there yet!

  92. Yashmaan Sharma

    So, adds & adds & adds & adds & adds. Are they all gone? What else you started tracking with this upgrade now? Is you community decided to think about showing real names instead of fake names placed by users? If a rush came. Like: Extreme increase of cellular users. [Happened with JIO] How long is it required from your community to fetch those user data's on truecaller. A quintillion years!? Stop draining batteries on our phone. Please code your application again. Like stock once. Make a smaller/light/compact version for old daam phones. At our place, some people still use windows & some with 2GB ram android phones.

  93. priyank thakur

    Everyone expecting Truecaller, while it's a witty intern doing the job!😄

    1. priyank thakur

      @Truecaller well that late of a reply you definitely are.

    2. Truecaller

      I'm not an intern :D

  94. Maddy 8055

    Truecaller sells your data to MNCs😏

    1. Maddy 8055

      Truecaller oh seriously then whats this ?

    2. Truecaller

      Maddy 8055 Hey Maddy, we absolutely do not sell our users’ data.

  95. md yashaf

    Truecaller is like a enimy for boys because mom catches their children's due to Truecaller😎

  96. Harshit Garg

    All replies are from A.I. I am right truecaller.

    1. Truecaller

      @Harshit Garg You probably can, because they're not AI 😂

    2. Harshit Garg

      I can beat your A.I replies truecaller

    3. Truecaller

      We focus on Caller ID, not building youtube response robots 🤣 It's all human, Harshit.

  97. A KAASH V

    Government reportedly lists 42 Chinese apps as dangerous, including TrueCaller, UC Browser, Mi Store: Check if your phone has any of them

    1. Truecaller

      Truecaller is not one of them - please check the updated lists where Truecaller was removed. We are a Swedish app, by the way 🇸🇪

  98. himanshu himanshu

    Truecaller phele hi bata deta h ki koi call kar raha h .call toh baad mai aata h

  99. Ayush Garg

    We want old truecaller. Now truecaller is full of shit. Full of unnecessary features.