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  1. Lane Simmo

    First four things he comes out with get fact checked and proven wrong. That says a lot man.

  2. Rick Jordan

    Is it just me or has all of Joe’s conservative friends been pushed aside since the Bernie pod? Asking for a friend

  3. pierce sherry

    Step one, get a half cast man on your show. Step two pretend your on they’re side even tho you live in a safe area and if the trouble was anywhere near you you’d be drawing all the guns you have in your home, step three get more people too follow you for beliefs you don’t have and fuel your income more. People are sheep and will believe anything

  4. griffin donley

    Jamie trying to teach you how to find who you're subscribed to reminds me of me of me trying to teach my mom how to use a TV remote with cable, and we were poor af so it was all a guess lol

  5. midesti

    Whenever I see someone carrying openly, I assume they're a douche with hero fantasies just trying to get attention. Your gun is just as effective when you're concealing it.

  6. Remix gold

    Lawlessness is the sign of the beginning of the end.

  7. dan iel

    what's up with the avatar music?

  8. Ryan Holtz

    Joe inspired me to start my podcast. This first episode of his is a testament to "keep going!"

  9. Blackie

    I love President Trump. He is amazing, and he's not on speed.

  10. Wasupdu

    👊...two for flinching bro!

  11. T AS

    Hes going to put marbles on the floors by the doorways before shooting a live round.

  12. Doyama Takashi

    I'm glad that Antifa are designated as a terrorist organisation by the Trump administration. About time!

  13. nilose

    Lool, Joe Rogan went full Joe Rogan in the beginning of the video: "Have you seen that video of a monkey riding a bike and stealing a baby?"

  14. Keith Bondar

    I am from Michigan. I really appreciate giving Flint a shout out. We are all trying to become 1 for the first time ever. #alllivesmatter peace for everyone.

  15. Gary Spears

    Somebody might take him serious if he fixed his head. What is that? What's going on there.

  16. Gibran Salomon

    2:17:29 Was that subliminal?

  17. Mat Yeppoon

    I seen it right I gotta go with the government on this one Eddie Bravo you fucken man leader Evolution for fucksake

  18. Jim Johnson

    No better human being !!

  19. Robert Edward

    Damn this guy reggie is wack

  20. Mike Az

    You're shadow banned man ... don't see your content anymore

    1. Christine Felice

      6 SECONDS!!!!!!!

  21. Timothy Wood

    Just another goof talking about agent provocateurs, without mentioning the Boston Tea Party...

    1. Christine Felice

      29 SECONDS!!!!!

  22. Plain Truth

    Here is how #FreedomOfSpeech; works, you can use your words, and your mouth, I can use my words, and my mouth. These gender confused twit wads are total hypocrites on every level, and they're straight up lying about their policies, every honest person who has ever been on twitter Knows it: They're anti White and anti Right.

  23. K. CHAN

    They need to stop recruiting combat vets with PTSD and stop following IDF training for policing the gaza strip. How the hell that started after 9/11 i will never know.

  24. Super2000

    Joe is not redpill

  25. bruceable

    Can’t watch any more anti Trump talk. He is a true leader, open your eyes and ears...

  26. Dylan Garcia

    1:40:00 when u do things in a more difficult way it requires more thought so it can help with art and can improve it

  27. Jem Adamson

    WHat sucks is when you go nuts but it's completely normal and justified because of the culture you grew up in. Or worse. When you are questioned because you aren't acting crazy and everyone thinks you should be. "Yo, you aren't gonna fight that dude who just flicked you off?!?" fuck no lol

  28. Meowmix Nim

    Seexxxyyy phiiiil, he’s so sexxxyyyy 🎶 Lol the song my cousin would sing for hours on ends

  29. FigJam963


  30. John Doe

    3 rubber bullets vs 1 real one .... naw in good

  31. rakiest

    Snake is a good impressionist

  32. Daniel Ppa

    I knew ppp who dead from It, it depends on the person. I feel it's because of the spread, but yeah the lockdown was a little out of pocket

  33. Josh Se

    If u cant exercise ur rights then do you even have them?

  34. and. Andrew.means. Me

    Open carry is acceptable here in Alaska. Just going hiking can be a issue with bears.

  35. Beach&BoardFan

    Multiple reporters lost eyes, one from a rubber bullet, and one from a tear gas canister being shot at him

  36. Edward Liversidge

    Good to see old mate Joe is safe

  37. Emma

    Joe talks too much at times. Repeats same joke 2/3 times over won't let other dude finish his point. While annoying to listen to. Feel sorry for other dude

  38. E Mas

    Joe "I have a boner" Rogan

  39. Will iam

    When you are so creative in your material but ridiculously boring and rudimentary in ever all other aspect of life.

  40. Neave


  41. The Dude

    Joe "How the hell can anyone survive with only $100 for food PER WEEK?!" Rogan

    1. Theresa Garcia

      Reminded me of being in my 20’s....for a bit I had $20 per week for food. Totally did it.

  42. Dianne Wilder

    in HK they were digging the bricks out of the street. This looks like an organized move. It points out to a kind of organization.

  43. Illz

    It's fucking hilarious to look at the comments here and people mad at trump today for checking this motherfucker for precisely what everyone seems to be mad at the comments.

  44. Mickey Roulette

    Can’t stand it when people say “Vuybram” when trying to pronounce Vibram soles. It’s pronounced “Veebram”

    1. Christine Felice


  45. killler240

    This guy didn't come on to promote anything... just to shoot the sh*t. Don't see that too often

  46. Erdem Memisyazici

    Unfortunately our president has all the charm of the Steward of Gondor.

  47. Hank Storm

    Joe the 100 million socialist.

  48. Scott D

    We just have to get people comfortable with the new shape BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA In regards to the Tardigrade bit

  49. vincemalz1

    The most least tight shirt Joe has ever worn.

  50. Rick Calzadilla

    kaepernick was terrible qb

  51. Robert Kobus

    Our economy has capitalistic qualities, but essentially it is CORPORATISM. We have to try to protect capitalism and maintain a level playing field otherwise you end up with corporations being able to control the laws and making the system work for them at the expense of everybody else.

  52. Lyon

    what happened in this case is a travesty for free speech. Google and youtube ARE a public platform, but the courts said its not a "public forum subject to 1st amendment scrutiny" WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKK it is the most public forum

  53. Jasmine Q

    you ever gone ice fishing?

  54. Frank Valcarcel

    Dude hes so anti freedom its hard to listen, hes not pro 2a. Thank you joe for at least standing up a little for gun owners

  55. Evan Sanchez

    Obama and bush were causing those “times of crisis” just like they mention fire fighters who start a fire to come to the rescue

    1. Christine Felice

      32 SEC9NDS°°!!!!

  56. Keith C

    I think those rocks in cages are used for cheap retaining walls. Maybe a bad attempt at setting up barriers?

  57. Erdem Memisyazici

    58:30 Thank you Joe for recognizing how inciting violence as a leader during violent discourse is a terrible quality in a leader. That's apparently why we have leaders.

  58. Mr. Black

    Fuck jew rogan

  59. Gerbo

    2:07:20 its a "safe space" but you have to keep your mounth shut and you cannot correct me on my faults ... Yeah stunning and brave .. very "safe". It also promotes fake news as you cannot refute it anymore.

  60. Mr. Black

    Fuck youtube

  61. Diego Irigoyen

    I think Rogan needs a special where he just speaks in a Russian accent for 90 minutes.

  62. Steve White

    Yet once again three hours have gone by and all I can say is thank you and God bless......

  63. southspade99

    I love his cool as a fan vibe and scholar like vocabulary

  64. Vaibhav Bansal

    Neil deGrasse Tyson wants a regularizer on top of collaborative filtering. Just kidding; but yeah, machine learning needs to improve in that respect!


    They’re not stacks of bricks they’re just barriers for a bus stop.

  66. Jamie

    Annunaki and ancient sumarian texts, get on gaia people Graham Hancock explains it all

  67. Rikkardo

    I like those bricks if I live nearby I pick it up to renew my patio😁😁

  68. Troy Studer

    They're so smart man... They're like really dumb people! 😂

  69. John Birge

    All those Californians watching that veneer of Civilization disolve with these riots are beginning to understand that Californias 2 week waiting period on gun sales is problematic afterall, hmm...Go Figure!

  70. MrGrim2099

    Antifa is handing out bricks there is videos of them handing out bricks those assholes are terrorist and they need to be treated like that. They are high jacking the protest and making it this

  71. Jules Mpc

    too much whiskey sometimes. fun

  72. Nick Morgan

    Panspermia is a nice idea but it just shifts the question of how & where did life originate... Instead of asking where and how on earth did life originate you shift the question to where and when in the universe did life originate (and how did it travel to earth). As you can see you don't really answer anything deep and fundamental with the panspermia theory. That doesn't mean it's wrong, it just means that the theory doesn't really give us any new information (other that life definitely exists elsewhere in the universe)

  73. Shovan Neupane

    I was 200% sure about him talking about that orangutan spear fishing🤣🤣

  74. mike oxlong

    get mcgregor on

  75. kevvymetal666

    1:29:43 - its a 'deck lid' on a porsche

  76. TheMoneyMan

    Three minutes in: UFO sightings in Idaho and a monkey on a mini-motorbike kidnapping a toddler. God bless you Mr Rogan!

  77. Joseph2102011

    😂lets just forget numbers then. They unlucky anyway. Im dead.

  78. Why So Serious

    Hey hey hey ... it’s a comic 😂

  79. Nick Bloom


  80. Quinny

    Comedy Bang Bang

  81. robtito12

    The worst jre episode of all time

  82. Rolando Delgado

    Those rocks are just barriers for the bus stop ....

  83. Young Reem

    You think the gov would say don't protest cause the spread of covid but groups of thousands r getting together and no spike in the virus no new cases something is up

  84. Dr. Tetramin Flakes

    "real change" under trump?

  85. walter soares

    I used to live in Rio de Janeiro, had a gun pointed at me at the age of 16 by a robber. Gun laws are great at taking guns of the hand of people who live under the law, but not every budy live under it.

  86. Henry Cejudo

    the book is 3-400 $ ?

  87. Matteo Muscas

    Reggie my maaaaaaan yesss lemme grab a tea and enjoy this shit

  88. Jacob

    Reggie: “My mother’s French..” Joe: “You’re an American. You have American parents.”

  89. Shaw Bee

    Joe leaning towards Jamie and saying crazy shit means, "Jamie please verify the crazy shit im saying!"

  90. Memnoch DaDevil

    The "Umbrella Guy" isn't the cop people were pointing to on social media btw, they clearly have different eye colors... There's a lot of misinformation out there, especially pushed by Antifa to take the blame off themselves while there are a lot of videos showing that they are the ones instigating and organizing these riots.

  91. John Doe

    RW is Brilliant...

  92. Ricardo Guanipa

    "They are using Capitalism to fight Capitalism" the same way Hugo Chavez Bolivarian Socialist in Revolution in Venezuela was funded by Crude Oil Exports to the US, but Abby Martin never talks about that

  93. Robert C

    Dont hate free speech guy. Zuckercuck or Jack Dopsey shouldnt be the ones in charge of free speech lol

  94. Dwight West

    I've always enjoyed Reggie and his convos with Joe...but he seems like he might not have the deepest understanding of what freedom is..and what censorship has actually become. EI : Rogan going to Spotify...thank you Joe for promoting freedom

  95. CopyCat 250

    Joe rogan is a great debater. after this podcast he has earned my complete respect

  96. Amanda McDaniel

    2:30 Joe's having a grandpa moment

  97. Alan Chan

    The rocks along ventura blvd have been there for a little over a year. They were installed to protect the sidewalk from traffic next to the synagogue. Officials came by to remove them after the posts to avoid them being used as riot supplies.

  98. Roman

    I don't know if I believe Bob. The story is fantastical, it sounds like he believes it, and it's absolutely normal to forget things that happens so long ago. My disbelief is solely based on my own understand of physics and how the universe works. He could be telling the truth, I'm just stating my belief.

  99. Sean Brooks

    2:03:02 They did sue zuckerberg and settled for a few hundred million dollars.

  100. Slingerland1966

    2020 is starting to resemble the game of Jumanji. It started with fire in Australia, and possible war with Iran. Then COVID 19 emerged. Followed by reports of Murder Hornets. Now that we are on level 6 of the game, why not send in the aliens and earthquakes. Now This? UFOs in Idaho and Earthquakes in Yellowstone West Yellowstone in Montana reported around eleven earthquakes on Friday, with the strongest one measuring a magnitude of 3.1. The area has been hit by an additional 34 quakes in the past month, according to Idaho Statesman. The other quakes ranged between 1.6 to 3.1 magnitudes and were about three miles (4.8 km) deep. Now, this is nothing to be super concerned with, as seismic activity in Yellowstone is a daily occurrence. But, the amount of quakes during one 24 hour period is unsettling. Pun intended. Meanwhile in Idaho, reports of UFO formations recently surfaced online. A video posted on Ancient Files Facebook page, shows a formation of half a dozen lights in formation near Pocatello, ID. So what is next from this real life game of Jumanji? A rogue flock of angry ostriches? A herd of ticked-off grizzly bears with chain saws? I guess we will have to wait and see. Besides, we are only halfway though one of the craziest years we have ever seen.