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    The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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    13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.

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    1. Cory Abbott

      God this show is so hilarious, it sucks that it’s ending

    2. MajorOctofuss

      Final season? Finally this crap can die and go to hell

    3. NiNa

      Why i didn’t see this until now!!

    4. Aanice Almeida

      I'm sure as hell gonna cry like a baby when I watch the last episode of this season

    5. Aanice Almeida

      OH MY GAWD

    6. Nachiket Razdan

      I feel like in the end Clay would take all the blame on himself and commit suicide... Giving the show a classic emotional ending 🤔🤔

    7. Ashley Owens

      Idk why I watched this trailer, I didn’t even make it past s1

    8. Lachie Hutton

      Is this for real season 4 coming out 👌😀😀😀

    9. Smita Sharma

      *_13 reasons why we hate Ani_*

    10. bozi gameplay

      13 Reasons Why is just a Season 1. Ok

    11. coyotemoonTV

      Ani is a good character. Change my mind.

    12. Mood Forever

      Looks kind of spooky

    13. Phuong Le

      That is one mess up High School.

    14. Savannah Miller

      Am I the only who thinks Clay got kinda cute?😐

    15. Nikita Singh

      Comments are far more interesting than the trailer itself.

    16. boredomsbff •

      Remember when this show made at least some sense

    17. Simply Markaylahh

      soooo this show was never really about hannah as everyone intended it to be… it’s about Clay .

    18. mohamad abdallah

      Everyone is talking about how the whole series was supposed to be about hannah and now its ruined but it's not. It was always about Clay Jenson.

    19. Agnes Kasper

      Ani better not narrate this season

    20. Raju Bharti

      They should've ended it with S1

    21. Sana Shaikh

      Well...I can't even think of a single reason let alone 13 reasons why they would make another season of this show and dont want the students to lead a normal so-called student life😑😑

    22. Shahwal Khan

      The most DEPRESSING show ever.

    23. MOHANAD

      خوي محسن ترا هو راس البلا ومعليش على الحرق

    24. Lil Boobs

      Finally , eh eh ?

    25. Jabbers Jay

      I’m kinda disappointed. I love this show but this just seems too far left from the original idea. Season 2 made sense bc Bryce got away in season 1 but season 3 was a bit of a reach. This just seems like a cash grab. I’d rather they leave it at 3 seasons

    26. Happiness In Devices

      Oh we still have another season? Im contented with the last one..

    27. irenesfabricsoftener

      is s3 worth the watch? i need some series and stumbled upon this again jsjsd

    28. Mansi Gupta

      They should have left it at season 1

    29. Luminous Soul

      To think one suicide can destroy so many lives....😣😔

    30. Ari B

      I thought this was a joke lmao

    31. TigerClaws M

      I hope the writers are wise enough to make ani’s role less important in this season.

    32. Ryan Nishi

      These mfs are gonna be anime characters by season 10

    33. Pankaj Chachiyan

      Tyler himself said, "enough is enough". 😂

    34. namjoon's tighs

      Remember when 13rw was about a depressed girl that commited suicide????Yeah,THOSE WERE GOOD TIMES🥱😐

    35. sofia navarro

      I feel like clay has schizophrenia or something with all the shit he’s seeing

    36. Marco A Sierra Bernal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> enough is enough, they should have stopped on season 1

    37. Faerie Queen

      Season 5: "Clay. Clay Skywalker."

    38. Tristenb N

      I thought the show was over after season 1 Bc wasn’t 13 reasons why suppose to be about the 13 tapes

    39. dolly sharma

      Where's sheri? She was better than ani

    40. God Chaos

      Hopefully Clay doesn't die a virgin.

    41. Matthew Chambers

      Shouldnt the final season just be a giant hallucination and ends showing Clay in a straight jacket in a padded room ?

    42. sumedha jawalkar


    43. MrFlipperInvader792

      Great now i can see Dylan in good things

    44. dolly sharma

      They should have at least bring Hannah I'm clay's imagination again what's the point if 13 RY if the main person isn't there even for a minute

    45. dolly sharma

      Pause at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> I guess clay murdered someone

    46. Lonely Echo

      To the people in here complaining how it went from a suicide to someone being murdered, stfu, last time I checked you weren’t the ones being filmed now were you? 🙂, I remember a time when people on the internet weren’t so butt hurt about a show. Welcome to 2020 bitches 🤠

    47. Dukes191

      They shoulda stopped in season 1.

    48. Ink Bix

      these kids just need a damn break like shit

    49. Bryan Citrenbaum

      My god, just graduate already.

    50. Chandra Kant

      I hate every season without Hanna...

    51. Andrew Allen

      Show should have ended after the second season. I'll admit that the 3rd season was entertaining, but not really looking forward to another.

    52. Ricky Hamilton


    53. Gamingismy Thing

      Song fits perfect and is amazing

    54. B3N gOMEZ

      I would like to see Hannah come back in Season 4

    55. totti2k2

      Yall still watching this dumb shit? lol

    56. Brenden Moore

      Feature The Wallows this season istg

    57. Tha Taurus

      This season will be intense like Season 1 i can feel it

    58. Cypher Official


    59. WaruMano

      At this point all of the students should just turn themselves in 😂😂

    60. Cassian Pierre Anthony

      Let's ask ourselves this question: Did Jay Asher ever envision his powerful tale to end up becoming....this..?

    61. Justin Pereira

      It’s going to end by all them going to jail

    62. Amanda Strough

      Monte was a terrible person, he may had a sad upbringing but he was horrible.

    63. David

      I feel like they're going to pull a GOT.

    64. jamie fraser

      Noooooo wat Tony did Tony do you his hair

    65. Bryce Davidson


    66. cam dow

      Clay should have left this school and it’s weirdos a long time ago. He keeps dragging himself into crap

    67. ok

      guys, this season is trying to start a conversation about how one girls suicide can lead to unrealistic storylines

    68. namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim

      I just started watching season one, and I honestly don't see how this season fits with anything 😐

    69. Gregg Darby

      I love shows that glorify suicide

    70. Ski3hub

      This show only exists because people watch it. There is no story.

    71. lance wright

      I’d have left this school already with the rapid amount of sh*t going on each year.

    72. dodiswatchbobobo

      Thank god maybe now teen suicide rates will drop a little.

    73. OpinionsVary

      13 Reasons Why needs a spin off of A Million Reasons Why. 👍

    74. Oliver King

      Jesus this show gives me huge anxiety

    75. victoria c

      This show will forever hit different

    76. Hania Derouazi

      The song is called spiralling.

    77. Srinath G.

      this is so sick

    78. jori 837

      and i thought this show would end in season 2 cuz the hannah stuff ended but i guess not

    79. KayyVmeli

      Mee iis abt to watchh thiss😌💕

    80. Sean

      Can Ani please be killed next she sucks