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    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced $1 billion in healthcare funding, with a focus on telehealth and mental health services. The Government will also work with states to impose a moratorium on rental evictions and is looking at a wage subsidy scheme.
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    1. hori walker

      Lol, but you send the kids off to school to congregate lol. No wonder why they want your country to be run by nz lol

    2. Angelina Oungseng

      People are acting crazy boring 3 packs of 30 toilets rolls like yes calm down like think about people with Kids or Elders

    3. littlebighorn

      Meanwhile back at ground zero the wet markets have reopened in Wuhan. Coronavirus the sequel now in the making coming to a city near you real soon.

    4. wnchillbilly1

      this is a good news report . . . however , , at some point you will see a slick promo / advertisement from 5 econds . . . beware ---this is a scam operation based in China . . .stay away from 5 econds ---- it's a rip-off...

    5. dante dante


    6. Maya khawas

      please stay in your home, stay safe and support to Australian Government

    7. Tazzinc

      How do I home school my kids with no home internet? and we only have an old laptop that isnt even suitable as a byod for school it was all I could afford My daughter is doing grade 12 It says there is help but I dont know where to ask for it. My boys are in grade 1 & grade 3 we also have telehelth video appointments for ndis ect for their disabilities and they are using all my limited mobile data. I normally just try and struggle through I hate to ask for help. :-(

      1. Grim Reaper

        Ask your neighbours if you can use their wifi. They can only say no.

    8. lorrane

      Taiwan got it right. Why can’t Australian politicians get the model. Why not send EVERYONE. home. Isolate ALL Australians except healthcare workers

    9. Lilac Milkshake

      Amazing there's no natural disasters around the world right now. Imagine this happening during the fires, the floods or a Cyclone Tracy.

    10. blindtoby

      .30 don't gather in front of a group.

    11. Reagan Avolio

      Honestly a plane with medical supplies exploding.. seems abit Sus ?

    12. Malcolm King

      Corona virus - two's company , three's a crowd ! .

    13. Saba Venus

      No gathering but work place not letting ppl to work from home. Gov saying one thing and work places other.

    14. dawn Otoole

      Health workers worldwide are our true superheroes, they should be applauded by all as the Superstars that they actually are !

    15. zwyggyology

      please revise the news regarding the plane explosion in the Philippines. It is not a plane commissioned by the government for supplies. It was a private plane hired commercially by private individuals for medical evacuation.

    16. Maximus

      I havnt been laid off, just reduced to one shift a week... what should I do? Please help any advice would be good Thankyou

    17. Seth Ven

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="710">11:50</a> preparing food without gloves. Nice one dude. Spread that disease.

      1. Seth Ven

        Get the nurses sick from coffee. Then the nurses get the patients sick. But they don't realise it all started from the coffee. Pretty sure this was a House episode.

    18. Straya Shark

      Don't wast your time with updates from China. I don't think anyone will believe what comes out from the CCP from now.

    19. denture Clinic

      Notice how he says "no evictions on rental properties" while the screen reads "evictions on commercial properties" And look forward to getting a healthy audit if you claim, how else will they make back all this cash. Definitely not from any politicians sacrificing their fat parliamentary pension that's for sure!

    20. Erwin Sioson

      I work at a shopping center and I noticed people are not following the social distancing of 1.5 meters and when you tell the people they ignore you and continue on especially the young ones.. sometimes they have an outburst and become aggressive towards the staff who tell them to adhere to the social distancing, people are just too ignorant, with this attitude the virus will keep increasing. should the police do patrols on shopping centers and enforce the social distancing?

    21. Conservative Weekly

      What if your a family????

    22. Ian Gard

      Parliament getting together is definitely not helpful.

    23. Budge

      How many stages till an actual lockdown? I'm risking infection getting to my non essential work. I'm around someone that legitimately come into close contact with confirmed cases and because of their role at the hospital dont wear PPE. Am I supposed to just wait till I get infected at home and then go to my non essential work and asymptomatically infect everyone? This whole "lockdown" is a joke.

      1. Budge

        I wish I could stay home but I feel like I'm forced to work or lose my job I just have to see what's in store for stage 4. Stage 4 will probably just be increased fines and no exercising outside with the way these soft precautions are going.

      2. lorrane

        Just stay at home. Your life is worth more than a job. Collect the money scomo is dishing out

      3. stan columbus

        Yep!!!!!!!!!!! This is so true..... There's alot who are in the same boat. But that's the Government/s trying to keep some sort of economy going, and that is the risk of being "SLOW" to act.... It's not the virus that spreads ------ It's people who spread it?????????????????????????????????????????

    24. Its Jardo

      Do those of us who work in retail that have been deemed “essential” get hazard pay as long as we are open because I’ve seen people cough into their hand and touch items on the shelves if not that doesn’t seem right

    25. mike hunt

      China is not in the clear

    26. Lion King

      Hi, question: the new quarantine measures taken by the federal government placing the people into hotels for 14 days...does the government: 1. Test each returning Australian passenger for covid 19? /. As these people have been staying in buses for up to three hours before they are assigned a hotel, I assume no social distancing is practiced? 3. Of these people are not tested, are we asking for trouble later when antibody testing is done in the future and non - symptomatic people may pass on the disease to others?

    27. r sraon

      The Bins are full with expiry food bought by Idiots.

    28. shady shady TV oopsy

      China should be heldresponsible 🇦🇺😡😡😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    29. UN-common Sense AUS

      There is no real virus .(infarct the existence of viruses has *never* been established to any reasonable standard) this is nothing but a media and propaganda stunt. Look at the actual statistics, check with births deaths and marriages registry there is nothing exceptional about this cold/flu season, in truth it is milder than usual. Have you personally been to a hospital ? I work in one and its EMPTY. there is no shortage of ventilators or safety equipment. This entire *scam* is a political stunt. to what end I do not yet know but I do know there is no health crisis. *ARE YOU SICK ? DO YOU KNOW ANYONE THAT IS ?? DOES ANYONE YOU KNOW KNOW ANYONE THAT IS SICK ? THIS IS AN UNLAWFUL WAR BY GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE PEOPLE. *EVERYONE SHOULD BE EMPLOYING PEACEFUL RESISTANCE. DISOBEY THESE UNLAWFUL VIOLATIOS OF YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS. DO NOT CAPITULATE*

    30. Paurini Wiringi

      Shaun! Chur bro didn't know you were on australian news hahahaha

    31. Joyce Gloria

      Please include international students too! Most of us are essential workers. We're caring for the sick and the elderly. We need your help. We don't have a choice but to work or else we'll struggle. 😭💔

      1. Sam Lambert

        Joyce Gloria go home!!!'

    32. Lydia AM

      please close retail stores. people are coming in with their kids and im scared

    33. Naveen Chaudhary

      I m not going to get unemployment benefit coz my salary was handsome but they don’t care if my expenses were even higher leaving no cash in my account.. but they don’t care so I can’t get any aid ...but businesses will get bailout no matter how heavy their balance sheet they were having in past..

    34. owenia88

      I guess threesomes are out of the question?

    35. Raymond Sims

      This is showing which countries have the worst/best overall population health

    36. avis2010

      Why cleaner's outfit is much better than health care workers who are at higher risk of close contact with COVID?

    37. Adam Tx

      Death to virus

    38. David Malone

      My wife works at a hospital,im so worried as she has had a pulmonary embolism (lung bleeding) a few years ago.

    39. Free Bees

      Why the fk is my childs daycare still open!!! out of a job and still have to pay the fees even if my kid doesn't this system seriously. Good luck to all that is struggling we're in this together and we will get through this together!

    40. Edward Gross

      Just so I understand why did people on the dole get a pay rise?

      1. Noises

        because nobody can live on $260 a week and it's easy to ignore people who are unemployed but when 1/3rd of the nation loses their jobs at once people would go batshit if they had to live on what both liberal and labor governments have expected the unemployed to live on up til now. Don't worry, once the rich f*cks go back to work, jobseeker will go back to poverty rates. Notice how pensioners didn't get that pay rise? It's the government's way of saying "screw you" to the most vulnerable and economically depressed in a crisis. Don't worry, rentseekers with 3 investment properties will get loads more cash than anyone on the dole will ever see.

    41. Eileen Chambers

      I have to say this to the people that says they feel like criminals, you people are the ones that are bringing the virus in, do you want a pat on the back.

    42. John Monck

      how dare these people complain! they are the stupid ones! tax payers footing the bill ...potentially saving their lives and everyone around them

    43. BaneLoki

      Could they extend restrictions to childcare services. That way I don’t have to pay to keep my spot at childcare when my daughter is at home

    44. Dangerous Shark

      People should realis when they have came from overseas should follow the strict guidelines & stay isolated.they got no choice.

    45. Al Pal

      A mutual mate brought a " I Survived The 2020 Corona Virus" T shirt about 3 weeks ago. Last Friday evening he died. :(

      1. Michelle Saad

        May he Rest In Peace. Sorry for the lost of your friend.

    46. Emmie Gemmie

      The government needs us to get more then 60pct of us to get infected to create herd immunity.Flattening the curve just means a controlled infection rate so our hospitals don't get over run. The government will not admit this but that is the end game. Lets hope they know what there doing.

      1. mike hunt

        If our healthcare dies so do many others who are normal patients

    47. jane blogs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="793">13:13</a> they made her touch her face tho

    48. ISO WORLD

      ISO WORLD!!!!!

    49. Oinyx

      Stop monontizing these videos. Have you no shame.

    50. Shareena Usher

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> exactly! People are waiting for the government to lock down but people can make their own decision for their own family. We are already locked down and doing essential movements only to work or shops and home again and around the block for exercise.

      1. Bethesda Events

        Exactly! I have been home since the 15th with only 2 short trips out to get essentials and then straight back home. People have the choice to do it but they're afraid to overreact... well I think any "overreaction" is worth it just in case it saves your life or the life of someone else!

    51. Nancy Hobson

      Thank you Mr Prime Minister for your care of the Australian people. Without it and these sensible precautions the situation would be much worse. Other leaders are doubting Thomas and the situation in their country will be detrimental as a result of their inaction

    52. Vegemite Lover

      Traveler have money to enjoys a holidays while we are follow the rules to safe people’s life. Please stop complaining only 14 days not a life times sentences.

    53. skytears31

      How is the government letting Chinese buy bulk medical supplies??

      1. Eileen Chambers

        They just found out, and they have stopped them, a bit late, they already have what they need

    54. John Paun

      Mr prime minister please look at Taiwan this is the only country doing it right . This will create jobs and we can get back to normal life in a very short time !!

      1. Miele L

        John Paun : An island? to compare with a big continent? joking?! If you think Taiwan is more safe, free to move! Sick of some people doing comparison when situations different!

    55. Lazarus

      in soviet russia, corona virus avoid you!

    56. Ngoc Le

      I just lose my job their thousands of people had lost their jobs too, my husband is still working but afraid there not going to be more work for him, we all struggling. Because of selfish people like u who don't want to isolation. 2week that all we ask for 2 fucking weeks keep the rest of us safe, hopfully there no more new case so we can get back to our life." We feel like criminal" Stop complaining.

    57. Chanh Nguyen Trai

      Bullshit! What is the luxury hotel meaning?

    58. Silvana

      Hat's off to all the carers in nursing homes who do a great job.

      1. Juliana Roh

        Yup we do it with lack of PPE like masks.hats off to all the carers.

      2. Joyce Gloria


    59. JCTheFluteMan

      Why does the anchor keep saying ‘wu’ before every single sentence

    60. murugan siva

      Its that important elections in this situation. And this people keep on complaint for everything. After ded no sunlight

    61. Nightslayer

      I pray this will all be over

      1. Miele L

        Nightslayer : I know, we have not been out for a few days, so bored.

      2. Nightslayer

        @Miele L We've become prisoners in our own home

      3. Miele L

        Nightslayer : Me too. So over this virus stuff now.

    62. Peter J Trott

      Australia to date has moved way to slow.

      1. Klara Rotik

        You are right - the schools are still open ??? I live in Hungary and they have closed schools 2 weeks ago and people are discplined

      2. king dysfunc

        @Budge NZ has a smaller population then sydney, they have over 500 cases of the virus, over 70 in the last 24 hours.

      3. Budge

        NZ has like no cases and they're on a stage 4 lockdown

      4. king dysfunc

        Australia just finished dealing with extremely brutal bushfires that effected nearly the entire country followed by tones of floods and now this.

      5. Miele L

        iconocast : really? When a few local cases were associated with Taiwan including a baby. Go check the news.

    63. HYENA

      COVID-19 isn’t real

      1. Noises

        ...and that's why I call it the Darwin Flu. Because if you go out and catch it now, you deserve a Darwin Award.

      2. Demetria Dark

        More like your brain ain’t real.

    64. Justin Forrest

      What about people with mortgages?

      1. Isa

        Justin Forrest I’ve been thinking the same thing. No mention of it

    65. NHMO OYTIS

      My dog did a really long fart and I thought it was a new ScoMo vid.

      1. Rekted Gamer

        Because you like a good whiff?

    66. earbus1

      Dirty affluent traveller's .

    67. Down Under Radio

      What about internet providers cut prices ? For all

      1. Down Under Radio

        Low income and ppl who lost their jobs we should get cheaper internet, these companies making lots of money make them pay some bk to Australians

    68. n tarin

      Whoever working on food related shop ,should wear musk & gloves, appreciate their hard work 👏✌👍

    69. 6 million Indians inOZ 1 in 4

      Even more restrictions

    70. Bb 8

      Stop punishing the majority for the actions of a few. Or people will fight back. The pain should be on the travellers who are the ONLY reason for the virus' existence in Australia. The virus isn't travelling by air or water, it's being brought on by travellers.

      1. Muzz TheGreat

        The travellers are now [finally] under the full control. The virus is now only being brought-on by all the asymptomatic people in the community . . . the lady in front of you who coughs on the teller-machine . . . the bloke who rubs his nose and then a rockmelon . . . the woman who blows her nose and then uses the hand-rail at the train It's present in the community.

      2. Marilyn Tape

        Ii Itunes right on👍🤬

    71. Julie I AM

      $1500 a fortnight that's a joke!! Most people on the dole are genuinely unemployed and have had to live on a measly $550 a fortnight which doesnt pay the rent. Also looks like police are exempt from social distancing by the looks in this clip.

      1. Miele L

        Julie I AM : a lot of families cannot even get one cent from it. Why it is a joke?!

    72. Mandira Dulal

      Will 7 news cover some serious issues on international Nepalese student??

    73. Crazy prayingmantis

      Buy Bitcoin Free yourself from this corrupt system run by a private banking cartel that we call the 'federal reserve bank' that controls everything. It creates money out of thin air and uses it to turn us all into debt slaves in order to redistribute the wealth of the globe to itself. Google "The creature from Jeckyl island" and learn about it.

    74. chiou ping meng

      Better the little business workers wear masks !

    75. Wolf Slayer

      What part about politicians being blind and deaf bureaucrats living in a bubble did you miss?....they've got selective hearing....they aren't deaf.

    76. Darren T

      The people complaining in luxury hotels are so selfish it's just not funny

    77. Blake Willis

      Here's old mate in a full suit, whilst the reporter is in the room with absolutely no PPE. Well done chan 7

      1. Dennis Olila

        Ye it’s all for show

      2. Andrew Emmanuel

        It was a demonstration

      3. Troy S

        It's all a front you idiot

    78. steve jones

      Government promises help. My jobseeker claim was rejected. You are on your own people, believe that.

      1. TheRubberStudiosASMR

        Things are pathetic with Centrelink

      2. Edward Gross

        Sole traders are slipping between the cracks as well. I should have been on the dole and got a pay rise.

      3. Miele L

        steve jones : even they waved asset tests, income test still applies.

      4. Wolf Slayer

        lodge an appeal...request a receipt number....kick their lying arse. do it.

    79. Wolf Slayer

      More like a free advertorial for the cleaning company methinks..... btw....the prime minister of victoria is hilarious....same as the prime minister of nsw...the president of queensland takes the cake though.....

    80. Kim Le

      Can't go to the park but schools remain open?! WTF

      1. Conservative Weekly

        Miele L schools should shut. They will cause another outbreak :(

      2. Budge

        Gotta get those asymptomatic carriers somehow

      3. stan columbus

        Schools think they are immune from the virus also??

      4. Edward Gross

        me heretoday I fully agree but my wifes a child care worker they still have families with both parents at home sending kids. Maybe keep the government or council centres open and consolidate? The front line workers from healthcare to transport drivers need support.

      5. Suspect333

        School kids are helping us reach the peak, Schools open is part of the strategy.