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    Amphan, the second super cyclone to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999 and "a double challenge" due to COVID-19, made landfall in West Bengal at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, 20 May, and continued to cause destruction in the form of high-velocity winds and heavy rains till about early in the morning on 21 May. The Quint's reporter from Bengal gives a first-hand account of the ferocious storm from her 41st-floor residence in Kolkata.
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    1. sandeep mahi

      case that building company

    2. Vaishali Rajput

      Oh my god that wind sounds were... 💀

    3. Saif Ahmed

      Its an Urbana project at Ruby, kolkata, West Bengal one of the luxurious High rise apartment. I feel a bit of pain about you people after spending crores on flats if u get to see this kind of situation then it doesn't worth it of crores despite of being at 41st floors.

    4. LEARN TO DRAW Santanu Pramanik

      Brave Lady. It's a Short Film with a Real Life Story to me. Please don't be so desperate again. My Salute 🙏🙏🙏

    5. Shabbir Ahmed

      I live on 4th floor but I still got scared sometimes I feel like my building might collapse and you staying in 41st floor how scary you feel everytime when strong wind blow all the time

    6. Divyanand Tiwari

      Now you wealthy high rise people understand the pain of poor people living on the ground.. you had tears just by your window flying away, while that are faced by poor people every monsoon that there roof top flies away... And you at high rises make fun of them see them with neglect and hoard money and resources, do politics with there life when lot can be done by you.

    7. Hell Raiser

      Similar to jet engine omfg

    8. neha chauhan

      Cyclone or no cyclone u sud be scared stying this up

    9. neha chauhan

      U sud nt stay this up ..these things are already known in such areas..use ur brains bfore getting a house people to refrain cry later

    10. just pass time without crime

      I think you are crying

    11. Google User

      God bless you and your family!! I experienced hurricane Sandy in NYC, the wind sounds the same, but the apartments are much safe than my individual home then. Luckily just my street had power back in 2 days. Where as the rest if the affected areas had no power for a month or so. I dislike how Indian govt doesn't have certain laws and rules before constructing. Yes sometimes we can't do anything in front of mother nature.

    12. Marcus Danube

      Joto boro lok, toto boro natok. Jottoshob.

    13. No name

      Now imagine how would have people lived 200 years ago when there was no concrete or even today or people living under thatched roofs

    14. Chainrup Sharma

      I would prefer to live in woods rather staying in high rise buildings!

    15. Bihan Sanyal

    16. adipandey26

      its all because of Modi. he is making a hell out of this country.

    17. RR creation

      Really it's very dangerous safe guys.....2020 really wt will happen and who will be thr for nxt 2021 ...we do no even safe be strong god bless all.

    18. Anmol Singh

      Let people die...Let population reduce

    19. Student Power

      Kolkata London ho gaya...

    20. Kunal Sobti

      Living in high rises is really risky. This building is near ruby.

    21. Ritika Agarwal

      Which area and complex is this?..never seen in old Kolkata side..

    22. Hindavi Honey

      🙄🙄that's really very scary ... u r very brave ...that would be a tough time for u people these type of natural disasters.. one can do nothing else of praying ....

    23. bhskrbr4

      Sorry To Say West Bengal Me Har Saal Esa Hona Chahiye Taki West bengal K Log Aur Wahi Politics.Out Sider Jo Business Krne Ate He Aur Unko Pareshan Krna Band Kre.baht Pareshan Krte West bengal Club Wale Aur Local Politician. Suppose U Purchase Any Porperty in Kolkatta For Business Or For Residents In Your Resident Some Club People Come And Local Politician Come For Take Money One Of the Worst State In India.Even people Also They Fighting With People If You travelling In Local Train Unnessarily. West People Always Ready To Do Fight in Bus Train And Even Market Jo state Jesa Krega Use Wese Hi God Ki Traf Se Result Milga

    24. Passion for English Language - let’s learn together

      Biblical prophecies coming true. Let’s pray hard. 🙏🏻

    25. Manjit Singh

      Mother nature got angry😔


      By mistake earthquake happens ... U all will get crushed .... as I said you are staying in hell now .... You should expect such things quite often.


      Sell that property where u r staying and buy one good house which is very near to ground ...I mean to say max 2nd floor is ok to stay ...because it's 41st floor Hell I can say ....

    28. Indrakshi Haldar

      The sound😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    29. I was here

      So much air pressure 😂😂😂 Man up a little

    30. Dipayan Barman

      she's on the 41st floor , and the lifts stopped working 🌚

    31. Hemant Kumar Singh

      Corona virus Amazing Fact in Hindi 3d animated form

    32. Hemant Kumar Singh

      Corona virus Amazing Fact in Hindi 3d animated form

    33. Hemant Kumar Singh

      Corona virus Amazing Fact in Hindi 3d animated form

    34. Hemant Kumar Singh

      Corona virus Amazing Fact in Hindi 3d animated form

    35. parmar75

      Abey teeley pe ghar lene ko kisne bola tha.

    36. beautiful mind

      I know this sound was horrible that time i was suddenly high presurre & i was so scary. This super cyclone sound is seriously horrible.😢😢😢😭😭 i know the situation what happened at that time...

    37. Ritobroto Banerjee

      Nice house tour.

    38. Get Best India

      Just Imagine what we had faced in Bhubaneswar, Odisha last year for Fani Cyclone

    39. Kulwant Dhaliwal

      Very bad

    40. Arjun Kota

      No shit.

    41. jayes100

      Why u stupids pronounce really like rally rally get lost either say full hindi or english what is "yahan i can open the door" Bullshit and with drk mode u look like a zombie and dayan and in this time u make videos u r dying of fear but ur vlogging keeda is not going no 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and good for u cant u love on 2nd and 3rd floor

    42. Apurba Youtuber

      Bakwas bak bak go see the poor out thr bullshit

    43. Just Be Yourself

      Too scary

    44. Harang Daffi

      Without make upi can clearly see the dark circle around your eye <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="275">4:35</a>...Pls take care while shooting.However apreciate ur reporting

    45. Rupali Jankar

      It's really scary 😨

    46. R.C C

      41st floor!!! sounds more scary than the cyclone...

    47. Karan Maheshwari

      Looks like nature has woken up from hibernation and saw what humans has did to the earth and now is taking steps to eradicate us. In short karma is bitch and revenge would be taken.

    48. Nilesh Wadekar

      its damm scary winds lowing the way. feels like world is at END.

    49. The_NikeshPandey

      The way n what she said made me quiver .. though I was never to be the victim of such case......damn

    50. Ankit Bhatnagar

      So you did not evacuated for making video


      Yes, truly it's a terrific experience ! God help all the people 🙏

    52. lola destiny

      Some time back so many girls were getting raped so much that Allah send coronavirus as a punishment to the whole world. Now raping is far in question you cant see through someone eyes straight into their face.

    53. Kunal Goel

      Damn you must shoot this video from roof of your building

    54. Niladri Das

      R u advertising ur apartment? We don't want to see, how and where u live.

    55. Rolend Nongbet

      The time has come

    56. Alok Dubey

      Be safe

    57. J K J

      Nice house

    58. Sulagna Dey

      Is this Urbana?

    59. Atanu Ghosh

      Nicely presented yet.......North chobbis parganas and south chobbis parganas..... Couldn't witness the devastation next morning but only voice over and anchoring.

    60. CBN ARMY

      Definitely you don’t live in one of the Lodha.... because you are more concerned about cyclone than your purchase decision of the plot..😂🤣😂🤣😂

    61. sunlight on my life

      Where is 41 floor in kolkata?


      Keep paitence

    63. Sayali Maharatha

      Blv me. U have seen..nthng..... We odia people have seen worse .. Fani..... Was much much much more severe den dis... May God be with you...🙏🏼

    64. Soumya

      is this em bypass ?


      The sound

    66. Krishan Meera

      God bless u all

    67. Sujata Srivastava


    68. Subhadip Karmakar

      She has no idea what happened outside.


      Oohhhh God, that sound oohhhhh nooooo

    70. Subrata Das

      I think her face was more scary than the aamphan cyclone

    71. Rahul Sharma

      stop taking then I can hear the sound of wind listen

    72. p CHOUDHURY

      It was a very frightening day,will never forget it my entire life😓😓

    73. Cina P

      Amazing video by amazing person

    74. Chguru venkat Chiguru venkat

      She is crying of her damaged window

    75. Jane Adagi

      Corona Viruse, locusts in East Africa and cyclone in India, great what next???

    76. Deepan Dev

      Now it’s time to think about so called underprivileged people who live in slums! Moral of the story.. be happy with what you have and be great full to everyone!

    77. kirpal kumar

      She got a home & she is safe, she's still crying like a baby, just think about homeless people suffering from it

    78. Aleena Paul

      She clearly states that she's privileged. Yes, she is in a better situation than most. But that doesn't mean she can't be scared.

    79. Maths geek

    80. Tseten Dolkar

      I am shit scared to live in Apartments after an earthquake experience in Nepal Year 2015.More than ten thousand people lost their lives..And now this Virus..Thoughts and prayers to you all..I am worried and my biggest concern also goes to animals on streets especially dogs coz I am s big big dog lover person and have three female dogs at home whom I love so much..