Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. SicilianSwissvalian

      blink 182 Whats my Age Again

    2. LiiTe

      I genuinely can't wait till this guy moves on to some other song because this phone is garbage

    3. Josie Han

      they're both sorta actors, why is this video sorta awkward?

    4. SicilianSwissvalian

      41 seconds into whats my Age Again blink 182

    5. Ness Bareh

      Thanks to Em for bringing out the natural in him!

    6. daniel martinez

      Dam son!! What did Eminem retire this guy from rap or what? Lol

    7. My Name Is Jonas

      Am I the only one here who hears generic bullshit with this song!? Like seriously this is Taylor swift bad lol

    8. boobbob 00

      Fucking love megan fox in this. A PLUS SHIT

    9. Ankit Singh Kushwah

      When you are dissed so hard in a rap game that you switch to College Rock.

    10. Василий Чернов

      IN MY YEAD! Nice reference..

    11. Chumbasauce

      This is the same cornball who dissed eminem? Lmao

    12. Kanađanka

      Is it 2009 again?

    13. arvin birla

      I wish i get a chance to meet her and instantly tell her that i still have crush on her from the transformer.. she transformed me..🥰🤩

    14. Vanessa Martinez

      When the song & people & video sexy

    15. Jasin

      It's official. Em made him quit rap.

    16. Ashley Smith

      I love this side of him so much better than the rapping. This is on repeat constantly in my car.

    17. - Joshwa34 -

      Good idea to show the kids who watch this how to kys. Smart

    18. Kahvi Al

      😂😂 so you doin this now brow.. 😂😂😂 good for you..

    19. Ramez Tebet

      I love this song

    20. Pablo Gomez

      It’s a nice switch up considering that’s what lead singers from bands were doing. Rock to rap and edm

    21. MrRock1Star87

      Welcome back to another episode of “Where quarantine has led me today” Started off watching Anime fight scenes 2hrs ago Now I'm here!

    22. One Being More

      OMash is this MGK singing? Thank u soo much. 💖 I've been waiting for it til "Say you won't let go" ft. Camila Cabello. 💝

    23. Absent Swift

      Is this transformers?

    24. NINJA's Depression

      Prom scene song vibes

    25. Danton Steele

      olivia wilde oh thats 90210 david silvers wife

    26. Danton Steele

      maybe she wrote this lame shit

    27. self meditation

      can u believe tht she already has three kids 🤷‍♂️

    28. Atupele Isaac

      2013 vibes

    29. csn69 Gaming

      Clicked for Megan Fox, but stayed for MGK's song 🔥

    30. hammie55

      How does she look this amazing after having three kids 😍

    31. LowLight

      When she said: 𒈙 𒀰 𒁏 𒅌 𒄡 𒊎 𒍙 𒈓 𒅃 𒌧 𒀱 𒁎 𒈟 𒌄 𒈙 𒂝 I really felt that

    32. Franklin Rheubottom

      This is hilarious. Haha I can't stop laughing lmao 😂🤣

    33. Franklin Rheubottom

      Haha. R u a rapper or rock singer? Unbelievable

    34. Nathanael Henderson

      When did machine gun kelly start singing pop music haha

    35. Nicole

      I love it and wtf Megan Fox is babe!! 😍💘

    36. Rudy Ramos

      Did you guys forgot MGK is dating sommer ray?

    37. JenJa Kazama

      That’s the man who beat Eminem guys shining again with different genre ..

    38. Vivien HOPE


    39. Chris

      Love this song bro

    40. replicagl

      this is going on my playlist

    41. CJ Starkey

      She was SO FINE in transformers

    42. Love You More

      Big difference from "Wild Boy". 🙄

    43. Ishaan

      Came here for Megan but stayed for the music. Absolute banger from MGK🔥

    44. mahrus ali

      megan fox


    46. Primo 420


    47. Franco Tapia


    48. Solange

      2020 keeps getting weird

    49. Do It

      This album better have an Avril Lavigne appearance

    50. Daniel Rivera

      Eminem slapped the rap out of this guy. Also I dig the song.

    51. Chad W

      Early 2000’s anyone? Umm YES PLEASE! Glad to see MGK kick the 13yr olds dream of being the next Eminem.

    52. ovo 225

      Damn imagine being dissed soo hard you have to completely change genres of music lol

    53. Iron Cross Training, Ltd

      Yes it is her ⚘⚘

    54. Ella Babii

      Yaaaass!! 🔥🤟😍

    55. Manoj Kumawat

      Lets get it to 100M.

    56. Chris Socialite

      I was on 11

    57. Anh Vo

      im here for Megan

    58. Stix-N- StonerZ

      CHAINZ kicked your ass🖕🏻😆

    59. K Dubbs

      Its a video song ...thats about it. Ill listen to it yes!! Only on youtube though...


      This is early 2000 music style, and Meagan Fox hot as f**k. Of course it works

    61. tofer

      I love this fucking song bro

    62. Anthony Martin


    63. csn69 Gaming

      Finally a good song from Machine Gun Kelly 👍

      1. wesley tan

        wdym he's always made songs that are good(except for some)

    64. not here to be ur friend

      so many people wanna talk about MGK’s career as if they have one that could measure up. sure ok maybe MGK isn’t as successful as Eminem, but he’s sure as hell more successful than the people taking their time to find his music on PAsels just to talk shit

      1. wesley tan

        this comment should be at the top

    65. Nikki Nun yuh

      I didn’t wanna watch this because she was in the video but fml it’s a banger

    66. Roger Garcia

      Megan fox!!!!

    67. Julien Gong

      As always, Travis Barker carrying the song on his back

    68. Fulliron Alchemist

      Dope song, definitely needs an epilepsy warning ⚠️

    69. Antwan Boi

      Bruh MGK took Megan fox from Eminem cause Eminem took sommer ray from him. Cause Megan fox was in love the way you lie and sommer ray was with MGK and was in the Godzilla music video

    70. Kimberly Langford

      I feel like I was just transported to the 2000s.

    71. Alexx Xxx

      Mgk is officially my new favorite artist

    72. Wavy Vaporizers

      Sad that as a rapper alot of people hated him now that he did a rock song the same people who hated him now love him. AmeriKKKa for u

    73. Caitlin Boyle

      Megan Fox ruins this.

    74. Bradley Walton

      Damn Eminem killed this man.

    75. ShayDale

      So he’s doing alternative rock now? I’m so confused. He’s a rapper and a rocker?

    76. trellz17

      She needs to go back to her husband and kids

    77. Lilly3344

      She looks so different i cant put my finger on it!! Still very gorgeous

    78. Jason Ebrey

      This is what MGK needs to be doing. This is where his honest talent is. He’s talented with rap but this is his true form. Keep it up man. Can’t wait for the album!

    79. Jay Pearce

      I love you in rock bro, this is fucking awesome... I fucks with the rap too, but damn you may be being this genre back!!!!! #fuckinbanger

    80. Blu luu


      1. wesley tan

        you have finally found who you are! congrats