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Amazon Prime Video India

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    Amazon Prime Video presents Ponmagal Vandhal Official Trailer, a Jyotika & Suriya production, written & directed by JJ Fredrick, starring Jyotika, R. Parthiepan, world premiering on 29th May 2020 only on Amazon Prime Video
    ►World Premiere Date - 29th May 2020
    Movie Credits:
    Writer & director - JJ Fredrick
    Producer - Suriya
    Co-producer - Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian
    Production company - 2D Entertainment
    Cast - Jyotika, K. Bhagyaraj, Thiyagarajan, R. Pathiepan, Prathap Pothen, R. Pandiarajan
    Cinematography - Ramji
    Music - Govind Vasantha
    Editor - Ruben
    Art - Amaran
    Costume Designer - Poornima Ramasamy
    Lyricist - Vivek, Uma Devi
    Choreography - Brinda
    Action choreography - 'Rock' Prabhu
    Di - iGene
    Vfx - Knack Studios
    Sound Design - Sync Cinema
    Sound mix - Rajakrishnan M R
    Chief Production Controller - B. Senthil Kumar
    Pro - Yuvraj
    Stills - Sharavanan
    Promo Cuts - Nash
    Designs - Amal Jose
    Subtitles - Rekhs
    Music label - Sony Music

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    1. ramya kumar k

      💓Movie is worth to watch😍 one of the best of joo.....padthode karuthe full movie justice panirku😘 love jooo and movie too^^^^

    2. Vetri Vel


    3. Darshini Sreenu

      Superb movie.. Don't miss it.. Excellent acting by Jyothika and amazing work done by the director and the whole team.....

    4. Shafraz Shyn

      Wow வேர லெவல் movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Barronz vlogs

      Good movie

    6. linda julian

      Loved the movie 😍 thanks a lot mam and Sir 😊

    7. A2 Aakifah Ajimah

      After watching movie.. my daughter is now Jyothika's fan.. she is continuing with all Jo's movie.. right now dum dum dum at amazon prime..

    8. Pinki Adhi

      Awesome movie.. 😍😍😍😍😍✌️✌️✌️

    9. Johnpaul Joseph

      Best one movie of 2020


      Jo nenga vera level😘😘😘😘😘

    11. Nasrullah Panhwar

      Not in hindi ?

    12. Hani Hira

      I think it's Jyothika carrier best movie..👍👍👍😘

    13. santosh kumar

      A must watch movie to all.

    14. santosh kumar

      Surya sir & jothika madam 🙏🙏🙏🙏. Not only tamil nadu... This film message & awareness must spread all over India.

    15. Senthil Kumar

      All watch the movie in Tamil rockers and donate that money to schools and hispitals !!!

    16. Hani Hira

      Fantastic movie❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Love uhhh joooo😘😘😘😘

    17. sonu modi

      Hindi audio ya subtitle to diya karo sir ji

    18. shobana shri S

      Na movie pathuta

    19. Good Day

      Money saved......but I wish a Indian app should come like this. Worth movie.....

    20. Pavithra Murugan


    21. PKT4LYF 2

      Padam hit aaga.. Pkt4lyf 2 team saarba Vaaltukal🙏 youtu.be /ig5INNXY-qY Danger Alive - || Tamil Short Film 4K UHD || Bob-Muruga-Vishnu

    22. Priya Priya

      Very super

    23. Praveenkumar Rajan

      Subscribed amazon for this movie... expecting kollywood to utilise OTT platform much more

    24. ss d

      டோன்ட் வேஸ்ட் யூவர் டைம். நம்பர் 1 மொக்க

    25. anna maria

      Climax not good ,OK film.... An ordinary film

    26. Nivetha Sekar

      What a great movie

    27. Rajanathan C

      Thanks for good movie

    28. Ajaz Ahmed

      Saw in Amazon prime. Excellent movie. Good work by whole team. Highly recommended.

    29. Ricardo Richard Titus


    30. meenanathan meenanathan

      Padam first day with HD 5.1 potanparu Tamilrockers😂

    31. ZeRo EigHT


    32. pavan kumar

      Yellarum pakka vendiya oru movie super surya sir

    33. shalu honey

      Jo n Surya fans 😍😍

    34. Nazz KITCHEN


    35. daniel alex

      just now watched this film at prime.. very good social message , very indepth , makes so much think about this type of cases.. makes cry when feel the pain of liitle girls raped.. thank u for such a movie... jothika mam lives like a character in this movie.. im happy for this to say and type this msg...

    36. Kushal MR

      Really Wonderful and Awesome Movie

    37. vinoth kumar

      Gud movie.. Must needed message for society 👌

    38. Karhthik thambiraj

      திருமதி ஜோதிகா அவர்களின் எண்ணப்படியே, நாமும் அமேசானில் பிரைமில் தேவையில்லாமல் பணம் செலவழித்து இப்படத்தை பார்க்காமல் , தமிழ் ராக்கர்ஸில் டவுன்லோடு செய்து கொண்டு, மிச்சம் செய்த அந்த பணத்தில் வீட்டில் முடங்கி இருக்கும் ஏழைகளுககு ஒரு வேளை உணவு வழங்குவோம்..

    39. Shafi

      In amazon it's not show the movie

    40. Harish Anand

      Padam Vera level 👌👌


      Good movie hat's off....

    42. riya mohan

      Movie super.. good concept..Vera level


      Yedho Theatre la Release Pannaaavadhu Oru Happy Feel Kaaga poi paapom 😏 OTT ah ponga neeyum unga OTTum Naanga Free ah Tamilrockers la Papom Idha 😑😤😏😏😏 Amazon Prime paavom🤣🤣 Gaali da Neenga Innime Endha Padathaiyaavadhu OTT la direct ah Release Pannuva😏😏😤😑🤣🤣😡

    44. Prakash Tamil

      New try #congrats #pv@team

    45. varun raj

      Mocka padam

    46. prabakaran baskaran

      This movie is copy of:Miracle In cell no 7

      1. Shravan Baliga

        Ah stop it with calling it a copy. Tired with this

    47. Baskar venkatesh

      Excellent film

    48. Krishna Vamsi

      Super hit pakka

    49. Palani Manic

      Just finished watching the movie. Loved the movie. There were a few pullbacks but that didnt affect anything. Would have loved to see Parthiban’s character a bit more stronger. The music glided flawlessly throughout the movie. A must watch movie. If you are interested, please watch my review

    50. Rahuman Aariz

      Semma movie💪👌👌👌......Amazon prime la padam paathavanka like podunka🙋

    51. Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv

      What a movie ❤️ Got a Strong Message for Child Abuse

    52. Shyam Maroon

      Theatre kaaranunga laam oomba ponga la sunnikalaa..

    53. Nandhini Yokeswaran

      Jus saw d movie in prime.. Worth watching it.. I seriously liked d movie.. Many said saving d money instead of watching it on theatre.. Oly tat u see in tis movie.. Guys open ur eyes wide.. U can never b proud of jus having a baby boy in ur home but u hav to b oly if u make him a better man.. Bringing up ur son better man is nothing related to d society but oly with every single individual.. Girls r equal human being n u hav to always treat them better than ur own sister mother wife n so on.. Jyothika maam u always choose a right track keep going.. Everytime u give a eye opener movie this wwas ur best...

    54. sathya santhosh25

      Nalla Padangalai edhula release panninaa Enna? Support them

    55. yellow world


    56. Balaji radha

      Nice movie

    57. Indhu Govind

      Superb movie every guy should watch

    58. Praveen n

      Telegram la padam ipova release agiducha nega yathuku ipo release paniga

    59. Nithick Sanjay

      JOTHIKA RE ENTRY VERALEVEL 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 😍😍🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥

    60. Christina Appadurai

      Seen the movie. Jothika very good....... Hats off a good movie after a very long time

    61. Aruthra R

      Great movie, worthy much

    62. Anjali Anjuanjali

      Semmaya .... Amazon la odum..... surya annna....

    63. Anjali Anjuanjali

      Semmaya irukum ninaikiran...... good film.... motivation Film ninaikiran......

    64. Hitesh Malaviya

      Hindi Me Aayegi

    65. sivanathan prasanna

      Best of filme in my life

    66. RealityCheck18

      All the controversy just to bump up the value for OTT sale.. Great businessmen..

    67. Umayal Rakkappan

      Revolution nd bold attempt. .❤❤❤❤❤

    68. Hentry Anthony

      Mass movie by jyothika . Jyothika is great actress .

    69. HB BGMZ

      Telegram Irukke Aprom Ethukku Prime Laa😂

    70. Akash vimal

      Ott platform la padam vitinga.... Easy ah amazon ku kuda kasu kattama padam pathachu..... By the way movie was terrific..... Adhum hd print la pathachu... Theater la vantha kuda mokka print than vanthurukkum.... Ott yala hd ye vanthuttu😂

    71. Minerva Thomas

      Originally I didn't have a plan to watch this movie. To stand with jyotika I watched this movie. This kind of movies are need of the hour.court scenes are not much fiery but worth watching.

    72. Tharai Express

      surya padathukku varra viewsa vida athikama varuthe madam. controversy tha best promoter polayee

    73. indumathi R

      Thanks Surya and team. Although it wont make any big change in the society, it will definitely create some awareness for sometime. It would have reached many people if released in theatre. Awaiting for release across all TV channels.

    74. john hussein

      after this want a lot of tamil movies release here of coz we will support rombhe save money ...new way for tamil cinema 🔥

    75. Nantha Kumar

      பசிக்காக ஒரு கை அரிசியைத் திருடுனவன்னை அடிச்சுக் கொன்ன இதே நாட்டுலதான் 100 பேரை பலாத்காரம் பண்ணவங்க, அதை வீடியோ எடுத்தவங்கள்லாம் ஜாலியா வெளியே சுத்திக்கிட்டு இருக்காங்க 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    76. Bhushan Nikam

      Amazon : how to write a review on Amazon Prime app on Android? I tried googling and everything but didn't found a way to review it. Please make it available or known if available.

    77. Bhushan Nikam

      Please watch this movie everyone and any child abusing any girl in you house, nearby told him first politely or otherwise with proper punishment and make a fear among everyone who ever thinks about doing such act of inhumanity.

    78. Bhushan Nikam

      Just watched the movie on Amazon Prime. It's a heart melting and such a solid acting and plot, feelings all I could feel although with subtitles. It's a shame there are so many sexual attacks on childs, girls, wemen in this country. There should be something done sooner to prevent this at all. No such criminal even if underage or a reputed person should be left. We all need to stop this with movement from inside our own Home. I don't understand the language, but with subtitles also, I had cried so many times listening to the cruelty these rapers can do. How can they don't have a single humanity point into them?

    79. Mohammed mahroof

      nice move good Message i really like good job guys🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍

    80. Mohamed Arafath

      Thanks Prime video great effort for new movie relies on time