Sussanne Khan REFUSES to answer personal questions about Roshan family at an event | Bollywood News



26 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼18

    Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife Sussanne Khan in a recent and exclusive interview with Zoom refuses to answer personal questions about the Roshan family. Watch the video to know more.
    #HrithikRoshan #SussanneKhan #HrithikSussanne
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    1. Dev Verma

      She's fuckin roshan's behind curtain so why media is eagre to know...does she has to discuss her physical needs to media ? Media is proving to be eye peepers in everybody's life except themselves.

    2. Ruchika Sharma

      Iska baat khud itna bada kamina hai

    3. radaad randaadel491 4444rr

      Why the media in nedia aske sussana khan special mattets for roshan family . She is unfaithful exwife and he divorce her.

    4. P RANA

      I never understood why they divorced

      1. radaad randaadel491 4444rr

        Becous she unfaithful wife.

    5. Let's code

      Koi farak nhi pdta

    6. Ruchi

      V well 👍

    7. Ashish Roy

      Fake socialite trying to sound creative on other's talent..I doubt how mich of real input do these ppl give apart from being star wives n being well connected...

    8. Dinesh Limbu

      Ye media wale v bahut battamiz hote hai,faltu mai controversy badate hai.

    9. sweth roy

      She is nice give reply very polite

    10. River love

      Hear her talk kangana talks intelligent and very well spoken not like plain Jane susanne

      1. River love

        @Rukmini Bezbaruah intelligent.people.debate.and.kagana does.that very well

      2. River love

        @Jobaer Bhuiyan u.too

      3. Jobaer Bhuiyan

        Get a life and stop judging people .

      4. Rukmini Bezbaruah

        Intelligent people do not behave like Kangana

    11. River love

      Wearing dress up her neck lol mutton dressed as lamb

    12. River love

      Susanne looser n looser husband

    13. Femi Queen

      Very good attitude by sussanee

    14. Shanzida Shanta

      Beautiful soul! ♥

    15. maida hameed

      You are right Sussanne #Super30 best performance of #HrithikRoshan. Love you mam you are so talent Sussanne

    16. The celebrity world

      Hrithik Roshan is BEST I don't like Sussane

    17. Smitha Haridas

      Why media need to ask or dig past thing's.....just because they were part of the family .....every family has own issues they will deal it......

    18. ali hassan

      To chutiye family questions puchty q ho

    19. Jungle kids videos

      Great sharing


      Hrittik is best

    21. isani sharma

      Hrithik k sadi k bad kitne affair tha .....i think 5/6 but people only ask about kangana

      1. Yeah Whatever

        @Dc Ldbjoshcuosx And hritik roshan is a douchebag.

      2. Dc Ldbjoshcuosx

        She is the only one who like Drama. other understand that they try but not going as long as they don’t marriage or have baby . This is going as modern time. Kangana can‘t take this because of her ego and her selfishness.

    22. po jehanabad

      Love you mam