Virus scenario - The current situation | Jump cuts | Hari Baskar | Naresh Dillibabu (with Eng-subs)

Jump Cuts

Jump Cuts

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    Jump Cuts is a Tamil Entertainment channel by Hari and Naresh. We love telling our stories that we have came across in our life, friends, neighbourhood and bring it to you in our own way through the jump cut editing ✂️.
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    1. Jump Cuts

      Hope you all are safe out there, Please try to be at home. Dont panic and have a great time with your family. Watch the video till end as post credit scene is added 🔥❤️. #stayhomestaysafe

      1. Sandy S

        Great combo wit corona but missed t jumping person behind t news telecast 😅😅😅

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        Boss enga veetuku WiFi connection potu vidunga

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        Something different

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        Sema j

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      100 rubaikku dettol😂😂😂

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      Super anna .. stay safe anna .. loved this video lot.. waited for a long time for your video. Keep doing more anna


      Thalaivan is backkk .. PAsels elaa chennel oda appan vathutanaaa eni vera yaru avana adichuga mudiyathuuu daaa

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      Anne naa schl student thaa


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      I am waiting for your rply anne




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      Nowadays madhan gowri is boring you are rocking bro

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      😍😍Hari is back to his own form....😍

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> pinnadi dance semma bro 😂

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      Bro bore adikuthu bro , neenga local logunathan vs quater govindh 4th part podungha bro pls

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      Romba Naal kalichu vareenga pola commit ayitingala 😁😂

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      9.45 to end😍😍😍

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      That brave Guy : nanga corona ku laam kolaru kuduthavanga da That another guy : apo una dha da adichu kolanum... #virus_kirumi...#stay_inn_stay_safe_

    28. cook with me renu

      Pasangala unga video pakkave mudila...


      thala ippo dhan old version hari baskar pathamadhiri iruku sema episode.....keep it up..

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      Feels like Jumpcuts Comeback ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻

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      Vera level!! The Vintage Jumpcuts is back!!

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      Continuously watched all Your videos U are really talented guy... support from Tirupati 👏👌

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    41. Mengineer

      1min of your valuable time please, This is for Us ❤️ The game is changing guys England's PM and King Charles got corona, so do u think the king is not maintaining social distance ? Something serious is gonna happen guys, I have shared that with official Proofs from World health organisation and please try to understand this doesn't comes under creating panic situation it actually comes under creating awareness which most of our Indians don't have due to knowledge gap so please watch this video, and share maximum guys 🙏❤️ All are deserved to know the truth which no media will say, why you should stay home watch this to know why. #coronavirusoutbreak Information with proof straight from World health organisation. For further reference: (+41 22 501 76 55)What's group by world health organisation guys invite link available in the official site of world health organisation, pls ask everyone to join let's teach this media a lesson! Share this video alone with this knowledge only that can help to create awareness for people to stay in home itself and eat healthy only that can help us! And our government owes us that! Let it be the first time a true message goes on trend, Lets all protest together. #savehumanityCHINA #SupportIndiaSupportHumanity #shareTheKnowledgeCoronaWithAll. With Love and Respect, Mengineer #Coronavirus #21dayslockdown #StayHomeStaySafe

    42. rahull sherof

      so you are making fun of Corona

    43. Subha Sri

      Recent ah vera oru channel la naresh interview pathen. Naresh siripu super ah iruku. Neraya nal jumpcuts pathutu yaru intha naresh nu ninachuruken. Fst tym avara pakuren. Seriously true ah en heart la irunthu solren. He is very humble. And straight forward. Open ah unmaiya pesurathu enaku remba pidichiruku. Matha channels a pathi positive ah pesunathu super. Same tym yarayum hurt panra mari pesa kudathunu avar sonathu remba pidichiruku. And he is so sweet & cute. Love from Dindigul ❤️

    44. Jasper Infant

      background song name plss

    45. Sathish Suresh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="418">6:58</a> For your kind information friends. ‼️‼️‼️Please don't use this mask friends it's not useful. It is a one way mask. It only ensures that you don't spread the virus to others. But if you are healthy and wear that mask you'll easily get attacked by the virus as it is only a one way protector. For easy understanding... Virus transmission from infected person (wearing mask) to others is blocked. But healthy person wearing that mask will not be safe, virus may enter the mask, virus transmission not blocked. So use respirators (mask) like N95. #Stayhome #Staysafe #Watch #Jumpcuts

    46. Padma Priya

      This video is speaking our reality sir

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      Enjoyed a lot ....baski on form

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      dai enna da arakoraya thadi meesa valanthu iruku

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      Nanu mask podala. ..

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      CORONA MYTHS AND FACTS Click here 👇👇👇

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      Covid 19 is equal to THIRD WORLD WAR

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