What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

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    After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.
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    What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day

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    1. Science Insider

      Additionally, If you've lost your sense of smell or taste, you could be a 'hidden carrier' of the coronavirus. Learn more here: bit.ly/SenseOfSmellCoronavirus

      1. Global Triangle

        Is coronavirus bio-weapons?

      2. önder dincel

        @Phil J.L Fig which drugs are they?

      3. DR Bill McGraw

        You are a hidden carrier of zinc deficiency.

      4. Virginia Singleton

        Science Insider There are plenty of ppl who have had these symptoms before 2020 going back to the 90s which is why ppl aren’t taking it seriously. So were they sending this mess out back in the 90s? It’s all races except they called it flu, chronic fatigue syndrome and pneumonia.

      5. Ivan Hernandez

        @GDB Riot interesting

    2. Johnny Butt

      All of this Coronavirus videos in PAsels is very helpful for my science project

    3. Sai Ganesh

      I wasnt taking seriously but I am now. I hope we get through this together quickly and hope things dont escalate from this point forward.

    4. IBSoccerStarYT

      God and Jesus Bless everyone and everything in all the universes!

    5. Win Mid

      My dad tested positive for covid-19, please pray to god😭😭😭😭

    6. Zachary Mendez Graves

      I'm keep on getting tested negative but please everyone stay safe, social distance, stay inside and keep your families safe

    7. Donald Trump Jr.

      America should have been Nuked China for causing all of this

    8. S S

      This virus makes in Ukraine in 2010 . US make biological weapon but new Ukraine government sale human organs to Europe Asia and USA and infect all world

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    10. Andyl

      Damn I have it 😅

    11. SID Adn

      Every one hates this goddam virus hope a vaccine comes for it soon. This virus has destroyed the world

    12. Dark Shadow

      I can feel shortness of breath

    13. Madan Pantha

      I'm having normal fever for last 7 days . I thought that was because of sore gums . I have recovered from it but fever is still with me . What to do guys ?

    14. joseph baska

      You can't trust this info as it came out of China

    15. Dan Cronemiller

      I am panicking

    16. Erin Soriano

      Too scared to go to a hospital Sick as hell and getting sicker

    17. zipsuccess

      what is covid-19 pasels.info/video/vidio/nGuAcpyjrHt7dJM.html

    18. Zach Sano

      I've been having absolutely nothing but extreme phlegm production and wet cough, along with dehydration, and I don't think that's related? Still anxiety about it tho

    19. Ahmad Mgharbel

      My father has cancer and i have asthma i think i have corona and its stressing me and making me cry plz its not a joke be careful

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      thanks very helpfull video..GOD BLESS US ALL

    24. Robert Dem

      I have chest pain, headaches and a sore throat 😰 i did the test and waiting on the results

    25. ItzAmaaa_

      I’m watching this cause my mom has been coughing and clearing her throat lately I’m really worried

      1. NJ

        we need a update

    26. Erik Carrillo

      I don’t believe anything China and the WHO put out there so duck off

    27. Kevin Cano

      I had lost my sense of smell and taste while sick buy never developed a fever but im now recovering it really is scary i think im traumatized :/

    28. Lubystka Olamonola

      Let me tell you something about COVID19 babe. COVID is a case of DANDRUFF compared to EBOLA. (which has mortality rate of 90%. and no cure)

    29. Arapaho Sundancer

      At what point does "Silent Apoxia" happen?

    30. Naveed Ahmad

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    31. Erik H

      im not sure if i got the virus, but my body feels so incredibly heavy, and i have a bad headache😩

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    33. daniel garcia

      I have shortness of breath istg

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    35. Hudson Hornet

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    38. Mata Mata

      Fk off there is no such virus

    39. Elegant Lady

      It’s Chinese virus. No death in North Korea, Singapore, HK. And he’ll in Europe and USA. According to Chinese scientists, we got L strain which is 270 times more deadly than the S strain in China ( so the virus in China is a form of vaccination for their ppl) it’s bio war, Chinese navy is taking control and hiring ports around the world...while world is preparing for corona vaccination.

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    43. Craig Park

      I've had a sore throat for 3 days now my throat is very sore at the base :/

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    49. Solongschlong

      I have cough for Atleast a year now. I have diarrhea which happens whenever my stomach is upset. I have sore throat and chest pain. But I cant go to a doctor for checkup because my dad isn't very encouraging when I talk to him about my problems. Hes just too afraid to spend money on health and whenever he does he keeps reminding me of the money he spent. I don't know what to do. I'm really sad and scared..

    50. Stephen Lacey

      I do not believe covid 19 is real

    51. Austiny123entertainment Home of entertainment

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    52. Smith & Wesson

      I live in LA and still don't know a single person who has had "COVID" or know someone else that has had it. Why is that?

    53. Jojo Aja

      I'm a little hard to breath, in my diagfram Seem got fluid, my chest pain when the weather very cold or expose to fan, what happen to me? But after 30 min meditation I'm back to normal

    54. Daniel J


    55. Emo_Ed_ ;D

      This is scary :(

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    57. ISI I'm Sajid Intelegence

      When will we get off from covid.19.. The vaccine how much time it will take to come???

      1. ISI I'm Sajid Intelegence

        @Smith & Wesson ohh my God...so its not possible in 2020

      2. Smith & Wesson

        We need a cancer vaccine before a glorified Flu vaccine.

    58. Wuhan Virus

      COVID-19 (Chinese-Originated Viral Infectious Disease)

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      There are patients getting cardiac damage versus lung damage.

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    63. Dana Hj

      I have Covid19 but you said that the mild symptoms are still strong, I don’t agree at all. My entire family got it and we are in perfect health now. 3 out of 9 of us had what I would say discomfort (the older ones) but non were in a bad situation and for 3 of them there were no symptoms at all.

    64. Matthew Tenney

      I have trouble with the very first sentence: "After being exposed... take as few as two ... for symptoms to develop". That has been repeated over and over and it is widely interpreted as saying "don't bother looking at your own vital signs because you won't see any problem". For example, to a physician trying to decide if a patient should be sent to the hospital, a low-grade fever is not a symptom but if you're the patient and you are trying to decide whether to self quarantine, then you probably should consider a low-grade fever a symptom. There are millions of us parents and grandparents who are willing to accept a high level of false positives (that would lead to at least temporary self quarantine) in order to protect our families.

    65. MisaelDoesAnimation

      My dad has been critical for a few weeks now and he’s not doing so well. I hope he gets well because I don’t want to lose him. I hope everyone stays healthy

    66. Juliette Lucarini

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    67. Jeremias Culentas

      Hi, Sorry if I watched this video (Late) Im from Philippines... I have a question though.. Is Itchy Throat also a sign for having Covid ? I hope you can answer my Question, Thank you💞✌

    68. Doctor Rishi

      stay home and save our family

    69. Æ dιaмond ツ

      Help me please I'm struggling to breath while laying down 😭

      1. Ahmad Altawil

        Potential causes include congestive heart failure, obesity, and respiratory issues. Sometimes, people find it hard to breathe when they are lying down flat. The medical term for this is orthopnea. People who experience this will often need to prop themselves up on pillows so that they can sleep.

    70. Jason Flores

      I like at the end where it says don’t panic hahaha I’m sweating right now. I get one ache and I freak out. But seriously I pray for everyone around the world nightly. I hope all you guys are ok and your family’s to.

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    72. pablo

      Guys let’s be positive me and my family 5 people we all contracted COVID 19 my mother has type 2 diabetes And my brother has asthma and we had a bad time but we are all recovering and feel better so guys don’t panic most people will recover it’s a small percentage that are getting the bad symptoms but this happen with any disease some people just don’t have the immune system but is very few now be careful but don’t panic happen the media is only showing the people who are dyeing but not showing all the people who are surviving god bless everyone and stay safe .

    73. alamgir azad

      StayHome StaySafe, SaveLives & Listen “AZAD’s song for Captain Tom” pasels.info/video/vidio/fKCXf8eJrKeahrw.html

    74. kwlambright

      I had something like this over 2 years ago, at one point I was ready to be tuned as I could not breathe at all. Had 4 specialist probe and prod me for two months and when it got hot outside it magically went away. I was still going to work as I usually have upper respiratory infection once a year. This stuff lasted 6 months on and off as I worked through the hurricane and very cold winter

    75. King’s Castle

      My teacher is making me watch this for an assignment. FOR WHAT???

    76. just ara

      Hey I had severe phelgum stuffy nose and dry coughs my heart rate increased and I had trouble breathing with mild fever I am currently taking some meds but i am really scared can anyone help me? Should I get tested?

      1. just ara

        @Oku no nothing yet 😞 I consulted a doctor and they prescribed some meds I guess you should consult one too.

      2. Oku

        Same here any update?

    77. maggie bugden

      Been praying for ppl to overcome this evil virus!

    78. Valelacerte

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    79. Fulungsar Brahma

      Scare people, that's your business.

    80. Albert Jackson

      The CHINA VIRUS is 100% the responsibility of China.