World's Top Virologist Dr. Ian Lipkin Speaks On Fighting Coronavirus Crisis | India Today Exclusive

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    World renowned virologist , Dr. Ian Lipkin spoke exclusively to India Today about fighting the coronavirus outbreak.
    #IanLipkin #CoronavirusOutbreak
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    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 2 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. K Vamshi

      Mr news reader dont speak in middle of speaker who has higher knowledge then you speak after when their speech is finished

    2. grey Grey

      It's an engineered virus .

    3. grey Grey

      It's an engineered virus .

    4. EF Mza

      Thank you doctor for that very informative interview. God bless!

    5. Simcha Winter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="892">14:52</a>

    6. Z G

      Most essential point in final minute... NOT PANICKING & Comps w/influenza stats👌🏼☯️

    7. prakash j

      Good show by india today, authorities in subject speak humble and and accurate.keep it up .Thank you for efforts .

    8. Creasion2020

      Prevent now we know .....whts causing it?

    9. saurabh mishra

      He got infected himself later But he is safe ....

    10. Usman gani

      Panic does not paralyze. It is part of initial self protection response in an organism.

    11. Nanjappa Bopanna

      Indian anchors definitely need to be trained to interview experts without interrupting them..

    12. nash Lakhani

      Take black seed oil and zinc to block the damage caused by the virus.

      1. Renu Mathur

        What’s black seed??

    13. S k

      China virus

    14. Jeebanlata Salam

      Here, in this talk we as audience are learning and enjoying the talk..but my God AG's talk session is only shouting & a complete waste

    15. Ian Carter

      RESEARCH DRACOS and the rider institute viral panacea!

    16. l1mmg0t

      One of the great challenge in this world is to know enough about the subject to think you are right, but not enough about the subject to know you are wrong. ..

    17. Din Solo

      Use cat antibody to kill convid 19 virus

    18. Dipak Basu

      So he said it would be like normal flu regarding mortality. Why do we need lockdown or lockup which destroyed already millions of jobs of very poor people? Germany, Sweden, the USA, Japan have no lockdown .

    19. Dipak Basu

      Liplkin is a Russian

    20. Sallyanne Naylor

      interveiw dr John Cambell on this matter find him on you tube very educational on the corona virus

      1. Max DC

        Dr Campbell is retired nurse, not an infectious disease expert. He just gave his audience data he gathered from the internet. While Dr Lipkin is really a world renown expert in virology (virus study).

    21. seetha dev

      To be clear foreigners are always unhygienic and short of sunlight for vitamin d. Because of this they r infected more than the indians

      1. Cheltook Tribe

        what type of statements is that. indians are the people who suffer from diarhhea and malaria you are sayng westerner are unhygienic

    22. viswanadham saripalli

      Interviewer speaks more it would be better to listen expert note.

    23. Vishnu Ramcharitar


    24. Hridoy Gogoi

      India Today Anchors are not qualified to interview experts. They are eligible only for interviewing people like Swami Nityanand

    25. Steve Bowen

      Thank you for this informative interview. I can share this video and advice to bring more understanding and to help promote it's importance. Millions of people need this information now to comprehend on how to slow new infections. Kudos

    26. Dr Rao


    27. Fatima Khan

      Kya uknow u know karre bhai

    28. LMAO

      Nothing's better than a renowed Expert's Advice during such times.

    29. Geeta Shetty

      Good reporting boss,kudos .Kumar shetty

    30. Ahmad Ali

      Its really a mutant of bird flue virus ... named covid 19 corona virus ... just use ,,Oxy tetracycline ..., may be it will work ... i use this Anti biotic in my poultry birds when infected by ..cronic respiratory disease found very promising .....

    31. Rose Osmosis

      He should learn English before coming on TV and taking interview of an expert. Sucks!

      1. Khurshid Anwer

        His English is good ! what are you talking about?

    32. A&M passion struck

      ...same thing said by indian doc mr. Mukherji !!

    33. John Snow Kumar

      Three corona patients were given an experimental injection shot each somewhere. They next asked that the ventilator mouthpiece be removed. after this they briefly started talking. Suddenly one of the three died mysteriously. Upon re-testing, the remaining two corona patients still alive had the infection of coronavirus, when they were re-tested a couple of hours later.

    34. K. Ganesan Ganesan

      Dedicated youths participation is necessary. Suffering is due to lack of trained personals.


      he did not speak a single world on virology he is saying the same layman politician speech what the hell

      1. Cheltook Tribe

        then go to cowdung virology, he can solve you better

      2. Siamtea Chhangte

        Just what i thought!

    36. w t

      theory: corona virus was spread by a cloud let out by a UFO, what I say. why else would aliens experiment on the noses of abductees, if not to study human respiratory system, right? extraterrestrials have technology not understood by humans, and they've been visiting our planet very often for a very long time. it may be that they are not yet able to survive here, hence they abused abductees in an effort to create human/aliens combo. they may be by now ready to try come out of their ufo crafts and live on our planet. first though, they have to kill us humans. well, they are now in the process. covid-19 rages on and kills many. the survivors will be few enough for the alien race to take over our planet.

    37. Shandra Lyngkhoi

      Hi Doctor PEEYUSHDHARA is the vaccine when snakes🐍 bit, how ❓different Corona virus is from snakes bit

    38. R. Balasubramanian

      Dr.Lipkin’s advice that those who have been cured of the disease must help research work must be taken very seriously and taken to the next level. Can India Today play a role?

    39. Carrius

      Why do u keep on interrupting?

    40. Ramdatt Desai

      What is PCR test ? is it available in India ?

      1. Vanessa Vondelle

        Polymerase Chain Reaction. Absolutely.

      2. Lisa Maedaorie

        polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. so far south korea hv done it, abt 300k++ been tested. the result as early as 9 min i guess...

    41. alternative energy research

      Is it biological weapon answer sir

    42. ramesh Yadav

      Baba Ramdev pls get infected and recover with yoga...and give ur plasma to treat others

      1. Aarti S

        Shame on you for such cheap mentality. See how much he has donated! How much have you donated? 😊

      2. vikrant verma


    43. WHB JR

      As dispicable as a 600% increase in diabetic medicine?

    44. WHB JR

      Hypothetically, what would happen if we DID just continue with life as normal. Would we develop antibodies quicker, or would more die?

    45. saurabh sinha

      Very well executed interview.

    46. Mainak nandy

      stop using "u know" "u know". write down and prepare your questions before starting an interview and waste these imp people's time.

      1. Shivaraj D

        Where are these so called virologist?

      2. Azay Deelay

        Indians do not know how to speak English. They babble English. They do not speak it.

    47. CHINNODA

      It's a china virus

    48. Siva Das

      Higher temperature dehydrate the patients lungs and promote good air exchange. Otherwise the patients lungs would have filled with liquids and suffocating him to death. So keep the room temperature above 32 digree C.

      1. Siva Das

        Good airation is also important.

    49. bhai jaan

      it's CHINA VIRUS

    50. Vivek Shivdasani

      Small pox was also a virus. I am really glad that i watched this learned doctor giving us the benefit of his knowledge.

    51. deepak sharma

      he got infection himself

    52. Sleep Smart Smash Stress

      Getting hit by a mild to modest size viral dose is often a good thing for the younger people with good immunity as it creates resistance. Only if the elderly get hit or there is massive bolus inoculum and multiple contact that the full blown disease would develop and have a fatal outcome. The virus is so new no expert can reliably predict its behaviour. Expertise is irrelevant here.

    53. Diana L-Gonsalves

      Stop calling him Sir, you moron. He's a Doctor

    54. Raj Nagarajan

      Great interview with Dr. Lipkin❤️

    55. Jasy Brigde

      China ke aadmi sab khate mouse rat dog cat gande logo saap moet gu sab khate hai wuhan market dekho youtube par. Je logo ke waja se sab hoewa hai

    56. Ryan Rodrigues

      Get well soon Dr. Lipkin.

    57. Felixberto Japay

      Please see on You Tube: MARKED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS, Evangelist Reinhard bonnke. Thanks & God bless

      1. gelanj


    58. Disha Chnl

      There is no end of this virus,..maybe more new viruses will come ...... earth is doing wat it supposed to do long back.

      1. Kartikeya Tiwari

        Be positive, we will end this, anyways in 52 degrees it won't alive, and if observed it's in spreading where temp is 10 to 20 degres, summers are coming , be safe at home।। All the best

    59. dev12bob

      Don't interfere when an expert is speaking dude🙏

      1. Cheltook Tribe

        haha, likewise dont try to make one big issues, rss vs isis will start their corona comments

      2. Hasan Mohiuddin

        They can't. They are suffering from oral diarrhea.

    60. Venugopalan Venkataraman

      I am happy that the India Today to interview a real Doctor unlike the break-india presstitute like Karan Thapar for The Wire who is interviewing Dr. Ramanan, a Phd in economics & ststistics as if he is a medical proffessional

      1. Duraiz Wani


      2. Rashmi K.S

        The problem is not with the statistics or with Dr Ramanan’s is the way with which the interviewer extracts knowledge from those experts..few interviewers are not bothered about the agenda of the whole interview, they just want to extract all ingredients they want to criticise who all they want to..that can be easily seen in Thapar’s interview with Dr Ramanan...not letting the Dr to complete his words and somehow dragging him to highlight the negative side of the topic..few interviews are meant not to bring out the facts and figures and enlighten the audience but to satisfy their hidden agendas...unfortunately these kind of Thapars are in the fraternity of making good citizenry with their great intelligentsia. PS: good thing is, we can make out that Dr Ramanan strictly adhering to what he want to convey the audience😀

      3. Ashish Dewaker

        Do u know statistics is applied in many fields like the present case ? It will be used even in Corona vaccine trials and will be crucial in deciding whether a particular vaccine should be cleared for use. What Dr Raman did was apply his expertise in statistics to the situation, why do u have a problem with that ?

      4. Surya Narayan

        Right and I think the difference is the role they play. Dr. Ian Lipking is actually curing Covid patients and saving lives but Ramanan Laxminarayan is epidemiologist and Director of Center for Disease dynamics, economics and policies. His research area is to see how fast epidemics affect population without a vaccine and cure. Even they do have simulations for each country taking into account how different people behave culturally and geographically. So, both are important and right in their positions. One can warn Govts based on simulations and other can actually work on vaccine and cure.

    61. Venugopalan Venkataraman

      WHO first said that this Virus is not transmitted from Human to Human. Then the WHO said that this is not an air-borne. The WHO changed the music after months

    62. Abhishek Giri

      Grt insight!!

    63. Jealous Rant

      Dr.Lipkin is presently suffering from COVID19. HOPE HE RECOVERS FAST.

      1. Harshad Ambokar

        @Joseph Purushotham how did ge contract the virus??

      2. Joseph Purushotham

        He says he will be back on 13th? Great man great job.

    64. Ramkumar T J

      He kept his hand to close his mouth when asked about his visits to China....what does that mean in body language attempt to control what we are about to say....dont know what he was hiding.

      1. Ramkumar T J

        @Raza Hasnain see the documentary on body language watch it again you might think this way too

      2. Raza Hasnain

        Stop reading NLP books. It's all fake bud.

    65. Aribam Anju

      Look we all know we r also evolving continuously ( survival of fittest) .. Why don't we think about DNA activation through discoverings undiscovered parts of brain!?😶 Brain is what control our body as we know... The cells need manual upgrade... Opening up to opposite different points of view uncovers unused brain parts .. Left n right brain balancing, therefore new solutions ... Atheist n believers need to see each other's points of view n observe ( points only contradicts but r all truths from different angles) to make the best solution . Btw violence will never solve.(we know earth suffers from violence n exploitation,it's a wake up call or we all die 💀). Another issue always rise up eventually. .. Every scientists, mystics, mathematicians, yogis, mediums need to work together for the virus, psychological emotional impacts , artists need good lyrics writers to reach every nook n corner.....the world is one nation now... One people left out , everyone dies n it's our responsibility to influence that one person.(we lost contact with compassion too on the way sometimes due to too body identity we forgot we r souls n has heart...we hv became animals that harms another for survival - ). The virus is our future btw .. Just like HIV. Or other viruses, they don't die we only developed immune.,evolved mentally n change our habits . N outgrow ...". That's why we need to upgrade DNA .. Scientist should talk with mystics .. N collaborate.. We r all powerless we hope their is collaboration before internet shuts down too ..Thank u for reading... I feel like a crazy person ..

      1. Neethu Antony

        All the theists pray to God for his mercy For the sins of all the theists and atheists!

      2. Rahul Babu

        You are crazy.

      3. Aman Sriadibhatla

        Wow, but you see our technology and intelligence is limited and it will take 100-1000s more years or never for a human to be able to "manually upgrade DNA". And if you let nature take it's call then it might more time for a human to evolve and adapt than it's virus counterpart because of its unstable genetic material (RNA). All we can do to save ourselves is be intelligent and exploit things around us to safeguard ourselves and that's what we have been doing since years. And when you talk about mystics and religional beliefs then all I can say is they are just beliefs and they might or might not work as per requirement and only modern science can lead us to future since it runs on factual proved data something where religion and it's beliefs lag behind. What you wrote is indeed crazy though and looks like you watch a lot of movies lol.

    66. kausik


      1. Akash Sandhu

        Also, go watch contagion it is really close to our current situation

      2. Akash Sandhu


      3. The Layman

        You are logical. Unfortunately people have forgotten the whole world is in panic. And in case they are put in the same situation, many "Civilized" countries have behaved in a worser manner than what we know of India ...

    67. Citizen Kolar

      ghar mein shaadi hai magar paise nahi hai - Demonetization 1 bahar curfew hai magar ghar mein ration khatam - Demonetization 2 ========== Nation is huge, complex & diverse, kindly decentralize decision making, it looks like only one man is intelligent in India (even intelligent than virus researchers, Doctors, Medical professional, which is very crude joke). This man is yet to prove his educational credentials, RTIs on his education not yet answered. Such a shameless LIAR of highest order. He approved Rs.20,000 Cr Rastrapathi Bhavan upgrade, what was so urgency in that ? He waived off lakhs of crores of money was waived off..... Just Rs.15,000 Cr for 130 Cr people , you cannot even rent a coffin !! Shame on biggest anpadh liar of the world

    68. Kiran Chaithanya

      No Sore throat and headache with COVID19? This is bullshit

    69. Ashok Hegde

      News is far better when they don't have 6 guests speaking and screaming over one another. Did it take something this serious to teach news how to report news ?

      1. Jeebanlata Salam

        I know who u are talking about. AG is a national waste

      2. KharDhwmsi

        Bhai this is interview and not a debate on topic with conflicting opinions, so it will be naturally smooth

      3. Ullu Tum

        Republic in 1 word.

    70. Muah Muah

      Hearing and seeing the spread of the corona virus it's kinda of like the zombie apocalypse in hollywood movies it's not funny but the way it's spreading remains me of zombie movies.. If it continues like the current way it's spreading it may even lead to a global emergency which is kind of scary and that the economy of thr globe would change drasticly.

    71. Physics World

      So his research scholars are about to publish paper...

    72. Brian Jakubowski

      How is social distancing doing in India? lol

      1. Ravi Bandlamudi


      2. Aman Sriadibhatla

        Lol I went to a grocery store on the night of lockdown to buy some basic stuff and I had to wait and stand there for an hour since people over there were completely crowded and panic buying even when the shopkeeper said that he would be opening the store the next day. This is really sad since standing for 1 hour in really anxious and aggressive crowd is enough for good virus spread and making isolation pointless. I think people should become more responsible and buy only basic stuff.

      3. Sri Krishnan S

        Do you know what it is

      4. Sri Krishnan S

        @granand what a divine thought

      5. granand

        nope .. they are going in herds and packed in celebration and in panic.. India is heading to have millions impacted many will die

    73. Bikram Singh

      How bout French kiss. It's it safe???🤩🤩🤩🤩

      1. Dipak Basu


      2. Akash Sandhu

        Well, it's not safe but try it, at least we would certainly get less of these dumb hormonal virgin questions.

      3. Devi maraiah

        Awesome answer Ashok for childish question like bikram singh

      4. Ashok Hegde

        Yes, head to the slums and try it.

    74. jayamani kalluri

      6 dislikes...out of mind?!..

      1. vicky paul

        Because Doctor is speaking the sense. JIHADI'S 🐷 won't accept this.

    75. Jai Melkote

      The story of CORONA Virus was started by a medical student in China. China is famous for getting itself popular through publicity. This student named Li saw some peculiar things through Microscope in his lab and spread the news through his colleagues. The story spread like forest fire and spread a big scare unnecessarily among the public! The name CORONA was labeled after Li saw a footwear advertisement. He just gave the name randomly. Unfortunately, Li died in Feb.'20 due to some illness, which his friends named it as CORONA! Actually, world over, there are many epidemics like dengu, Flu, Influenza, Pox, Cancer, diabeteas etc., by which people die. Now a days, the Media has become so very ambitious to spread all silly news to gain popularity!! Every time someone dies due to various reasons, Media will bill it on CORONA!!! This bad publicity has scared everyone. In fact, I recently suffered from Cold, Cof, Soar Throat and Fever. Due to several years experience I took my known Medicines and got myself cured within a week. I didnt tell anyone about it! In case anyone came to know about my illness, then the news would have spread unnecessarily and I would have become a famous patient of CORONA! .

      1. water bottle!!!

        Liar Corona viruses already existed.

      2. Ajmal Usman

        Sorry brither your knowledge cant see world,,, dont waste this keep it in golden paper. And go and hug one corona virus patient. And had paracitamol...... show th

      3. sushmita singh

        Corona is the family of viruses which was already discovered in 60s. The virus that is spreading now is novel coronavirus where novel means new. Good story tho.

      4. Tumpita Pita

        Interesting story 😜

      5. specnaz 1

        Are you Chinese 😜??

    76. dhiyu masha

      Highly informative

    77. Kim Fader

      Valuable because (1) he is truly a trusted expert and (2) he covers information not heard elsewhere

      1. Dipak Basu

        He is Russian as well

      2. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury

        @Kris M just like our fingerprints, the RNA of this virus is unique so testing is still ongoing and the MyLab patho detect test kit that will be made available under $20 is still awaiting FDA approval while the ICMR had already approved it, currently we're not exporting it and will be used on 'suspected' cases and those who have travel history only

      3. Kris M

        How a recovered person can help research on Covid 19 fight? Antibody study? If this virus enters mixing with mucus, will the blood immediately show tested show antibodies? People say India developed a cheap kit to test antibodies within 15min Can anyone explain a bit these relationships?

      4. neha tiwari

        @Kalpit Shukla please do not use any malerial drug for the treatment of COVID 19

      5. ***Dee** *

        @Kalpit Shukla plasma sounds safer than drugs..India has enough labs and expertise to make them if it works

    78. Vivek

      Indian government not taking this seriously enough... Mumbai should be shut down asap

      1. Rahul Babu

        @science world bhai padle thoda. Phir PAsels channels kholna. Dono pubg khalenge 🤣🤣🤣.

      2. Uma Urs

        @Sanyukta Sehgal lol lol no hi l lol hi do please me my

      3. Sanyukta Sehgal

        @science world tum log ko to bs..exam hi rokna rhta h... 😂😂😂but sach me yar....jaan jyada important h

      4. science world

        In West Bengal I am having an exam of class should be stopped too...!!!